Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Give Me An Inch

Having a holiday weekend or extra "days off" around here totally puts a crimp in my routine. Sissy and I have been having a lazy Tuesday morning and we're trying to get it together so we can go to the store.

Sissy had a toddler swing on the swingset that had some sort of nylon rope material that it hung by. The rope was becoming frayed and the sticking out bits were sharp and hazardous. She didn't want to play with it because she had no where to hang on.

I found a better swing and ordered that. I decided to go the site to store option from WalMart (saves on shipping). I got the email yesterday that it was at the store and since I go to that WM at least once a week, I'll throw in my regular shopping too and get that out of the way.

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm nothing if not cheap and efficient.

Plus, I kind of enjoy doing a mid day WM run because that means Sissy and I can stop by the deli and buy those yummy potato wedges and make that lunch!

I better get moving or I won't be able to make it there and back before it's pick up time for Buddy!

Must get motivated..... Happy Tuesday, campers.


  1. I LOVE those potato wedges....and the chicken fingers.

    Did you get my direct Twitter message?

  2. I love site-to-store shipping. I have gotten some great kids toys that way. That's nice you get time alone with your daughter. My 'alone time' with my girl starts Thursday, and I can't wait.

  3. Lauren - most of their stuff at the deli is good. I like the boneless BBQ chicken bites. Mmmmm.

    Ron - you need to get a big bag next time you're at Wally World.

    Gigi - The site to store was cool and yeah, I like hanging out with each kid individually. In a few years, Sissy will be in school and I can actually run errands ALONE! Woot.

  4. I know, it was a rough day back for us too!

  5. Mommy + Sissy girl time sounds fun :) She's such a sweetheart anyway...you're blessed!

  6. I love those baked chickens from WM. That is a quick and easy dinner. I'll have to try the 'tater wedges. Sounds like you had a good time!

  7. Inanna - I am going to be off by a day all week now - but it's worth it for the holiday weekend. :-)

    Laura - Sissy is not the best shopping companion... unless food is involved. Thank gooberness some sweet bakery clerk gave her a cookie!

    JFab - I don't eat anything on a bone, but all the boneless chicken things are good. Chicken - reminds me I need to set out dinner. :-) (PS. I call them "tater wedges" too!)