Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Decent Dinner

On Monday, we were supposed to have stuffed green peppers, but I forgot to take the ground beef out of the freezer. So, I called the Evil Twin and asked him to bring home 2 hot and ready Little Caesar's pizzas. I figured 2 pizzas would be dinner on Monday, lunch for me on Tuesday and enough for dinner on Tuesday as well. I was right!

However, Buddy was a little disconcerted to discover it was pizza again on Tuesday evening. He kind of got sulky about it. At his age (9), I would have been thrilled to eat pizza every single night.

I told him on Tuesday night, after the whining about the pizza, that I was making stuffed green peppers for dinner on Wednesday (today). He exclaimed, "Finally! A decent dinner!". He's a funny little guy - and he absolutely adores green (or any color for that matter) peppers. I served it with a (bagged) salad. He loved that too. He really enjoys the snow peas. I ate a lot of salads when I was pregnant with him - lots of black olives and pickles too and he loves all those things.

Back to my stuffed peppers. They are one of my staple dinner items. Everyone here likes them. Even Sissy got to try the filing this time and she loved it. Plus, like all my meals, it is super easy to throw together.

Here it is: a pound of ground beef, 4 green peppers, tomato sauce, cheese, and Uncle Ben Spanish Rice, in the pouch. Cut the tops of the peppers off and clean out the insides. Blanch them (that is, to throw them in a pot of boiling water) for about 5 or 10 minutes. Pour the tomato sauce in the bottom of an 8x8 baking dish. Put the blanched peppers on top of the sauce. Brown the meat and heat up the rice, stir those in together and add a little cheese. Spoon into pepper shells and top each one with more cheese. Wrap loosely with foil. Bake at 350 - 400 degrees for 20 minutes. That is all there is to it. I serve them with extra shredded cheese on the side because the Evil Twin likes to cut his in half and add more cheese. He needs the extra calories, ya know. LOL.

IF you have any leftovers (we didn't tonight), they are great for lunch the next day. Looks like I'll be having a peanut butter sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Sad. They were awfully good tonight, though. Even the Evil Twin and Buddy complimented me on my meal cooking prowess. The ET said I get better all the time. That's a good thing. Don't let him tell the meatloaf story (hell, it was 15 years ago... he STILL brings it up).

I'll admit to fixin' some duds from time to time or trying new things when I should have just walked away. On the other hand, I've added a few all-around faves to our rotating menu that were new things I introduced on a whim and are now much requested.

It ain't easy being the hausfrau.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Frugal Hausfrau

I'm not just all about the laundry. No. I'm also the keeper of the monies around these parts. Sometimes that's not the easiest job. The Evil Twin has a good job and makes a low to decent salary, but that's gotta support 4 people. Mortgage, one car payment, utilities, assorted bills, private school for Buddy, private pool membership for summers, etc.

Vacations aren't always a given around here, but we believe in one parent being home with the young 'uns. So, we've made our choices. We could have more, do more, if I worked, but this is how we roll.

Subsequently, my family has become very used to seeing generic packaging at our house. I have learned to pinch a penny 'til it hurts. It's a good skill.

I grew up in a family where we were very comfortable. Not wealthy, but my dad made very good money and we didn't ever scrimp or limp along. My parents tried to point me in the direction of how to marry money, but I married for love. Dad paid for my college education, lock, stock and barrel. I often wondered if he was disappointed at how it had ended up for me (staying at home), but I know that he told the Evil Twin many times how proud he was of me and what a good mother I had become. My mom was also a housewife. After I was adopted, she quit her job and never returned to the work force.

I actually consider bargain shopping to be a challenge. I've learned that buying new things doesn't necessarily buy happiness (although in the case of my side by side refridgerator and my laptop - those two things make me beam with pride! LOL).

Being frugal is fun. I like to find new ways to save money or reuse things we already have around the house. I'm very ingenious. Not that I'm a recycler or some sort of hippie-dippie "save the Earth" type. I just like the challenge.

Anyone else reuse foil? :-)

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Monday!

Some of you may know that the Evil Twin and I are huge fans of Netflix, then again, who isn't? Sometimes we get a bomb, but we know our tastes pretty well and feel fairly confident in our picks. Then there are times when I just hear good word of mouth reviews about a movie I might not have otherwise ever picked.

We got one of those on Saturday and watched it yesterday. It was "Akeelah and The Bee". A really, really neat little story. Of course, it's full of cliches and the total "feel good movie of the year", but we all really enjoyed it. Well, I think Buddy paid attention to most of it and we enjoyed what we could hear over Sissy's antics (she's only one and still doesn't have that inside voice concept down).

Prior to that, I had put a movie on the queue that I had seen a preview on another movie we'd rented. It looked funny and I think I'd been drinking, so I put "National Security" on the list. This is a Martin Lawrence vehicle. Need I say more? Two letters... P and U.

This phenomenon kind of reminds me of the old days - about 1o or so years ago, I had bangs. On weekends, I liked to drink Margaritas. Late into the evening, I'd start thinking that my bangs needed a trim and I'd just do it myself. I'd go back to work on Monday morning looking like Betty Page (not a bad thing, but they'd be SO short....) Well, Betty and I do share a birthday so if we shared super short bangs too, maybe it was because she also liked to visit Margaritaville with a pair of scissors.

Well, I'm offa here. We have a DVRd "My Name is Earl" to watch and I'm dying to see it.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Books and their Covers

The Evil Twin is not evil, nor is he a twin. Discuss. No, actually I guess I can clear it up for you.

Back in his younger days, he did some freelance graphic design work. He wanted a pen name to use for his artwork and I believe the story goes that a friend came up with "The Evil Twin", cause there's always an evil twin in comic books and such. The name stuck.

He designed several album covers, loads of flyers for bands, came up with a number of different mastheads for underground zines and did some comics for other zines. One of my favorites was "Tommy Turdola". Of course, stuff like that just cracks me up anyway.

These days, he's a blue collar graphic designer who does serious stuff. Every now and then, he'll make me a handmade card for my birthday and it's always something goofy. He's an extremely talented designer and I'm really proud of him.

He's come along way from pen on paper to mastering all the design software and turning out some truly magnificent pieces. Of course, he still likes to draw. He is self-taught. He has no formal education.

Buddy especially enjoys when Daddy does custom cool things for his room, like a sign on his door or the times he's had to take a brown bag lunch to school. It's not an ordinary brown bag. It is always a cool cartoon monster. Buddy's friends are equally impressed.

I hope the Evil Twin reads this and realizes how proud I am to be his wife. Perhaps, he will also comment and set the record straight on how the name came about, if I've gotten details wrong. It's been a long time since he told me the story, so I could be way off.

As for Buddy and Sissy, well, I really do call Buddy that in real life instead of his real name. It's my way of calling him "Honey" (which is the only way I refer to the Evil Twin in real life. I think I only use his given name in conversation with others!). I call Sissy that sometimes, but more often, my term of endearment for her is Sugar Bean, but Sissy is shorter to type. Besides, Sugar Bean is gender neutral and we all need to know she is a glorious, beautiful girl! Right?

Friday, February 23, 2007

More on Snacking (or Moron Snacking?)

So, I gave up between meal snacks for Lent and, as I've said before, I'm really not much of a snacker. But, I have my moments.

Sometimes, I crave something.... but I'm not sure what that something might be, so I start nibbling. Then, I descend into full blown were-pig mode. I'll have a bowl of cereal, some ice cream, an ice cream sandwich, a handful of chips, a pickle, a plate of nachos. You get the idea. When the whole sad ordeal is over, I feel bloated and sick - and I still haven't hit that craving. Pathetic, in a very funny way.

Today, we all went to lunch at our favorite local restaurant. Buddy was out of school because there was some construction mishap and they had to close today. I still don't know what is wrong. Anyway, it's Friday and it's Lent and that means I can't have meat products (which might be a big shame if I cared about meat, but I spent 9 years of my young adulthood as a complete vegetarian, so I could take it or leave it). I had a grilled cheese sandwich and chips.

I pondered on my "no in between meal snacking" stance and decided to tack on an order of Rocky Road ice cream to my meal, because then it is still technically "lunch", right? And not snacking at all!! It was the dessert-y portion of my lunch. Yeah.

Besides, Sissy - at only 19 lbs and a year old, ate most of my grilled cheese plus several fries from the Evil Twin and the other half of Buddy's grilled cheese, after she had consumed her weight in goldfish crackers, puffs and a container of yogurt. I swear, she must have a tapeworm or something! So, in light of all that, I needed an extra boost on my lunch and that just happened to be in the form of Rocky Road ice cream. It was awesome!!!

This evening has been trickier. The Evil Twin's attempt to get us to go orders from the Knight's of Columbus Fish Fry failed (crowded and they were running out of food by 6 pm). He ended up at McDs, since I had no back up plan other than the fish fry. I got a side salad and fries. I'm still hungry! I wasn't about to stoop to new lows and eat that McFish Filet. Although that's what Buddy had and he said it was good, but he also likes spaghettio's, so his palate can't be trusted.

Next week, our Fish Fry game plan is to be there at 4:55 pm (it starts at 5) and get a decent meal. NO SNACKS! 3 days down, 37 more to go. Perhaps I'll delve into the year I gave up bread and/or bread products for Lent and only weighed 110lbs at 5 foot 8 and had even Buddy's preschool teacher on my ass to EAT BREAD. LOL. Good times.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Operation Sandal Foot

Some of you are already aware that I started my summer foot ritual in January. I usually wait until February, but needed something to look forward to in the evenings earlier this year. Well, that, AND I got this cool new Conair foot spa massage thingy.

So, I got my foot massage spa and my pumice stone and my lotion all together. It's always ready for me when I need the "Ahhhhhh" effect. I try to indulge at least every other day and it's been heavenly. My feet already look amazing and it's not even sandal weather yet.

I must also tell you about a great nail polish - Revlon Color Stay. I don't know if it's as good on fingernails (which get used and abused often), but on toe nails, this stuff lasts until I can seriously determine nail growth and it needs to be redone. Otherwise, no chips or anything!

All I wear in the Spring/Summer are sandals, so my feet must look tidy at all times. And, I must say, I have the softest feet ever for a gal of my age (38). Even the Evil Twin says I have nice feet.

I had a pedicure last year when I was pregnant with Sissy. I couldn't bend properly to give my nails a good polish and I didn't want to give birth with grody feet, so I made an appointment. She wasn't able to do a full tissue massage or the parafin wax because I was pregnant, but it was still great! She also said I had great feet - no bunions or calluses or anything. And this is from a Southern girl who goes barefoot most of the time. (My heels should at least have been cracked). No! And I attribute this to the rigorous Operation Sandal Foot that takes place every year. Start now!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Have Journal, Will Travel

I picked up my "The Purpose Driven Life" Journal this afternoon. By that time, it was time to pick up Buddy from school and let's just say my afternoons are just as hectic as my mornings, so I didn't have a chance to read the first entry until 10 mintues before American Idol (my shameful, not-so-secret, secret) came on.

In the mornings, I hit the ground running - breakfasts need to be made, lunches need to be made. I need to double check Buddy's backpack and try to mentally run down my checklist on what he needs for the day. Then, I might get a brief break before Sissy wakes up and needs changed, fed and clothed for the day.

But, my game plan is to read my entry while Sissy takes her morning nap and then work on my journal. Tonight didn't go so well, since I got my journal mid-day.

I was able to motivate myself to make it to the 8:15 Ash Wednesday Mass. Of course, my daughter acted like she was a minion of Satan, so that was rather embarrassing. I got communion and my ashes and felt much better.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to see my neurologist. It's a general check up. I see her twice a year. It's kind of a pain because it's downtown and I have to drag Sissy along and parking sucks. But, the good news is that in 6 years, my disease has not progressed or changed. Which reminds me I haven't done my injectible this evening --- too busy with the TV and trying to either entertain or bore the 4 people who actually bother to stop by.

One more thing I wanted to mention is that I have decided to give up snacking for Lent as well. It's not that I snack much either. I'm nearly 5 foot 9 and weigh 120lbs, but I crave finding snacks on a regular basis, so I will go pace the kitchen and eat whatever looks semi-appealling. Then, I realize that wasn't the snack I wanted, so I'm back trolling for a more suitable snack. Sometimes, I find nothing appealling and just walk away. So, no little nibbles between meals!

A certain hypodermic needle is awaiting my attention. And, I'm late....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do You Like Customer Service? I do.

For Lent, I have decided to re-read “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I read it a few years ago and enjoyed it. Part of the program is reading one entry per day for 40 days. For a person like me, who gobbles a book down in a day or two, that’s kind of setting a high expectation. You’re supposed to contemplate that day’s entry. The only thing I would contemplate was what the next chapter had for me.

Patience is not my strong suit. So, I thought if, perhaps, I did the journal that goes along with it, I would be forced to slow down and maybe get more out of it.

I went to Books-A-Million, thinking that surely they would have a copy. I looked and looked and looked. Then, I looked and looked and looked for a sales associate on the floor. Finally, I went to the cashier up front and asked her. She looked it up on the computer and said that it said there was one copy and it was in the Christian Gift Section, so I went back there and looked some more. Then, I left.

On my way home, I stopped at a little Bible Book Store that is probably less than half a mile from my house. They didn’t have it either, but this gentleman said they could have a copy there for me tomorrow, which is when I need it anyway.

After that, Sissy and I went to Kroger’s and picked up $45 worth of nothing. Crappity. I still haven’t decided what my Lent sacrifice will be. I’d like it to be wine, but I just don’t think I can give that up for 40 days. Hell, I don’t think I can give it up for one day. It keeps me moderately sane.

My first goal for Lent is to make it to the 8:15 am Mass tomorrow morning for Ash Wednesday. After that, we’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Life is like a box of chocolates*

Foreword: This is a blog I wrote a couple of months ago on my MySpace (yes, I'm a dork). But, there had been some PTO comments made on Biff Spiffy's blog earlier today that made me want to haul this out and totally phone it in. I will try to come up with original material later this evening - Enjoy!

And sometimes, it's like a box with nuts and stuff, like when you attend the PTO meeting and witness grown women getting ready to riot over whether or not we should sell peanut butter (and other assorted filling) Easter Eggs from St. Anthony's as a fundraiser. Opinions really ARE like assholes - everyone has one! LOL.

The board had decided that we should only sell one size of eggs to streamline things and make it easier - so then it almost came to blows on what size? The 1/4 lb eggs or the 1/2 lb eggs? Frankly, I agreed with one mom who stated that the 1/2 lb eggs ruined the chocolate to innards ratio by being too large.

Diplomatically, a raised hand vote was taken: 1/4 lb eggs won!

May I just say that I am very glad I am not on the board this year? I served as Vice President for the last two years (each position has a limit of an up to 2 year term). Of course, in lieu of serving on the PTO, I am now co-homeroom mom to 3rd grade (a great little group), I am designing the 5th grade "newspaper" and was recently "re-enlisted" to design the school bulletin, both of which are done every month. And those last two things I just make the Evil Twin do for promises of certain "favors", if you get my drift. He's more than happy to barter and the shit looks excellent. (he's a professional graphic designer).

* And finally, my alternate blog title was "Life is Like a Box of Assholes.... With All The Pretty Ones Taken Out" but, that's a little on the longish side and I didn't want to appear too offensive upfront. I want to draw you in and THEN offend you.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Days I Hate Being a Mom

I love my kids, I really do - I'll just say that right up front. We've had a long weekend here. Buddy was out of school today and the Evil Twin didn't have work. We've had a very accomplished weekend. On Friday, I opened savings accounts for both kids. On Saturday, we went to Target and I returned some things I had purchased earlier in the week and also got Buddy some new shoes. Sunday, the Evil Twin finally installed a ClosetMaid system into Buddy's closet (never mind the fact that we bought it in July... it is now finished and it looks great).

Today, both kids had their yearly check-ups and aside from shots, everyone had a good day.

Until 6:30 pm when Buddy reminds me it's time to do his homework. Now, this "homework" is actually a report (a short one, but still, a report) on a president. He had chosen Abraham Lincoln. Now, he had all weekend AND the teacher had extended the deadline from Friday to this Tuesday, so he has known about it since early last week.

Guess who gets on the internet to find info on Honest Abe? I don't have to tell you, do I? And, I had to search for material that was easy enough for a 3rd grader to read and summarize. That actually proved easier than I had originally thought, but then again, Lincoln is one of the most beloved and famous of all our presidents.

Here's the killer: This is the second such "report" type homework that has been given in the class. Apparently, the teacher, who I do love, has given them no advice or guidance in the fine art of summary. The last report was around Martin Luther King, Jr. day and they were to chose a famous African American and write at least eight sentences on them. When I printed out the information for Buddy and gave it to him, he in turn gave me a report that was verbatim off the page I had given him.

Being a Journalism major myself, I explained to him that we don't plagiarize (someone forgot to notify MLK, though). I tried to explain paraphrasing - which I hear is not tolerated in colleges any more these days. He just doesn't get it.

So, again, for this report, I had to sit beside him and help him identify key bits of information that one would include in a report. I don't want to do the work for him, but I also don't think he should flounder by himself when he clearly doesn't understand how to summarize.

This parenting thing is tough sometimes! But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. :-)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I have the sweetest Evil Twin

My husband is not the most romantic person in the world. In fact, he doesn't really even come close. That's okay, because I don't expect much in that department anyway. I'm not much on flowers or cards, jewelry or expensive gifts. I grew up in a family where money wasn't an object. We got everything we ever wanted.

Instead of following my mom's advice to "hang out at the med school a lot" in college, I dated punks and freaks and ne'er do wells. You know, people more like me. Guys who had tattoos and piercings and twisted, sick senses of humor. Some of them were not very nice at all.

I met the Evil Twin through a mutual friend. He's nine years older than I am, so while we never really had the opportunity to meet, we did kind of run in the same circles and I had heard about him years before I met him... He had left the area to work at a record store in Ohio, then spent four years in New Mexico in the Air Force.

So, we finally met and it was pretty obviously right away that we were meant for each other. We lived together for a year and half, then got married in 1993. The Evil Twin works for the State and doesn't make much money, but we manage on his salary and we are both committed to having at least one parent at home for our children. After going to one salary, I realized I needed to change the ways I felt about "things". It honestly doesn't bother me that I can't just run out and buy some hot item right away. I've got plenty and I'm happy.

Today, we went to Target to get Buddy a new pair of shoes and a few other items. Buddy also knew we owed him 2 weeks' worth of allowance and picked up a Pokemon something or the other. Evil Twin stopped by the bookstore for a magazine he really loves and as we were headed home, he mentioned that everyone had gotten something fun for themselves. Except, he realized, I had not.

Now, I had eyeballed a 5.5 quart crockpot that was on sale, but I have a 3 quart one that works (although it's too small), so I couldn't justify spending the $30. I did get myself some of that lotion that with repeated applications gives one a sunkissed look. I thought that was fantastic.

Out of the blue, he said, "I wish I was rich and could give you $2000 to spend on whatever clothes you wanted." I said, "If I see something I like, I do buy it. It's just I don't see much I like." That's the kind of romantic gesture that means the most to me.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I had some thoughts earlier....

But, I think they went away. I was too busy playing a Trivia Quiz game on WordNerd's blog. I always do fairly well with getting correct answers, but my times are way slow. I'm a fast reader, but a contemplative thinker - I don't want to be rash and give the wrong answer, now, do I?

Another "hot topic" going around the blogs these days is to list 6 weird facts about yourself, and then I am supposed to "tag" six other bloggers to do the same. Well, I don't really know six others and frankly, I'm not sure I have even six readers. Nevermind that, I'll post my six anyway. I probably have more than six, but let's see what I can come up with:

1. I am just a touch of OCD about my laundry. You see, as the hausfrau, I am responsible for all chores and I try to maintain a moderate amount of caring for all of them, but it seems easier to focus on just laundry. I do a lot of it. First off - hanging clothes. All clothing that is hung is all hung in the same fashion. Shirt fronts always face left, and are grouped with their other buddy shirts. Pants are hung with the end of the leg facing left and the waist band part on the right with the button/zipper closest to the wall. Again, like things hang next to like things. The Evil Twin's dress pants do not intermingle with his jeans. They have their own section. Folded clothes - all shirts are folded into neat rectangles and all undies are folded into squares. Towels and bath cloths are folded to match all the way down the stack and get this - I can fold a fitted sheet so that it is virtually impossible to tell it from a flat sheet. There are no wadded up fitted sheets in my household.

2. I drink loads of water every day. It's about the only thing I do drink, besides perhaps a half cup of coffee in the morning. I don't leave my house without a full bottle of water. Oh, I like wine too, so we can add that to the list: water, wine, minute amounts of coffee and every now and then, I will just go all out and drink a soda (preferably a generic Sprite). I guess I could put milk on the list, but I don't technically "drink" it, but I do like cereal.

3. I make the Evil Twin's lunch (lovingly) almost every day. One item he likes to have in his "lonely teeenage lunch" (what we jokingly call it) is an apple. Ever since I was a little girl, I twist apple stems and as I twist, I say the alphabet. The old wives tale down South was that whatever letter the stem came off on, was the first initial of your future husband's name. The ET name starts with a B and I don't think I've ever gotten a stem out in two twists. I do it every.single.time.

4. I'm obsessed with my eyebrows. If I feel even as much as one solitary eyebrow popping up where it shouldn't be, I am off to get my Tweezerman tweezers. I have them waxed a couple of times a year, just to get them in optimum shape and then tweeze with a passion the rest of the time. I tweeze every day after my shower. There will be no renegade eyebrows on my watch.

5. I do not wear red. Especially red tops. I am tall and thin with black hair and it screams "Olive Oyl" when I wear red. I do like plums and maroons, even purple, but NO red! (although I did order this top from Victoria's Secret - online it looked like a dark brownish red, but when it came, it was red. It showcases my "assets", so I do wear that one sometimes. Plus, it's short sleeved and we all know Olive Oyl never wore short sleeves, nor did she have a chest to speak of. I think she was robbed by the boobie fairy).

6. I graduated from a university with a Bachelor's Degree and I was able to do it without taking one math class. In scouring the curriculum booklet, I learned that students in the college of liberal arts (cough! says the only conservative graduate in Journalism) could substitute Philosophy 304, Statistical and Analytical Thinking for their math requirement. This was the whole, "If Tom is taller than Harry and Harry is taller than Bob, then Tom is taller than Bob - valid or invalid argument?" I made a B, good enough, and graduated a year or two later!

And now, with my high falutin' college education, I am your humble hausfrau. :-) Using my expensive education to raise my two kids. Hey, I make an awesome snowflake using a coffee filter. My clover chains are impressive, too.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Trying to Figure it Out

I don't think I enjoy this Blogger site much. It doesn't really make much sense - at least for now, it doesn't. No one ever comments, and I can't understand my site meter, so I don't even know if anyone reads it. I guess not that it matters much....

Here in a couple of hours, I have to be at Buddy's school for the Valentine's Party. This morning was, indeed, a 2 hour delay as I suspected it would be. It's still only 19 degrees right now. I'll get Sissy bundled up and we'll go have fun with the big kids.

I don't know what it is lately, but I have really been missing my mom for the last week or so. It's like it's just NOW sunk in that I can't call her anytime I'd like. And trust me, I called her all the time. Even before Dad died, I think we chatted at least once a day. After dad died, I called her at least twice a day - usually more. And, I spent an awful lot of time with her as well. I took her grocery shopping every week and basically just hung out with her. My parents only lived 10 minutes away from us, so it was easy to just hop in the van and go visit.

I think part of it is now that Sissy is a year old and she's doing all these great new, fun things - I want to tell my mom about it all. I want her and dad to know this grandchild the same way they knew Buddy. Sadly, she will not know my parents. They were such great parents and even better grandparents. They loved Buddy to distraction. He was born 3 months premature (another blog for another day) and my dad was at his side in the NICU every day for the 48 days that Buddy was in. Those two had a special bond.

Well, at least I have this stupid Blogger thing to keep me occupied and maybe I'll actually figure it all out one of these days. Or maybe I'll just call my ex-Geeksquad guy (he's not at Best Buy anymore, but he'll still work on my computers) and make him come by and show me the ropes. He's techy like that.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Snow Day

We had school cancelled again today. It was supposed to have been the Valentine's Party at Buddy's school, but it's been rescheduled for tomorrow (provided we have school tomorrow, that is... I'm hearing more snow on the way).

I am really regretting volunteering to be co-homeroom mom for his class. Sissy just turned one and she is thisclose to walking, but still hasn't gotten her sea legs yet. So, I have to keep her in her stroller for certain activities when we're away from home. Buddy goes to an old, old, old Catholic school that has no elevator to the 2nd floor, which is where the 2nd thru 5th grade classrooms are. It's such a pain to take her upstairs and dump her off on some other mom or the teacher, while I run back downstairs to get her stroller and gear and come back up... then it's the same routine for the after party dealio.

Next year, I am sure I will play some role in homeroom mom activities (hopefully as just a helper), for the 4th grade class. As it is, there are only 3 moms (out of a whopping class of 14 kids) who stay at home. So I know I'll be involved somehow.

But, that's okay because I like being involved and I like knowing what is going on at school. I think the teachers are more open with their comments on your child if you stay super involved. In fact, yesterday, he was wearing his tennis shoes when I picked him up and I asked where his dress shoes were (they wear dress shoes at all times, except gym). He had forgotten them in his room, so I told him to get them. Well, he had a little fit and threw his tie at me! So, then I really got tough. His teacher from last year overheard me and she said that he had copped an attitude on her some last year and she said, "If I told your mom you acted that way, you wouldn't sit down for a week." Damn skippy! LOL.

I guess we'll keep checking on the weather until I get in bed this evening - most likely around midnight, as usual. Last night, I had to wake up the Evil Twin to molest him. I hope there is more valentine action later on as well. Yay.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No Means No!

Back in 2000, I was diagnosed with MS. If you know me in real life, you know that that is something you would never guess. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been on a medication of subcutaneous injections (that means just under the fat layer). I take it once daily. In all this time, I’ve remained stable. Yay!

Shortly after I was diagnosed, I found this local support group and started going to that. It only met once a month - on a weeknight at 7pm. Every meeting seemed to be the same as the one before it and it’s difficult being the “wellest” person in a group. They’d all be talking about problems with incontinence or aversion to heat or sexual difficulties…. I pee and poop normally, I love tanning beds and hot tubs and my sex drive went the opposite direction of “downhill”. LOL.

After Buddy started school, that time frame became more and more difficult. Plus, the Evil Twin works a four 10 hour week. He is at work from 9 am to 7 pm Monday thru Thursday. He’s normally not home until 7:30 or so. Then, I get his dinner ready, the kids need baths and to get in bed.

One of the regulars in the group has called me continuously for years asking if I’d be present at this meeting or that meeting. I’d make different excuses and even say that my schedule at that time was just too chaotic for me to get away. I understand that there are very few people who attend the meeting, so they’re probably just trying to drum up more members.

But, today, I finally just told her that unless my schedule changed, attending a weeknight meeting at 7 pm wasn’t in the cards for me. She asked if I could bring the kids. Sure, I could, but Buddy (at 9) would be bored to tears and I doubt the baby would behave. Plus, Buddy has to get in bed for school on Friday and furthermore, there has been discussions of impotence and the like in the group - I mean, that’s part of MS, those type of problems exists, but I don’t want my 9 year old to ask about impotence.

I guess I was just feeling frustrated that after months of making excuses, I finally had to think “Why don’t they get the hint?” It’s not that I don’t like them - it’s just a scheduling conflict for me!

Anyway, this was going to be more interesting, but I am completely exhausted - but didn’t want to wait because then all my thoughts about it would “poof”, so here it is.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I Hate Winter

You'd think after 20+ years of living here in WV, I'd be used to the cold and the snow. And, I lived in Kansas for three years prior to living here. But before all that, I spent 12 glorious years in the South (Alabama and Georgia). I was born in Alabama (please refrain from any "banjo" jokes) and spent 4 years there until we moved to Georgia and spent 8 years there.

I love WV for many reasons, though. The people are friendly, the cost of living is low and we have a low crime rate. I don't believe I've seen anything more beautiful than the mountains in Fall. I wanted to get married in the Fall, primarily because I was aiming for a Halloween wedding (October 30th) and also because I know how pretty it is at that time of year. However, on our wedding day, it was dreary and wet, with freezing rain. The Evil Twin's car looked hilarious with wet clumps of toilet paper clinging to it and then flying off in great plops.

If we hadn't moved here, I wouldn't have met the Evil Twin, gotten married to him and had our two beautiful children. I just wish the winters weren't so darn COLD! If anyone from Minnesota is reading this, they probably think I'm a wuss - and they'd be right. I'm not the prissy girly girl type who hates bugs and snakes (I love them, in fact), but I do like to be warm and cozy. And, I like the sun and wearing shorts and sandals - or going barefoot, which is typically how you'd see me any warm day.

I've already started working on my "sandal feet". This process typically starts in February and I also usually start at the tanning beds about now too, but Sissy's only one and I can't take her tanning with me! LOL. Anyway, preparation for sandals involves the pumice stone and lots of lotion. This year, I've added in a foot spa massager. I've certainly gotten my $30 worth from that thing. Why didn't I buy one sooner??

Well, I think the groundhog said that Spring was around the corner. Let's hope that furball is right... My sandals are waiting.....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My New Hair Dryer

We went to WalMart (the evil empire) yesterday and I decided to buy a new hair dryer. Not that my old one was broken, but it was just sooooo slow about getting my somewhat thick hair dried each day. I'm typically pretty cheap when it comes to buying a new dryer, because they seem to only last a year or so around here. Well, they DO get a pretty heavy workout - every day! But, I splurged on a $30 Ion something or other.

It came with a couple of attachments. One being a diffuser. What exactly is it? I tried it and it wasn't doing much for me and kept getting in my way, so I took it off. There's nothing in the instructions that would indicate what that thing is or how it should be used, or for what purpose? If you know, won't you please fill me in?

Well, my new one did seem to have more power and dried my hair quicker and it does look kinda shiny, but I've always had healthy looking hair. I don't know why because I never do anything special to it. Once, I speculated that it was all the beer I drank, but my mom pointed out that one was supposed to put the beer ON their hair, not consume the beer. Humpf.

I don't do beer anymore though. I'm just a simple wino now. As long as my trusty box o' wine is in the fridge, I'm good. If you've never had the box o' wine, get the Peter Vella Chardonnay. Don't be cheap and get the Chablis (that's like drinking vomit) and please, avoid any reds - especially those that tout they are "chillable reds". That is just wrong. Reds should always be room temp!

Off to make some lunch for my hubby, Buddy and myself. Sissy is taking a nap, so now is my time to slip away and have a meal!! Yay.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things have picked up

So, yesterday, I had the crappy water pressure and then later, we didn't have cable or internet or water (at all!). That was exciting. I saw the last 7 minutes of American Idol - or make that the last minute of AI and the other 6 of commercials.

When I finished writing yesterday, I realized I didn't feel bad from the wine... I felt bad because I hadn't taken my crazy pill at all (ativan). Once that took over, my head quit pulsing and I felt much more comfortable.

"Why are you on the crazy pill, Evil Twin's Wife?", you may wonder. "You're just a housewife, so you can't have that much stress."

I don't even know where to begin on this one. In September of 2004, my dad died fairly unexpectedly. 14 months later, my mom also passed away - she had been in frail health for quite some time, then fell and broke her pelvis. While she was in the hospital being treated for that, she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and given 6 months to a year. She made it about 6 weeks after the diagnosis. I was 6 months pregnant with Sissy (or Thing 2) and it was a very high risk pregnancy.

My younger brother lives about 2 1/2 hours away and even though we are both in their wills, he declined to serve so that I could take care of matters myself - which was fine with me because he's unpredictable and a liar to boot. I just wanted some sort of help or support as he could manage it.

They left several accounts with cash on hand, which I had access to. He called and wanted $11, 000 last February, which I didn't think was a good idea. I said, "What if something really seriously goes wrong?" He said, "I'll give you money if you need it." So, I gave in... it was his money, after all. I took my $11K too, so I could pay Buddy's private school tuition, and get some things done around the house, plus we bought Buddy a new dresser and a few other household things. Besides, I didn't want to be stuck holding the bag, paying for things out of my money.

Now granted, that wasn't the only money I had access to. There was a bunch more. But, that part was spent. Turns out, the house had serious foundation problems. End of story is I ended up putting $26K into the house and was $1200 short of being able to pay it. I had to get a home equity loan on MY house to cover expenses. All I asked was that he send in payments on the loan to help me out with that until the house sold. I received a check for $20 (I had only asked for $10 per month). Guess what? It bounced! And my bank charged us an extra $10 on top of that.

The Evil Twin is obviously the only person who earns money in this household... so this is not even his problem, but generously, he has helped me along the way. Number one, he loves me and number two, he knows my parents' loved him and were always generous to him/us when they were alive.

I have done every piece of paperwork, every bill that needs to be paid, every contractor hired to fix things... I have coordinated all that and more - all while taking care of a new baby and a school aged child, plus taking care of my own home and family (paying bills, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, meal prep, scheduling... I could go on). It's just been incredibly stressful.

I am not whining here. This is my lot in life and thank goodness, I'm here to do it. It'll be done correctly, I can sleep at night knowing that much is true. Anyway, this wasn't even what this was going to be about, but it kind of deteriorated along the way. Sorry 'bout that! But, I do feel better! :-)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Crappy Day

Ugh! I don't know WHAT the scoop is, but our water pressure is pathetic today. My hair feels super gross because I couldn't even get all the conditioner out. Yuckity, yuck, yuck. I heard thru the grapevine that there's a busted water main somewhere here in St. Albans. I guess I'll call and find out for sure though. I can't take weak water pressure that, while standing in the shower, it feels as though someone is just spitting on me.

I mean, we've lived in this house for almost three years now and I finally got the Evil Twin to adjust the water heater temperature. For nearly three years, I never touched the cold water tap at all. It was lukewarm at best even with no cold added. I brought up the folder containing information on the water heater, so that the Evil Twin could look at the diagram and adjust it. That sat around for several months before I forced him to look at it. You see, the people we bought the house from were considerate enough to leave all the files on all the household things. They were an older couple and I figured that they had the thermostat set on the lowest setting. You know, more energy efficient and costs less -- all that jazz.

Well, I couldn't give a rip. I wanted hot water. When ET went to look at it, sure enough, it was on the lowest setting. He turned it up one little notch and now, we have to use the cold water too. It made that much of a difference.

Why I didn't do it myself is a mystery. I suppose I think that stuff is "husband" work. Like changing light bulbs and taking out the trash. Thank goodness I have him, otherwise that stuff would never get done. In my opinion, I shouldn't even have to pump my own gas in the van, but alas, sometimes I have to if I'm running low in the middle of the week. I must say he does open all doors for me and allows me to enter areas first.

I knew last night that school would be cancelled today, so I drank a little too much vino. Now, I feel like shit. And, it's 1 pm already. Ugh. I suppose I should go try to choke down some alka seltzer. That usually helps. Later, taters!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Weird Day

The weather around here has really taken a turn for the worst. It is coooolllldd! Yesterday, school was cancelled. Today, there was a 2 hour delay in the morning, then a one hour early pick-up. We're supposed to get quite a bit of snow this evening, so I predict a snow day tomorrow as well. Sometimes my amazing intuition impresses even me!

I think I'm getting the hang of this blog site. I've been posting blogs on my MySpace for a while and I think that format is really much easier, but I set those for friends only.

So, yesterday, I finally figured out that site meter thingy, but I'm not sure I really understand it. I have it. I noticed all the other cool kids had it. If anyone has more knowledge on that, I'd appreciate it if you'd clue me in.

The baby, Thing 2, would not take a nap this morning so she was completely rotten by the time we had to go pick up Thing 1 from school. Right before getting us all bundled up and out the door, I wanted to brush my teeth real quick. No water issued forth from the faucet. I tried the bathtub and the kitchen sink - nothing! I took a shower earlier and used the water at various points of the day and it's warmer today than yesterday, so I figured it couldn't be frozen in the pipes. I called the water company (we have a local water supply) and she said they'd had a few calls. They'd be sending the guys around to check the main. When I drove down off the hill, there were two water trucks and a back hoe in the road.

I'm not sure what the problem was, but it seems to have been repaired since I heard a big "whoosh" sound and the water was back on. Yay!

Monday, February 5, 2007


It only took me all day and deleting previous posts in a fit of desperation, but I think I've figured this thing out.

I guess I'll introduce myself: I'm a housewife. I have been for more than 9 years now. Thing 1, our son, just turned 9 in January. Thing 2, our precious daughter, just turned 1 in February. Yes, I realize there is a BIG age difference. It wasn't so easy for us, but I'm glad we worked at it! It certainly paid off with two beautiful and wonderful kiddos.

I'm fairly obsessive compulsive. Take today for example - school was cancelled and the kids pediatrician's appointments were cancelled too. I figured I'd just hang around in my PJs all day and not even take a shower! Well, that lasted until 11am. :::Sigh::: It's hard to be such an anal control freak. But somebody's got to do it, and since I'm the only one who can do anything right around here, looks like I'm the perfect person for the job!

Let's Try Again

There seems to be something I'm not getting here.