Friday, September 12, 2008

Too Preoccupied

I'm sorry things have been lame around here lately. I received a new book about Disney World (a 2009 edition) and I've been extremely, intensely involved in that - thinking about it, planning it, worrying it to bits.

I've already booked our trip. I just have to figure out the ins and outs and what we'd like to do when we're there, so I can have some sort of outline, even if we don't follow it to the letter. There are some things we absolutely want to do and other things we couldn't care less about, so I'm trying to get a feel for the parks, best times for attractions and shows and narrowing down our dining options.

There is just so much to it I can't even begin to type it out. Even I am getting tired of dealing with it and I still have 8+ months before we go.

Plus, apparently, no one signed up to be 5th grade home room mom. I have said - EVERY YEAR - that I did not want to do home room mom. I will help, but I never wanted to be the "go to" person. So far, I've served as at least a helper every year. This year, like last year, I will be c0-homeroom mom with the same friend I did this with for the fourth grade students.

This friend is smart, creative and organized - I like working with her. The bad news is that the beginning of the school year and the very end of the year are the busiest times for homeroom parents. So, I'm preoccupied with all that stuff too.

Plus, Sissy is going thru a very bad case of the "terrible twos". Often, she's frustrated and crying over nothing and while her communication skills are improving, she can't always tell us why she's having a melt down and most times, we can't figure it out. (or more specifically I can't figure it out, since I'm home with her all day, every day).

My poor brain is just in overdrive every day and it's not really working well for me! LOL.

I'm going to gather up whatever semblance of organization I can muster and try to be productive today. Hope your Friday is a kick off to a great weekend!


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  2. Good luck with all that. The terrible two's how fun I'm not sure there is a way to figure out what they are upset about, they just are :) No real solution there. Hope she grows out of it soon!

  3. Thank God my days of 'Disney World' are over. Musta been there 10 times. Don't get me wrong, I always had fun there plus all the other parks as well..BUT..those damn lines aren't good for someone who possibly has a 'patience' issue ;) It is fun though to see your kids 'soooooooooooo excited' :)

    I can't really bitch about the $$$ tho. My sister lives in Orlando and a 'bigwig' for Disney lived across the street so we always got in free. SeaWorld was free too cuz Anheuser-Busch corporate is (was) here and gettin passes to this was as easy as just asking. If I had to pay, I'm pretty sure I would have a whole new list of 'bitches' ;)

  4. Disney! Guaranteed good time. The bisstest tip I got from an old hand ath the Disney thing was "go counterclockwise, starting at the top of the park." Oh, and totally use speedpass. And eat when there's a parade on.

    Otherwise, just have fun!

  5. Girl, I feel ya. I've been on overload for a month now. My butt is officially kicked!

    I'd love to focus on Disney!!!!

  6. Ron - thanks... I hope so too!

    Efen - I'm sure we'll have a great time, it's making me nervous to focus on all the "details". Ugh.

    Tiff - I am using several reference guides and hope to put together a plan - the Fastpass thing is making me nervous because I wonder if I can figure it out. LOL.

    catscratch - the non-stop Disney focus was fun at first. The shiny is starting to wear thin. :-)

  7. Relax! Its Wineday!

    (formerly known as Friday. Or Tuesday. Or whatever.)

  8. I'm feeling the exact same way...overwhelmed by responsibility and subsequently flirting with apathy.

    It's absolutely true that being a mom is the toughest job there is.

  9. Laura - I've already purchased my box o hootch. ;-) You know where to come if you're thirsty.

    Lauren - Spot on - everything you said.

  10. Hey ETW - the fast passes are a cinch. PUnch a button, get a ticket that tells you when to come back to get in line for the ride, and BOOM! You're good to go.

    I'm so very much not a planner. You're smart to do it!

  11. It sounds like more fun than to plan Disney than to hang around trying to keep a handle on everything! You can make it up with great Disney vacation posts!

  12. I've been to Disney once and it was on my FIRST honeymoon! (Yeah, I had one of those "first mistakes", too!) Even as an adult.. it was so much fun and Sea World rocks! Be sure to go there. Kids will really, really like it there, too.

  13. I really feel like my child is deprived. Shes eight and never been to either Disney. By the time I was her age I think I'd been four times at least.

    Scott was an only child and his parents never took him to Disney either which I don't get. I am on a major guilt trip about not having taken DD yet@