Thursday, February 15, 2007

Trying to Figure it Out

I don't think I enjoy this Blogger site much. It doesn't really make much sense - at least for now, it doesn't. No one ever comments, and I can't understand my site meter, so I don't even know if anyone reads it. I guess not that it matters much....

Here in a couple of hours, I have to be at Buddy's school for the Valentine's Party. This morning was, indeed, a 2 hour delay as I suspected it would be. It's still only 19 degrees right now. I'll get Sissy bundled up and we'll go have fun with the big kids.

I don't know what it is lately, but I have really been missing my mom for the last week or so. It's like it's just NOW sunk in that I can't call her anytime I'd like. And trust me, I called her all the time. Even before Dad died, I think we chatted at least once a day. After dad died, I called her at least twice a day - usually more. And, I spent an awful lot of time with her as well. I took her grocery shopping every week and basically just hung out with her. My parents only lived 10 minutes away from us, so it was easy to just hop in the van and go visit.

I think part of it is now that Sissy is a year old and she's doing all these great new, fun things - I want to tell my mom about it all. I want her and dad to know this grandchild the same way they knew Buddy. Sadly, she will not know my parents. They were such great parents and even better grandparents. They loved Buddy to distraction. He was born 3 months premature (another blog for another day) and my dad was at his side in the NICU every day for the 48 days that Buddy was in. Those two had a special bond.

Well, at least I have this stupid Blogger thing to keep me occupied and maybe I'll actually figure it all out one of these days. Or maybe I'll just call my ex-Geeksquad guy (he's not at Best Buy anymore, but he'll still work on my computers) and make him come by and show me the ropes. He's techy like that.


  1. People are lazy when they think they have to sign up for something to make comments.

  2. I guess I could set it so they don't have to sign up, huh?

  3. When I started blogging last May, it was for my mental well being and I didn't care if anyone read it or not.

    I told one friend and suddenly word got out at work about what I was doing. That turned out to really suck since I was limited on what I could write about work now. (And that is the one place my anger needed that outlet.)

    When I realized I enjoyed others' views on my subject, I began to comment myself at blogs I was reading. A little network began to bring more people by and I now have a small but loyal group of commenters.

    I can see by my site meter I have many more people lurking and that is okay too.