Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plan B

Well, the Evil Twin decided that maybe our little project was bigger than he could manage. So, we called the pros today. We had two sets of estimates. The first estimate was $50 less than estimate #2, but the 2nd guy can start this coming Monday and the other guys schedule was full for another two weeks. So, we went with the 2nd offer.

I've had two other call backs from people I left messages with earlier this morning, but since time is such an important factor in this whole debacle, I had to decline them. I felt bad, but we've been living in a hellhole of a house for nearly a week and a half and I don't think the Evil Twin can take much more. Frankly, I'm ready to wrap up the whole mess myself, so I know where he's coming from!

Tomorrow, we'll go to the bank and open a money market account. I'm doing some research on that and am really nervous. I want my money to be local - I like to know it's down the street if I need it, but there are some online opportunities (or non local banks) offering better rates. Not substantially better, but it makes me second guess if I'm doing the right thing.

Have I mentioned that I HATE money matters? I don't care if it's mine or yours, a lot or a little. I just don't want to have to DEAL with it. The Evil Twin foisted off finances to me years and years ago - like before we even got married. I'll admit that I can pinch a penny so hard, Abe will scream, but I still dislike the whole ordeal. Maybe I have been reincarnated from a soul who lived in the Depression? LOL.

Several years ago, my dad took my cousins and I to the local dog track, which also features assorted other gambling activities. My favorite being the ol' one arm bandit - the quarter slot machine! My dad gave me $10 in quarters in a roll. I played $4.50 of it and then hit a $40 jackpot. Well, I marched my $40 in quarters to the windows and got my cash and quit! My cousins each played their $20 limit in assorted sinful gambling games and lost it all. I think my dad lost his money too. That's the power of a buck for me.

Well, that's all for tonight. Perhaps tomorrow, I'll outline the ways I make the Evil Twin suffer by buying generic goods or skimping on the lunch meat for his sandwiches. He'll enjoy that one. (insert evil laugh).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Uh Oh

Well, as anticipated, we ran into some little oopsies on the hardwood floors. Apparently, years ago, someone glued some sort of tile or linoleum in a rectangle shape right inside of the front door. There are also several largish stains, which may or may not be a huge problem. So far, it's looking like they can be sanded out.

Which leads me to : trying to find a place to rent a sander on a Saturday on a holiday weekend. I called several places that were obviously closed on Saturdays. I finally got an answer on my last try and the guy was on his way out the door and just answered the phone as he left. Turns out, the Evil Twin can get the sander, but not until Tuesday morning. So, he'll be sanding, staining and poly-urethaning his ass off Tuesday and Wednesday, possibly into Thursday.

Our new furniture is supposed to be here that day, so we're hoping to have it wrapped up by then. My new area rugs are scheduled for delivery on Wednesday. Evil Twin picked up two non skid rug pads today at Lowe's. So, we're ready for those. I still need to find sheers for my main window and side window.

Luckily, we have two dens (or family rooms, TV rooms, whatever you call it in your area). So, the Evil Twin and I are in our lower level den watching "Full Metal Jacket". I'm on my laptop, he's in his easy chair.

We have to scootch all the dining room furniture stuff into the main den tomorrow and the dining room and hallway carpet is coming up. My hubby made amazing progress today on the main den area, so I have no doubt the other two smaller areas will be ready for sanding, staining and PU'ing (thanks, Renn, for that term - he's using water based PU, so it shouldn't be as stinky as oil based. We have to think of our little dirty birdy, Apple and his little birdy lungs).

All I know is, these floors are going to look like the most gorgeous floors on the planet. And, the Evil Twin is doing it all for me. He says I deserve the house I want after the last couple of years I've endured. I'll be paying him back in my own special way. Tee hee.

It's a good thing he's got the rest of the week off! The big job became bigger!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Slowly Taking Shape

My house, that is. The Evil Twin painted the walls himself. Two coats of primer, one coat of the paint and two walls that were sponged (they had a few dings in them, so we did a "cover up"). Isn't he the greatest? I vote YES.

Sissy and I spent most of today in the back yard, since the den was being overhauled and there wasn't anything but no good she could get into there. It was nice, kinda hot at times, but we caught a few nice breezes.

After Buddy came home from school, he joined us for the back yard fun and even got his trunks on and took a swim (dip) in Sissy's pool. Good thing -- she's scared witless about it! I want to make sure I get my $7 worth - what I paid for it at Walmart and lord knows what it's going to cost on our water bill. The Evil Twin will only let it sit out a night or two, before his butthole starts twitching over the grass that's dying underneath. Frankly, I'd rather have a patch of dead grass than a $100 water bill.

We had dinner on the patio and that was lovely. I feel like I'm always on a beach vacation living in this house. We've been here three years and I still love it with all my heart. Our first house, we had built after we got married. It was a small midentry and after about 6 months, I hated it. I hated the neighborhood. I hated the neighbors. I was pretty unhappy all the way around. We lived in that house for 10 years! Good heavens!

Anyway, tomorrow is the hardwood floor unveiling and re-shining (that poly-urethane stuff). I ordered two of the most gorgeous area rugs I have ever seen - one for the den and one for the dining room. I spent more on them than I would have liked, but they REALLY go with the rest of the decor and were just perfect. I hope they get here before the furniture on Thursday.

I hope my faithful 4 readers have a great Memorial Day weekend - just kidding - I hope you ALL have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update on Things

The Evil Twin is putting on the primer! Yay! We've pulled up various corners of the carpet and things look nice. It is stapled in parts. ET wants to get the carpet up by this weekend and he wants to fill in the itty holes and have it all fixed up. In fact, he is taking the whole next week off work so we can continue our fun (har har) undertaking.

I'm drinking wine and watching him roll on primer. We're listening to the Classic Rock station of the digital cable. Have I told you lately what a hottie I managed to snag?

My friend and neighbor and I went to the Home Depot or Deep Homo today and she helped me select paint and other accoutrements we would need for our week of "not a vacation". She's handy like that. I love her.

We've managed to find new homes for all our cast away thingies. One guy the Evil Twin knows owns several apartments and many of his renters are young people just starting out or low income folks who can use certain items. Turns out, he has quite a bit of storage area and he keeps assorted things in those just in case a renter might need something. So, that was paying it forward.

He also owns a restaurant chain here in town and he said he would give us gift cards to repay us for our good deeds. Win-win. He got loads of good quality items he can use for his renters and we're getting food gift cards. Yay.

The other large item went to a co-worker of the ET who has a college aged son just starting out. He is one of the premiere state photographers. Before he left, he thanked me and said he wanted to give us a print of his work in exchange. He sells his prints for big dollars, and they are all of the lovely state of WV, so we are excited to be able to pick something from his collection.

It pays to be generous. I love that. Yay!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shopping For A Living

A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, huh? Since we (I) started our remodeling project, it's required me to think about other areas of the home and the furnishings. Y'all know I am a cheapskate, but with the new look, we needed some new things.

I got a new sofa and loveseat (everyone in the family loves the ones I picked), a dresser, two nightstands (yes! I will finally get a nightstand too, instead of the TV tray table I've used for YEARS), a cheval mirror and a gorgeous kitchen table with 6 leather chairs.

We have a TV stand being delivered which will hold our new 42" LCD big ass TV. And, truly, I have been extremely frugal, too. I got some deals. Most of the home remodeling things are being done by myself and The Evil Twin and that will save us loads - although now that it's - what? - day 8 of an upturned den, I am growing weary of wallpaper removal and wall rehab. Oh well, like I told the Evil Twin: "When this is all finished, we will be pleased and have a sense of accomplishment." Plus, once we've jumped in and done it once, the kitchen and other rooms won't be such a.... well, okay, they'll be as much of a headache, but at least we know what we're getting into. LOL.

Here's what's killing me - we've been trying to give away a TV entertainment center (bought new almost $300), in perfect condition and a computer armoire (bought new at $450, back in the days where my office consisted of a desktop computer. These days, my office is a laptop and a TV tray, like the kind for breakfast in bed). And, I use the term "office" pretty loosely. I mean, I blog and I pay bills and such. Sometimes, I look at dirty pictures, like Britney Spears with her no panties and fully showing a c-section scar, but that's not really work. Unless you count it as working to keep your last meal down, which I do.

Anyway, so far, no takers on the furniture. I guess I'll call Goodwill in the morning and have them come out and haul it off. All I know is they better send big guys with strong backs, cause these suckers is heavy!

Life is good. My sweet Sissy had her 15 month check up yesterday morning and got three shots. She was so upset, but was calmed relatively quickly and we went out and finished running around the rest of the day. She was a trouper though and we've managed to get a lot accomplished these last two days.

I hope you all have a great week. My week is going to be CaRAzy, so I'll check in when I can. Kiss, kiss.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stripping for a Living

I'm still stripping wallpaper, but I'm almost at the end and the Evil Twin has promised to help me tomorrow evening. It's fun, but it would go really super fast with an extra set of hands! There are so many changes going on here. It's exciting and stressful all at once.

I'm completely stoked that I peeled back the carpet in a corner and found that the pad is NOT glued to the oak hardwood - bonus, just the peek I got looks FABULOUS, so I'm hoping for the best and I think when we tear the carpet out, we'll be pleasantly surprised.

I just hope I'm not huffing in asbestos or mold spores as I work. Wouldn't that be a bitch?

On a completely different note, Buddy had a lock -in at his school last night. The Evil Twin was informed that Buddy was the final hold out on going to sleep around 4:30 am. This evening, Buddy is having a sleep over with his best friend. They've been in the back yard, the front yard, the play room, Buddy's room, etc. They've eaten pizza and doughnuts. I'm sure they'll be back in a few for more snacks. Those two can outlast any nightowl.

At least I know he'll be good and tired for tomorrow night before getting up for school on Monday. Only THREE weeks of school left! I can hardly wait myself. Although, by August, I'll be so ready for school to start again.

I'm doing my wallpaper, listening to the White Stripes (inspired by listening to the newest Loretta Lynn which was produced by Jack White). It's great. Sipping Chardonnay and just a lovin' life right now.

Work is calling....I have laundry, wallpaper and an injection still to do. Gah! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Life is Mine Again

The thing that has had me so jumpy and preoccupied the last few weeks has been selling my parents' house. I've been through hell for the last year and a half with this whole thing. I've had to pay the bills, meet with contractors, decide how to upgrade and how much I could stand to spend (they left us money, too). My brother lives in Morgantown and declined to serve and apparently also declined to help, as well.

Well, I did it and I did most of it with a newborn. When I ran out of money from the accounts my parents' left, I took out a home equity loan on my own home to cover the costs.

We closed the transaction this evening, but I won't get my check until tomorrow. The buyer's wife wasn't in town and her signature was needed since her name is on the deed. She's coming in tomorrow morning to sign her part and then the checks will be released.

I'm a bit nervous because while it is not an enormous sum of cash, it is a chunk of change. What do I do with it? Invest? Money Market? We do plan on paying off credit card debt and putting some aside to help cover the kids' private school tuitions for a while. And, we have some plans to upgrade the house a bit.

It's kind of bittersweet - saying goodbye to that house. I loved it. The only reason we didn't buy out my brother's half and move in ourselves is that we love where we live now. Our current location is just so much more convenient for the things we do. Plus, I didn't know if I could live there and have a normal life, knowing that that house was the last house my parents' were ALIVE in.

The one thing I know for sure: I would gladly give that check back to have my mom and dad back with us for a long time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Tired, So This One's Lame

I am so tired today. I slept well last night and all, but dealing with Sissy around dinner time has become a complete nightmare. I think she's having a hard time with her teeth, but who can know? She can't tell me.

So, she screams. Constantly. For No. Apparent. Reason. I made spaghetti for dinner, which she has had and liked in the past. She refused to even take one bite. I tried giving her bread - again, she refused (and like her mother, she's a starch fiend, so I definitely don't get the refusal of bread). Finally, I gave her one of those Zwieback toast stick thingies. She kind of half-heartedly gnawed on it for a while and got through half of it, then flung it across her tray and started in on the shrieking again.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to enjoy a meal while listening to THAT? It's not pretty, I can tell you that much. I even made my special homemade meatballs and couldn't even enjoy those. And what's not to love about a meatball? Shesh. Well, Buddy says he doesn't like my meatballs because "they have too much meat in them." LOL. Ooookaayy.

Anyway, the screaming just wore me out. I'm too old for this stuff. It's time for my glass of wine and zone out time. My brain feels like jello.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wallpaper Party

I'm removing some wallpaper from our den (that's TV room for you Northerners). It's been interesting so far. I've made quite a bit of progress.

I have loads of nervous energy and I need to be doing something. Something with my hands seems good right now. And, it's also in the vein of furthering an idea. IOW, I'm doing something that will help us do something more.... know what I mean? It's kind of like progress, I guess you could say.

I think I can have both walls finished by this weekend. We know a guy who is an excellent painter and did some painting for me at my parents' house - he's also an old friend, so I'm sure he'll be able to work us in soon.

Really, only two walls are papered, the third needs just paint and the fourth is paneling which is getting a bead board overhaul and then painted to match the rest of the room.

I'm taking a small break right now and waiting for the paper to loosen so I can do more peeling. It's kinda fun - like peeling a sunburn. I get excited when I get really long/large strips off at once. A way to entertain myself and work off my nerves.

Anyone want to come help me peel paper? Free wine.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Freaky Deaky

The Evil Twin and I have been together for 15 years, married for nearly 14 (October 30th, 1993! We're usually out trick or treating, with the kids, on our anniversary - the bonus is getting to "check the candy for razors or poison." LOL). Anyway, we've always had this weird - I don't really know what to call it - sense of each other?

From the beginning, we had doubles on books and movies and music. We think so much alike, even though we are 9 years apart and we weren't raised in the same area or even under similar circumstances.

There are many instances where one of us is thinking something - like "Hmmm, I'd like some ice cream." and the other person, at that very moment, verbalizes it. It always weirds us out when things like that happen - and they happen pretty regularly.

Today, we were at Target. I was looking at baby girl clothes and had moved to a sale rack. I love baby girl clothes, but I love a bargain more! Anyway, I was looking through the rack to see if anything caught my eye and I saw a 24 month size t-shirt that said, "Patience Tester". I don't know of a more perfect way to describe Sissy. She's a firecracker.

The Evil Twin was on the other side of the rack looking at stuff, so I held the t-shirt up waiting for him to look up at it. Then, he said, "Hey, look at this." When I looked over - on the opposite side of the rack - he was holding up the exact t-shirt in the same size. Doo doo doo doo (Twilight Zone music).

We stood there and stared at each other for a moment. Gave each other the "That's weird as hell." look and moved on. We didn't buy the shirt. I don't really like shirts that have cutesy sayings on them, but I do find them amusing. But to buy it says "We know our kid is a brat, but we don't care and isn't she adorable anyway?". To me.

And, futhermore, Sissy is not a brat, she's a 15 month old baby who likes to exert her will, and yes, test our patience. That's what toddlers do. Isn't she adorable, anyway??? LOL.

PS. To all my mom blog readers - Happy Mother's Day. To Tiff, Renn, Kenju, Wordnerd, Tammie and all the others who may read and not comment - I hope you have the most wonderful day ever. We decided to shuck the drama of a meal out and instead chose to grill out here and enjoy our day at home. I'm looking forward to it. Kiss all your babies for me!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A New Doctor

I've discussed in previous blogs that Buddy was born prematurely. One issue (the only issue, thank goodness) that we have dealt with since his birth has been his vision. He developed Retinopathy of Prematurity when he was about 2.5 months old. ROP is a condition that develops in the retina and causes the veins to grow haywire, which can detach the retina and cause blindness. He reached Stage 3 Plus (stage 5 would be blindness) and was immediately scheduled for laser surgery on both eyes the next morning. He weighed 4 pounds, 4 ounces at the time and wasn't even due yet.

Due to the ROP, he has significant nearsightedness in his left eye. He also has amblyopia in that eye due to the nearsightedness. In other words, his brain realized that it's easier to see from his right eye, so his left eye stopped trying so hard.

From birth, we have seen an ophthalmologist. In the beginning, there was a pediatric opth who visited the hospital and checked on the preemies and also had an office in town. Unfortunately, her doctor husband got a job out of town and she left. There was no other pediatric specialist in town.

We started seeing a regular ophthalmologist, who was very nice and we really liked her. In the meantime, there came a new pediatric specialist to our area, but our loyalty was with this other doc. However, she has two small children and decided to take time off to stay with them and a new, unknown person was taking over her practice.

I took this opportunity to ask our pediatrician to refer us to the new pediatric ophthalmologist. And, we saw her this morning. I feel better seeing a doctor who I KNOW has studied children like Buddy and know the particulars about children, preemies and their vision.

Buddy can't go to an optomotrist, he has to see the medical eye doctor (ophthalmologist) as opposed to just a regular eye doctor. Since his vision problems are are related to his prematurity, our insurance covers it under the medical plan. He has been wearing glasses since he was 18 months old and let me tell you, little wee cute glasses don't cost less than adult glasses. It's an expensive proposition with his eyes.

The new doctor is wonderful! She actually thinks Buddy's prescription now is too strong and it's gone from a -7.5 (nearsighted) to a -5.25 in his left eye. A funny thing to be happy about, but I am thrilled. She was able to get him to read 20/40 in his left eye - which is excellent because unbeknownst to me, you cannot get a driver's license without a doctor's okay with vision less than that.

I actually learned some new info at the appointment, which is odd because I feel like I should be awarded a degree as a junior eye doctor myself. I've done that much research on it. I was just so reassured by this doctor. She answered all my questions exactly right and the office is state of the art - very professional.

Now, to get the new prescription and we're scheduled back in two more months! I'm feeling very optimistic!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wanna Hear About My Day?

I'm sure you don't. I went to the Wal-Mart, which actually wasn't as crowded or scary as normal. I did see one couple with their dirty toddler and the couple was wearing what appeared to be pajamas. Oh, and the female pajamas were high waters. WHAT?

There's something you need to know about me. I do not consider PJ pants or even sweats (even the nicer shiny ones) to be "real" clothing. It is not something you wear outside - well, if you're me or a member of my immediate family. LOL. Buddy has a variety of clothing items that he can wear inside, but if we're leaving, I ask him to change. I don't know why I feel this way, but I just think sweats are icky.

Anyway, I had to buy laundry detergent (I only buy Tide), dish detergent (only Cascade Complete - orange scent) and diapers, along with a few other rather high priced non food items, so I spend way more than usual. But, when you run out of stuff all at once, there's really no choice.

I got home from school pick up and realized there was a PTO meeting this evening at 7, so I started getting prepped for that. It's always a laugh riot. I really do try to make it if at all possible, plus Buddy gets a "free" Jeans Day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I need to run downtown for an errand. It's Wednesday, which means it's Wee Wednesdays at our local children's Discovery Museum. They have loads of activities for the under 5 set, so after my errand, Sissy and I will swing by the museum and see what we can get into there until it's time to pick up Buddy from school. It should be fun.

I've got laundry to fold, dishes to put away, injection to do, a show to watch and I need to get typing on the school newsletter, which I manage to get suckered into doing every month. Bedtime for me is a way off. Hope your week is running smoothly so far.

Monday, May 7, 2007

One More Thing Off The "To Do" List

Ahhhhh. We had four new fixtures installed this morning. The guy took his sweet time though, and by the time he left, I had already put Sissy down for her nap. When she woke up, it was 1 pm and she needed lunch. I pick up Buddy from school at 2:40, so that didn't leave me enough time to get to the Super Satan (or Evil Empire or Wal-Mart, take your pick).

Our front porch light burned out quite some time ago, so it is extra nice to have a light there again. I always felt bad when we had company and they'd have to navigate our scary concrete porch steps with no illumination. Since we replaced the front porch, we also replaced the one on the back patio. Just so they'd match, really. The back one was fine, but O.L.D. And, we can't have that.

Along with those three (ugly fan replaced by tasteful light, front porch and back patio), we also had the light under the carport replaced. The Evil Twin had cracked the housing due to frequent bulb changes (he liked it to be on all the time, so bulbs burnt out quickly). We decided on a motion light which will be there when we need it, but not on 24/7, thereby reducing the wear and tear on the bulbs - not to mention our electric bill! Yay!

I think I am going to look into learning more about electricity. Perhaps there is an "Electricity for Dummies" book out there just waiting for me. We have plenty of other outdated light fixtures in this place that need updating, but after shelling out $275 for 3 hours worth of labor, I'm thinking, "That didn't look too hard." I'm a smart gal. Not very industrious, but a few synapses are firing mightily on a regular basis.

My dad, being the great human being he was, always told me I didn't have to "settle" for the jobs routinely held by women - teacher, secretary, nurse. (not that there's anything wrong with those professions - I was a secretary before I became Mom). He said, "You can be a doctor or a lawyer. Don't ever let the fact that you're a female hold you back." He also told me I could do anything I put my mind to. He was right, cause I'm one stubborn beyotch.

I have a friend across the street who is handy around the house and she has taught me loads of things. Wallpaper removal being the first item. She even came over when I was pregnant with Sissy and got up on a ladder and removed an ugly border from Buddy's room, so the Evil Twin could paint it. She and her husband pulled up their carpeting to reveal their hardwood floors. I plan to ask her advice on carpet removal next. She's so sweet, she'll probably even offer to come over to help!

Alrighty, I've got a million things to do tomorrow - grocery shopping being a high priority - so I'll leave it here for now. See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

It's About Time

Tomorrow morning, we will be rid of the whore house ceiling fan and have our new fixture in place. Perhaps I'll take a photo of it. If I like it. I'm notorious for not being happy with things I've picked and then want to return them. My mom was the same way. I think it drives the Evil Twin as crazy as it did my dad.

We finally ended up calling a different electrician last week. I made the Evil Twin make the call because I think men are taken more seriously on matters such as that. We realized several weeks ago that the guy we called originally wasn't going to call us back, but there were other, more stressful matters I had to take care of first, before I could think about that light again.

We had some friends over yesterday for a cook out and they loaned us their DVD box set of "The Young Ones" episodes. It's been years since I've seen some of them. I used to have them all on tape back in the day when it was aired on MTV. I love Vyv so much, my daughter got the middle name. (only spelled Vivian).

So, I'm off to watch "The Young Ones" and laugh like a hyena.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Go Ahead, Make My Day

A topic that comes up from time to time at our house is: in our politically correct world, what seem to be the few things that are still considered "okay" or normal to poke fun at? Hillbillies being one, along with Christians and my biggest peeve - thin people.

I am tall - nearly 5 feet 9 and my normal weight fluctuates between 115 and 125. I was 108 when I got married 14 years ago. Two kids later, things have changed....shifted, but that's okay. I never put much stock into those numbers. I am built the way I am built. I guess I have a pretty high metabolism, because I eat like a normal person, I eat what I feel like eating and still stay in my range.

I consider it to be a part of me, like the birthmark on my foot or my black hair - which these days does come from Miss Clairol, but it's darn close to my natural color.

It's been interesting the way others relate to me. I've had total strangers ask if I was anorexic. (If I was, would I admit it, I wonder?). I'm not. I'm not bulemic and I'm not a calorie counter. Never have been.

After my first c-section, the nurses who were tranferring me from OR table to gurney talked as if I weren't there: "She's not as big as a minute." I could almost hear her tongue cluck. After my second c-section, one nurse asked me "Do you eat at home?" Honestly. Would I ask a plump person what they ate to stay zaftig?

Another favorite: What do you do to stay so thin? Sometimes, if I'm feeling gregarious, I say, "Do you want the popular answer or the truth? The popular answer is I work out constantly and watch what I eat. The truth is nothing. I just have the metabolism of a humming bird. " Which is then followed by, "Lucky!" and I say, "I guess." I mean, what am I supposed to say? I didn't pick it, although I am glad for it.

Every now and then, I'll get asked what size I wear! No shit. Unbelievable. And, most of it comes from total strangers or people I barely know.

Some folks seem to think my personal body shape is all of their business. I just don't get it. They wouldn't ask the same types of questions to a person with seriously bad acne or a stump for a leg. I wish I could come up with some non-offensive repartee, but thus far, I just shake my head and try to laught it off.

The moral of my story? Thin people have feelings, too! ;-)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Ok, I've been a mom for 9 years now, but this morning was a first for me. I was giving the baby her morning bottle (I know, she's 15 mos old - today - and we should be moving on to the sippy cup, but I'm lazy folks. Plus, it's our snuggle time and I get lots of kisses!). So, I had her on my lap and she finished the bottle.

I sat her upright to tap her on the back and noticed that her back was covered in poop! So was my arm and there was a bit on my leg. I had been holding her for several minutes and never smelled anything. It was truly a stealth poop.

I got up and we both went into the bathroom. She's a little timid when it comes to new experiences and while it's not like she's never seen or been in the tub, she's never been in there while the water was running. So that kind of set her off. I got her undressed, then myself and tried to wipe her butt/back as well as I could with regular toilet paper.

We hopped in the tub and she's still screaming hysterically. I manage to rinse us both off as much as possible (I knew I'd be getting a full "real" shower shortly) and got us out as quickly as possible too, so she'd quit with the full on screaming in my ear. I finally got a clean diaper on her and got her dressed, then got in the shower myself.

Nothing like being spackled in poop to get the morning adrenaline pumping! Yuck.