Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tootsie Update

I went to the docs yesterday afternoon. He was particularly concerned about the swelling, redness and edema on the top of my foot.

Lucky me, I got an order to get x-rays. I'm supposed to hear something today, but as of this time, I haven't gotten a call. Even if I broke it, even if there is a hairline fracture on another bone, there really isn't much they can do about it.

I haven't had a shower yet and had a few things on the docket for today, but I guess they can wait 'til tomorrow. Then, I just got a call to expect the window guys to be here around noonish to replace some windows that had breaches in the seals. Thank you, lifetime warranty!

I guess we'll be having a late lunch today.

Crap happens and I just have to roll with it. That's ok, I have plenty of work to do around the house. I'll just be hobbling around to do it all. Awesome!

I know all four of you are on the edge of your seats to find out more about my foot and I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. :-)

Have a great Thursday, hooligans....It's almost FRIDAY! Yay! Enjoy your day and the weekend. I'll be back tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Pain, No Gain?

I beg to differ.

Yesterday morning, Sissy woke me up earlier than I would have liked and upon leaving the bedroom, I was yawning and shuffling along. I know this house like the back of my hand, so I wasn't concerned about inflicting bodily harm.

I was OH SO WRONG. We have an older house, which means our heating/cooling vents are not flush mount to the floor, but rather semi wall mounted, on the floor, but have a half of a triangle shape.

In my half sleep stupor, my little left pinky toe cracked into the corner of that vent. The pain brought me to my knees and I spilled the cup of water that is my ever present BFF.

Ok, so at first, it just was a little on the sore side, but then... it started to swell and change colors.

This morning 3/4 of my foot is swollen and bruised. My toe was black yesterday and this morning, it's more purple. I can move it and walk on it (not well - I kinda have to walk on my instep). I don't think anything is broken, but the Evil Twin wants me to get it checked out.

I see my regular doc today later on.

What do y'all think? Medical attention necessary or just ice that mofo, build a bridge and get over it?

And an extra value-added side view:

Momma needs to repaint her toenails and do something about the cuticles, but at this point, I'm not so concerned about the glitter or even proper trying to look decent with my feet. So, try to block out the hideous toe care. I've been busy, y'all!

Hooligans, have a great Wednesday. I'm off to get a shower and get ready for my stunning foot appearance at the docs office.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Network FAIL

When I am home by myself, the TV never comes on...unless I decide to watch something I've recorded on the DVR. Once the show is over, I turn the TV off again.

The kids' last day of school was Thursday, May 24 and when they are home during the day, the TV is often on.

I pick either kid friendly shows/cartoons (iCarly, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) or I'll pick things like "How it's Made" or "American Pickers" or "Sand Wars"... shows that are not filled with profanity and offer some sort of interesting content.

Well, the other day, I had it on the channel that plays iCarly. During a commercial, they were promoting a new show premiere, "Rags". I just happened to look up and see this:

WHAT? A major network? And, I saw this frame several times before it mysteriously disappeared. I saw it the first time I saw the ad. You know this went thru several dozens of producers, directors and who knows who else and they didn't notice it before broadcasting it.

This picture was taken when I paused the frame and had the Evil Twin figure out "what is wrong with this?" "Didja see it??"

A few days later, the frame was back in the commercial, but the spelling was corrected.

I noticed it in a split second, so that tells you what kind of spelling geek I am. Hey, someone's got to do it.

Have a great Tuesday, hooligans! Hope you all had a nice long weekend and continue to have a nice week!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Number One Sleepover

It has been a long, very long school year.

This weekend, Sissy had her first sleepover. She had invited her dear friend from school over - those two are like peas in a pod. One thing I noticed is that girls are much quieter than boys, but just as messy. Her room is a disaster zone.

Anyhootch, the girls watched a "Hello Kitty" DVD, then the "Tinkerbelle" DVD. By that time, it was 10:30. The Evil Twin got them tucked in and I thought for sure they would sleep in a bit on Sunday morning.

Nope. They were up just after 7A. They had already changed out of their PJs and into "daytime" clothes because they wanted to go out back and play. They proceeded to track sand from the sandbox and chalk from the sidewalk chalk inside. After that, ETW declared a "no shoes in the house policy". And, I also made them use the hose to clean their feet off before coming inside.

I can't tell you how many times I heard that back screen door open and close. They were thirsty or someone had to use the restroom. Then, those little hooligans wanted breakfast. What do I look like - a short order cook?

I made them go wake up Daddy to go to McD's. With these two, it's monkey see monkey do. Sissy's friend wanted a fruit and yogurt parfait and OJ. That's what Sissy had as well. Even though neither of my children are OJ fans. Buddy just outright despises it and Sissy is not a fan of most juices.

Once fed, they ran out back again and had a great time. 11A rolled around and now, they wanted lunch. What do I look like - a short order cook?

It was peanut butter sandwiches and a little tiny cup of Coke on ice for the both of them.

A little bit later, they wanted a snack. Geez! The thing about these girls is that they may only be 6, but they are both built solid. They are not overweight at all - or even close to it - but they are solid muscle.

The evening before the awesome sleepover, one of Sissy's classmates had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I dreaded it, but managed to make it there. Friday was a long day. Saturday was a long day. Sunday was a long day, but you know what? I actually had fun!

I'm exhausted today and Buddy has his 8th grade trip to the amusement park tomorrow. Then, on Wednesday, Sissy has her Kindergarten "Fun Day". I need to send her to school with a swim suit under her clothing (they're doing water activities) - Let's see if we have a swim suit that fits. Otherwise, I'll be out shopping this evening. It's all fun at the end of the year for the kids....For parents, not so much.

I hope all my hooligans have a great Monday!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I got my Mother's Day wish

I really, really wanted a white gold necklace. The Evil Twin had told me to pick what I liked and order it. So, I did. I'm not gonna turn down a "choose it yourself" gift. Those are my favorites.

It takes me a while to look around and decide on something, but I finally did and the chain arrived on Tuesday. I put my skeleton lady cameo pendant on it and I'm in love! The chain that came with the pendant was made of some sort of mystery metal and I have a hard time with doing a clasp by myself, so I had worn it in the shower a few times.

It didn't look so good and it smelled weird. I'm all about things that don't smell right. It will drive me crazy. I don't buy paper towels with a pattern on them or toilet paper that isn't all white. I can smell the dyes and for me, the odors are just too much.

I buy Febreze by the boatload. Lysol, Tide, Bounce detergent sheets....all of those pass my sniffer test. I even smell glasses from the cupboard before I use them. I also generally smell plates and utensils, too. I'm weird, what did you expect???

Now, I have a new necklace I can wear in the shower and it won't get all grody and corroded. Life is good, huh?

Have a great Thursday!! :-)


Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Day to Wait

It's all rainy and gloomy outside. I had some things I did want to do today, but I'm waiting on our contractor to return to finish a repair.

I don't mind. His wife and I graduated high school together - and were, in fact, in the same home room all three years. We've known them forever. He and I worked together at his Dad's company before Buddy came along (and I quit to stay home with the baby).

We trust him and I would leave him a key if I *really* needed to leave the house, but my errands can wait. Besides, I like to be here if he has any questions or needs anything. I always tell him to make himself at home and he does. He knows where the sodas are in the fridge and if he wants anything else, he is more than welcome to help himself (food wise, not our personal belongings, but he's not the shady type LOL).

It's a good day to stay in and just chillax. I had a wonderful day yesterday. The Evil Twin took care of the kids and made the meal of my request: burgers and hot dogs on the grill, side of chips. That's all I wanted.

I was so lazy, I didn't even get a shower! My OCD side said, "ETW, what are you thinking, girl? Get yo stank ass in the shower." (yes, my OCD side has an attitude and a little ghetto humor). But, I just ignored that bitch and pulled my greasy hair back into a head band and proceeded to lounge on the sofa.

It's all good. Right?

I hope that all my hooligans - moms, dads, everyone - had a great day yesterday and that y'all have a great Monday as well. Mine has been peachy! :-)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Weird Week

My sad little schedule has been turned upside down again...

Have I mentioned how much I hate the last few weeks of the school season? It seems like they want to cram every little thing in at the last minute.

I am NOT a last minute kinda gal. It makes me all nervous and then I get a rash on my butt. Seriously. A rash ON MY BUTT. Knock on wood that said butt rash has not been around this year (so far).

However, maybe the butt rash is mocking me and turning up as a patch of psoriasis (or some sort of flaky skin problem) near my left eye. Luckily, my hair covers it. But, if this Cortizone10 doesn't do something soon, I'll have to pay a visit to my doc. And, I hate appointments. That's why my hair looks like shit right now. I just don't have the energy to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

I have one hairdresser. She's been my one and only for over 20 years and she stays busy. No walk-ins around that place. I need to call her before the kids get out of school - and that date is hurtling ever so fast at me right now.

I'm a nervous wreck because Buddy has an end of the 8th grade year field trip coming up. To King's Island, which is an amusement park approximately FOUR HOURS AWAY FROM ME. I don't like it, not one bit. Do you think anyone would notice if I followed the tour bus and then stood outside the gates and cried?

And to think my parents put me on a plane when I was 12 - by myself - to visit relatives for three weeks one summer. I had a great time and they even trumped spoiling me over my parents. That's saying something there because my parents were champs at the spoiling. Like it was their job or something.

The Evil Twin thinks I need to chill and let Buddy experience some freedom. I asked his friend if they could be "Bus Buddies", but everyone laughed and said it sounded too close to "butt buddies". Then, I said, "Well, could you two at least hold hands in the park?" Again, gales of laughter all around. I guess I can't keep him shielded at all times forever...

It never gets easier, does it? People have told me that lie since he was born.

Time to get ready to pick up my Sissy baby girl. Hope all of my hooligans are having a great Thursday and a less hectic week than yours truly!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Running Out of Steam

The kids only have 20 days of school left and my schedule is even more hectic than usual. Today is the Kindergarten "Teacher Appreciation Day" and I said I would bring some sort of fruit tray. It starts at 11A, it's almost 9 now and I haven't even made the purchase.

When it comes to perishable food items, I like to wait til the last minute to get it. That way I can be relatively assured it's as fresh as it can be.

I'm also cooking a beef brisket for dinner. I put a dry rub on that mofo last night. I just dumped a bunch of spices that sounded good into a bowl, stirred it up and went to town. Then, I put it in a rubbermaid container and back in the fridge overnight. I did some research on cooking methods - I've never done a brisket before - and it looks like low and slow is the best. So, I plan on cooking that beyotch for about 6 hours. I need a roasting pan and a side dish or two. I'll pick up what I need at the store when I run out to get the fruit tray.

To say I'm exhausted is an understatement. And, it's also why I didn't have time to update yesterday or the day before.

I'm just so glad it's Friday and maybe I can catch up on some rest and chores (alternately, of course - I like to pace myself...or maybe I'm just lazy. Hmmmmm.)

I hope all my hooligans have a great Friday and a great weekend! :-)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can You Smell....Oh, Nevermind.

That's supposed to end with "what The Rock is cooking?", but I didn't want to sully his name in any way.

I had to go to the police detachment down the road yesterday to renew my registration. I go there every year and like it because it's very convenient.

However, yesterday, I went around 11:45. It's a teeny little building - not much larger than our main bathroom.

It was packed to the gills. I hadn't anticipated "the lunch hour crowd". It was also hotter than Satan's nutsack.

There was a guy a few people in front of me. He was covered in flop sweat and didn't have any teeth. To say he was disheveled would be on the kind side. He seemed nice enough, though and was plenty chatty.

OK, we're talking a very small space with about 10 or so people crammed in and it's HOT. Did I mention that already?

I know you can see where this is going: small, hot room...toothless man covered in flop sweat....And, I have a very keen sense of smell. I'm not going to name any names or even describe the person I think was responsible for the overwhelming BO smell. But, it was bad.

The line was moving ever so slow. I was in that sardine can (and I think perhaps a sardine can might smell better) for close to ONE FULL HOUR.

I have never been there when it's that crowded. But, my plan was to get the registration and then move on to the Mart and be back to get Sissy by 3 pm. I knew when I was finally released from my tiny hell on Earth, there was no way I'd make it to the store, shop and be back before 3.

Sitting around for an hour with a weird bunch of people really zaps your energy. I came back home and waited for the Evil Twin to get home from work. Then, I dragged my sorry self to the Roger of K. (which is not too far from where we live - the Mart is about 15 minutes away in a different little town).

And now, I am off to do laundry duty, empty the dishwasher, reload the dishwasher, make the beds and assorted other chores on my daily list. Don't I have a adventurous life? I mean, what with the practically passing out from heat stroke to get a sticker for my plate on the van to tooling around the grocery, then coming home to cook? For a good time, email and maybe I'll let you run around with me and experience all the good times! :-)