Friday, May 4, 2012

Running Out of Steam

The kids only have 20 days of school left and my schedule is even more hectic than usual. Today is the Kindergarten "Teacher Appreciation Day" and I said I would bring some sort of fruit tray. It starts at 11A, it's almost 9 now and I haven't even made the purchase.

When it comes to perishable food items, I like to wait til the last minute to get it. That way I can be relatively assured it's as fresh as it can be.

I'm also cooking a beef brisket for dinner. I put a dry rub on that mofo last night. I just dumped a bunch of spices that sounded good into a bowl, stirred it up and went to town. Then, I put it in a rubbermaid container and back in the fridge overnight. I did some research on cooking methods - I've never done a brisket before - and it looks like low and slow is the best. So, I plan on cooking that beyotch for about 6 hours. I need a roasting pan and a side dish or two. I'll pick up what I need at the store when I run out to get the fruit tray.

To say I'm exhausted is an understatement. And, it's also why I didn't have time to update yesterday or the day before.

I'm just so glad it's Friday and maybe I can catch up on some rest and chores (alternately, of course - I like to pace myself...or maybe I'm just lazy. Hmmmmm.)

I hope all my hooligans have a great Friday and a great weekend! :-)



  1. Hmmm.... 6 hours to cook you say... I'll be over in 6 hours and fifteen minutes...

  2. Ron - come on down. But, you need to help me choose a side dish. :-)

  3. I'm sure your brisket will be just wonderful, but I'll offer up another way to get it ready. If you look in the ethnic food section for a brand called Goya, look for a bottle (like the size of a fifth of whiskey) of Goya Mojo Crillio marinade.

    Stick your brisket fat side down in the pan and pour that entire bottle over the top. Cover with foil and let it soak overnight in the fridge. Next morning, turn it over. The fact that it will smell like armpits should not discourage you. Cover again and back in the fridge.

    Later that day (or even the next day) when you cook it on 300 for 4 to 6 hours (depending on size), you are going to love it! You can drain all the marinade out but that brisket is going to be yummy!

  4. I have to second the MoJo idea. That stuff is great and comes in all kinds of flavors!

  5. Brisket? Brave.

    I'm looking for that marinade next time I'm in Food Lion.