Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Snow

Blech. I'm so tired of it. I promise I won't blather on about it forever. Yesterday, we got dumped on and had a 2 hour delay that turned into a "school closed" day. The roads around where we live were cleared up by 9am or so.

Then, we lost our electricity for a couple of hours. That was nice. The house slowly got colder, but never went below 67 degrees before the power came back on. I was happy, but didn't have time for a shower - I didn't get in around 9, as usual, because I knew I wouldn't be able to dry or style my hair - so most of the day I was feeling smelly with my hair pulled back in a ponytail.

I was shocked when I got up this morning and looked outside, then checked the school closing website. The county next to us had a two hour delay and we had nothing. Five minutes later, still nothing. Right before Buddy got picked up by his ride, still nothing. So, off to school he went on schedule.

Luckily, the sun is shining! It is only 8:30 am and I have already ate breakfast, showered and finished my hair and make-up. Sissy is up and eating her waffle and life is good.

I have a bunch of things planned around the house today and I'm going to get started early. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for a person.

I hope you all have an excellent Thursday. Happy Almost Leap Year Day!

Monday, February 25, 2008

So Many Things, So Little Time

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you end up being further behind than ever before? The last few months, I've been trying to get my life in order - financially and otherwise. The financial stuff is going okay. The otherwise is, well, running in place.

I have managed to make more of an effort at housekeeping in general. I have always been good about the laundry and dishes, paying bills, shopping, cooking, etc. It's the day to day stuff that bores me.

I don't mind vacuuming - in fact I do that every evening. And, I don't mind swishing the toilets clean when needed. It's scrubbing the sinks, tubs, and mopping that make me shiver.

Also, the 'Evil Twin and I haven't been getting along - not anything bad - it's just that that doesn't help my attitude any. We've had our fair share (0r more) of peaks and valleys and I'm sure we'll bicker and then - voila! - we'll be okay again.

There's something I've had on my mind, something that is really an exciting prospect in my opinion and he doesn't really want to discuss it. I find more and more that unless the conversation runs in his interests, he doesn't much care to participate. That makes me sad.

I got a lot accomplished today (not that anyone will pat me on the back for it - or even notice), and I'm going to bed fairly early tonight as well. I'm going to try to make it up to watch "Medium", but I'll be watching while lounging in bed, so I may make it an hour, I may not.

It's been one of them days, ya know?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ta Da!!

I got the side bar action to work! Yay me. I consider myself a little bit ahead of the curve in most instances when it comes to computer literacy, but this blogger stuff just stumps me. I suppose I just need to do some more investigating and play around with it a bit. That's usually how I teach myself different programs. I just sit and click on stuff and see what happens. Eventually, I figure it out.

Today was really interesting. I attended a baby shower. Now, usually I cringe at having to attend such events, but for some reason, I was looking forward to this one. Maybe it's because I knew that I would know a good number of people there. That always makes me more comfortable. It was actually really fun - even the goofy games were fun - and the food was really good, so that gives it a thumbs up in my book.

The mom to be was radiant and sweet. This is her first baby and she and her husband have no clue what to expect - exept that she was an over 10 pound baby and her husband was too, so they are kinda counting on a whopper. No newborn sizes at this shower, thankyouverymuch.

At the Evil Empire the other day, I had bought some onesies for the new baby. I meant to get a pack of 3 - 6 months and instead came home with 0-3 mos, so I went to Kmart this morning in search of the correct size - figuring I can return the other pack to WalMart on my next regularly scheduled shopping trip. I found what I wanted, plus a few other gems.... If you've ever shopped at the St. Albans Kmart, you know that finding anything is uncommon, so I was surprised when I checked out with a total of $60+ worth of goodies.

Sissy likes to play in the bath and I found this cute bath toy that is a fishing net with three fish - numbered 1, 2, and 3 - for early counting help and fun to boot. She LOVED it. She cried when we took her out of the bath and cried when she had to get in bed. I figure it'll be a fun pool toy this summer as well. Last year, she didn't get too far in the kiddie pool, but I expect her to be a bit more adventurous this summer.

On a scale of one to ten, today has been a solid 9. That's pretty incredible for me these days. AND, it was cold and nasty all day too so even more of a shock.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, no matter what the weather. :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bear With Me

I'm trying to figure out how to add more awards to my sidebar and so far, nothing seems to be working. I've tried the tips and hints I received from BuzzardBilly's blog and still no luck. However, I am tired, so maybe tomorrow, with a fresh mind, I'll give it another shot. Couldn't hurt, I suppose.

This one will be quick and maybe not much of anything - considering I have 15 minutes until Survivor comes on - I've set the DVR for American Idol AND Buddy is up here doing his homework and seems to think now is a good time to chat with me about his school needs. Even if it's an emergency, kid, it's almost 8 pm so there's not much I can do about it right now.

Actually, it's just that he needs a new art box because the one he was using won't hold everything anymore. Fine, fine. I'll buy a bigger box. Sheesh.

I was able to get to the Evil Empire today and get my shopping finished. A good friend of mine came with me, which was nice. Even though she didn't need to shop, she tagged along for the ride and we always have a good time.

I feel like I have so many topics I'd like to expound on endlessly, but not enough time. I'd try to do this during the day, but Sissy has decided - for some time now - that naps are for, well, sissies. It's hard to type when a two year old is climbing your leg and you're trying to eat a quick lunch, check your blogs, pay a few bills, etc. Know what I mean?

In the meantime, I added a new recipe to the sister site. I'm adding my favorites as I come across them or make them. I have a couple more I'd like to get up in the next couple of days. Perhaps this weekend I will have a few spare moments to transcribe them to this here computer thingie.

Alright, off to watch Survivor and grab a snack! See ya - same bat time, same bat channel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Finished the taxes last night. It took me an hour and a half and I almost lost my mind at the end, but held it together and e-filed both federal and state and now, we're just waiting on our stolen money to be returned to us.

Some asked why I did them myself. Well, number 1: I'm cheap and I don't want to pay anyone for what I can do myself (and since we have a fairly uncomplicated life, I can rely on Turbo Tax to walk me through it). Number 2: I'm sure if I don't do it myself, it won't be done correctly. I want to SEE those numbers and understand it. Not that I find it fun, but I know my life better than a tax preparer, so being the control freak I am, it just works out better for me.

And, also, I semi watched American Idol last night and as some said, they thought there were three really interesting guys. I don't know who their three are, but mine are 1. Young guy (17) with amazing voice; 2. Dredlock guy; and 3. Australian guy.

Onto the girls tonight. It'll be helpful when I start to learn everyone's names. That usually takes me a few weeks! LOL. Half the time, I can't remember what day it is in my own life, so yeah, I'm a scatterbrain.

The last couple of days, it has snowed a bit during the day. So, I sit and fret and wonder if school will be dismissed early and then the whole thing clears up by pick up time. It's not warm by any stretch, but the roads are clear.

Well, I have needed to hit the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) all week. I'm down to one egg that is a week past it's date, 9 diapers and one squeeze of hair conditioner that came with my hair color. Let's just say it's getting a little desperate around here.

I told the Evil Twin that if tomorrow is a repeat, then he'll be taking us all to the Evil Empire after he gets off work. I figure we could load up on chicken and potato wedges from the deli and make a meal out of that for when we get home. Sissy and I love their boneless barbecue chicken bites.

I have a few items I wanted to look around at before AI comes on, so that's all for tonight, folks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh, Uncle Sam

I'll be working on our taxes this evening. Sounds like fun, huh? Thank goodness for Turbo Tax. It sure makes it easy on those of us who are math challenged.

However, there were many years in the past - when the Evil Twin did more freelance work than now - and I did all our taxes by myself, including that damnable Schedule C (self-employed income tax). I thought I would lose my mind on that convoluted math.

I'm going to be half listening to American Idol while I do my work. At this point in the show, I don't have any vested interest in any one contestant and in all honesty, this season looks a little stale - so far.

I don't even know why I watch the stupid show. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd season, I tuned in to see what all the hype was about and got sucked in. That's why I limit myself on watching TV, because I'd be glued to it all the time. And frankly, there's not enough quality programming to merit that kind of nonsense.

Instead, I limit it to American Idol and Survivor (both of which only air for X amount of time, so I know I won't be captive all season) and now, Dexter and I think I might try to get involved in Medium again because I did really enjoy that show when it first came on - I like Patricia Arquette - and then I got pregnant with Sissy and couldn't stay awake until 11 pm when the show ends.

Now, we have a DVR, so even if I'm too tired or too busy, I can at least record it easily for future viewing.

Who knows... maybe I'll be in a better mood when I finish these taxes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mrs. Chatsworth

That's what we've been calling Sissy lately. Every night, she gets put in her crib by Daddy and then proceeds to just ramble. We can hear her on the monitor. She talks about all kinds of things.

This usually goes on until The Evil Twin goes back to "check on her", straighten her covers and tell her it's time for bed, seriously!

I'm killing time (ha ha) until Dexter comes on at 10 pm. I watched the pilot on the computer and it looks really great. I loved the main character in Six Feet Under, although the Evil Twin and I only rented the first season on DVD and then never did pick up the 2nd season.

We're totally eating too much fast food these days, but we can't help ourselves. At this rate, I'll be bigger at 40 than ever before, but lawsy knows I love to eat.

Anyhoo, on his way to the local fast food joint, the Evil Twin called me to alert me to look outside. It had been drizzling rain all day today and there was the most beautiful rainbow in the sky.

This picture doesn't really do it justice, but this is an idea of the view off my front porch at about 5:30 this evening. It was really something.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Same old stuff. Nothing exciting. Sissy has been a holy terror all day.

I was supposed to go help out in Buddy's class for their Valentine party, but Sissy got ahold of a blue highlighter pen and decided to highlight her lips, face and hands. With the help of some Oil of Olay and Vaseline, I was able to get most of it off. But only enough to make her acceptable to go to pick up (where she doesn't get out of the van).

I had bought the kids' each a heart with chocolates in it and one each for myself and the Evil Twin. Buddy came home with loads of candy from his class party, too.

We should have plenty to snack on for a few days.

It's been a long day and I'm still not "finished" with things I need to do.

I can't wait for this weekend - it's a long weekend for Buddy and the Evil Twin, so a whole extra day for family stuff!! Yay.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hurry Up and Wait

That's what my life has been like lately. I have a million things to do and then, the stupid weather acts up and snows and shit and I am terrified of it, so I have to put off anything that involves travel outside of my little berg (which means picking up Buddy and the other kids after school).

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means Buddy's class will be exchanging cards and having a little party. Guess whose Mother hasn't purchased any cards yet? Yep, dumbass me. I THOUGHT I'd be able to get out earlier in the week and buy stuff, but again - SNOW.

So, after he gets home from work, the Evil Twin is taking me and the family to Wal-Mart. He says the only cards that will be left this late are Strawberry Shortcake and Kittens. He's probably right. I hope I can find something semi-decent and perhaps attach a sucker or something to them - kind of a "sorry these Valentine's suck" consolation prize. LOL.

Yesterday, Sissy was a holy terror most of the day and she kept me super busy. Then, I had to watch American Idol (2 hour special!) and after that, I was too drained to write anything. Drained and completely bummed about the weather.

I was secretly hoping that flea-bitten rodent in Pennsylvania was wrong and Spring would come early. I'm tired of being cooped up in the house because it's too cold to enjoy fresh air.

The good news is that when we go to the store this evening, we'll get to eat at Arby's which, for some reason, is very desirable to Buddy. I mean, I like their food okay, but he thinks it's some super special treat. It makes me think of a time when I was in junior high and I had some sort of illness that kept me home for a few days. The only thing that sounded appetizing to me was Arby's sandwiches, so my mom went and got a huge bag full of them and there was something soooo good about those sandwiches at the time.

Maybe Arby's has some secret formula wherein their sandwiches become comfort food. All I know is that roast beef and cheddar sammich is calling my name tonight and I might even have TWO, even though I have a goal of losing weight (15 to 20lbs) by April 22 - I do not want to turn 40 with a muffin top over my jeans. Granted, they're a size 4 and I could buy some 6s, but that would be a defeat.

Yours truly out, y'all. Send sunshine my way!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Hate Titles!

Seriously, sometimes it takes me longer to come up with a title than to knock out my blog blatherings.

I had to take both kids to their well child check-ups this afternoon. They are both on target for height and weight. Poor Sissy had to get a finger stick (I can't even remember why they needed it, but said they'd call with the results next week, so I'll find out then). The finger stick was really just the icing on the cake for her, as she'd been screaming bloody murder since the moment we walked into the exam room. She sees that crunchy exam table paper and just freaks out.

Buddy was given a prescription for Albuterol and we got a handy rental nebulizer, since he was still sounding wheezy from last week's creeping crud. The doctor told me lots of kids had the same thing and they were apparently prescribing the Albuterol on a regular basis.

I need to make a follow up appointment for next week, so she can see if the breathing treatments are helping Buddy and also, he needs a hep something or other vaccine. She was going to do it today, but - I guess upon sensing the tension on my face - decided to let it wait until the follow up. So, now he's got a whole week to whine about it and make my life miserable.

As we left the office, we had to walk past several parked cars and on one truck, I saw this:

Yep, truck nutz. I hoped neither kid would espy the display. Well, actually, Sissy would have no clue and Buddy would probably have just laughed. Maybe I should have pointed them out!

I have no clue why hanging rubberized balls on your truck hitch seems like such a wonderful idea.

All I know is it looked exactly like the type of truck you'd see during deer season, hauling a deer carcass in the bed with a wad of rags stuffed up its' butt.

I am a terribly disgusting person, but even I can't stomach that sort of thing.

On a positive note, my hubby arrived home this evening wearing his wedding band after having outgrown it (ahem) about 2 and a half years ago. He's my big beefy burrito (no recipe for that, sorry gals!). Ppppthhhhpppp! And one more PS. TIFF - NO, I am not pregnant!!! The Evil Twin's nutsack got snipped a couple of years ago, a few months after Sissy was born. Hee hee.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feeling Stale

I don't know what my deal is today. I woke up really early and felt great. We got ready and ran out to do a few errands. One involved The Evil Twin dropping his wedding band off at a jewelry store to be re-sized. He gained a few after we got married, and then quit smoking and gained some more - he hasn't been able to wear that band for at least 2.5 years.

So, we went out and about and had a nice day. When we got home, our lunch in the crock pot (see recipe on the recipes site) was ready and it was really good. After that, I just kind of felt sluggish. Maybe I got up too early, maybe it was the fresh air we haven't had in weeks (LOL).

It was really a pretty day here, but still light jacket weather. Really sunny and that made me feel great! I only had one sandwich so it's not like I ate myself into a coma or anything. Guess I'll have to chalk this one up to "I'm a dummy and got up too early."

I think I'll go troll around on the innernets and see if I can find something fun.

Check the recipe site and I'll see y'all tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Buggin' Out

Every morning, Monday through Friday, I lovingly pack the Evil Twin's lunch. Sometimes, I must pack a lunch for Buddy - from time to time something he despises pops up on the school menu.

I get a break on the Evil Twin's lunch one day a week, when he and his co-workers go to a local Chinese Buffet place. Apparently, this place has had a couple, two, tree health code violations and there have been two sightings by the Evil Twin and his co horts of bug. They now call the restaurant Bug Tin.

Honestly, the one bug was found by a co-workers son or someone and it was on a plate. The Evil Twin found a dead bug in his napkin once, but they all say the food is good and appears to be a clean establishment, plus they like the owner.

Whatever, it gets me off the hook for making his lunch one day a week. Honestly, I could make lunches with my eyes closed - I've done it soooo many times now. And, I know precisely what the Evil Twin wants and can guess what Buddy will want. But, I still kind of like getting a pass one day.

So far, every time the Evil Twin has gone to the Bug Tin, he has come home healthy. Phew.

But, now, when the office folks decide what day they're going to go, the ET will tell me, "I don't need a lunch on Thursday, we're buggin' it." So, "Buggin'" has become the office code word for eating at the chinese place. After each time, though, one person (usually one of the photographers) says, "Okay, that's the LAST time I'm going." (referring to the fact he feels he over ate).

I've met the office dudes up there a time or two, but unless I'm super hungry, buffets aren't really appealing to me. I feel like I've got to eat $X amount of food or more to make it worth it. I mean, I could go by Wendy's and hit the dollar menu for a mere $1.05 (after tax) for a bowl of chili or a sandwich.

I'm cheap like that. Plus, I like knowing my food hasn't been in contact with bugs.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

House of Germs

Ugh. Buddy is now sick. He was coughing around this morning, but I figured it was a run-of-the-mill cold and since it was only a partial day - they got out at 12:45 for a teacher and staff thing - he'd be fine.

He came in the door around 1pm and looked real peaked. He said he'd had a good day, but he really wasn't feeling well. I told him to change clothes and get in bed, try to get some rest. Now, I figured he'd get in bed for about 5 minutes, then pop up and play video games.

I went back to check on him and he was out like a light. He slept until well after 5 pm. He hasn't wanted anything to eat, but he did just ask for some Gatorade and I also gave him a teaspoon of honey. I'm sure that I gave birth to the child who is totally repulsed by ALL medicines. He hasn't met one he thought tasted decent. Tonight, I brought home some Mucinex for Kids, Mixed Berry flavor.

I said, brightly, "It's mixed berry flavor!" and his reply? "Sure, that's what they say, but it really tastes like feet." OOooookay.

Of course, I launch into the "Well, they can't make them taste too good, cause then kids would want to drink them all the time." That fell on deaf ears and he quickly retreated to his room.

He will not be attending school tomorrow. I've decided a day of rest is in order. When I was at the store earlier, I stocked up on chicken noodle soup, Gatorade and a few other of his favorites.

As luck would have it, both kids have their "well-child" yearly check ups on Monday! Usually, it works the other way around, as in I take my well kids to their check up and the next day, it's like a TB ward around here. Not this time, suckas - I have at least one sick kid going for his well child check up!

You know I like to leave off with an unrelated note. Tonight's was influenced by Ron at The Warped Mind of Ron. Here I am at 3 mos old. See, I even had black hair back then!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

And, I totally didn't go to either the 8 am mass or the 7 pm one at my parish. No ashes for me. Luckily, Buddy did attend mass this morning - seeing as how that's where he goes to school and all. Unfortunately, he came home with a cold this afternoon. I suppose it was his time to get it since we'd all been passing it around and I think there are loads of kids at his school with colds, too.

When I posted about my blogoversary yesterday, I meant to mention that I had been blogging on my MySpace site for probably over a year before I moved out here to Blogger. For a while, I tried to write two different blogs a day. One for here and one for there. I felt I could get into the more personal details of my life (the kids, The ET and all) and mainly that's because every single person who has access to my MySpace is someone I know or have formed an online relationship in some capacity.

Like, I didn't know the Blonde Goddess before we started corresponding on MySpace. She lives nearby and has kids, so I figured she's a pretty safe add. Now, I'd hate to get her and Buzzardbilly and myself together for lunch - but I might just have to try because that could be nothing but hijinks and hilarity.

I'd also like to draw your attention to my side project: The Glamorous Recipes/ . It's on my blogroll over there. I like to post recipes and I know sometimes, people like to try new things. I am always on the lookout for things that sound yummy and are different from the same 5 stale dinners I usually fix. So, I figured if I posted a recipe here (or not - sometimes I'll just post one I like over there), then they'll be easy to locate. I plan on editing the current ones to add tags, like: beef, chicken, crock pot, etc. So they'll be even easier to find.

Like many busy moms, I enjoy recipes that are easy to put together, but tasty and the fewer ingredients or lesser the prep time, the more I like it. I hope I can offer some new ideas and I hope you'll feel free to chime in with things you like or new ways to make things easier.

I might even incorporate tips and tricks for housekeeping, laundry, etc. Sometimes, I'll get a new cleaning product that really rocks my world (sadly enough), like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. A great product!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Year Ago Today

I started writting in this dusty corner of the web. Through the months of writting and visiting fellow bloggers sites, I have made so many amazing friends.

People come to visit every day (not sure why) and even honor me with blog awards from time to time (really not sure why). For being a college educated journalist - meaning that's the degree I earned from Marshall University, not necessarily a career journalist - I'm not that great of a writer. In college, my strong suit was copywriting. You know, blurbs or tag lines for ads, etc.

So, I just keep chugging along here - venting a bit, talking about my day or even reminiscing about days past for my entertainment - and hopefully yours.

The Roto Rooter guys came by today and looked things over and said I could use my disposer. He said they tend to get backed up like that and gave me some pointers on how to get the best use of it. Next time it stops up, I'm to call and ask for him and he said he would bring the largest snaking tool they have. Super nice and didn't even charge me for the consult!

And on a completely unrelated note, Buddy decided he wanted these from the store the other day:

They look innocent and tasty, don't they? Well, they are sooooo rich and sweet, after I ate one, I felt queasy for the rest of the evening. Try at your own risk. They seemed to be a hit with the smaller occupants of our house.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Too Much Excitement!

Okay, I called Roto Rooter this afternoon and originally, someone was going to stop by after three pm. So, when there was a guy I didn't know at my door, I assumed he was the RR dude. No, apparently, he was looking at the house across the street that is on the market, but wanted me to know that there was not just one, but two areas at the bottom of my driveway leaking gas. Fun times.

I called the gas company and was told they'd send someone out. A few minutes later, the St. Albans Fire Department came up with a truck! I asked Buddy to keep an eye on his little sister while I went to go talk to the firemen. They were very nice and said they had communicated with the gas company also and they were sending a crew up shortly.

I asked if I could go back in the house to be with my kids or did they need me for anything outside, and they said I could go on inside. I watched and they stayed there until the gas company people arrived.

The good news is it's not our line and it's not going to affect our service. The bad news is they're going to jackhammer up the bottom of our driveway to fix it. Then, they'll fill it with gravel for a few months before they can get a crew out to re-pour the bottom of our drive. (Silver lining: a partially new driveway not at my expense).

Meanwhile, Roto Rooter called and asked if I'd be home in the morning and I will be, so they're sending someone out tomorrow morning. Fine with me, but who knows if they'll be able to get up my driveway! It's always something, isn't it?

I'll need to get to WalMart at some point tomorrow. Seriously. I put it off today cause it was so rainy and overcast, but yet warm. I told the Evil Twin I didn't want to end up looking like this at the end of the day:

Sunday, February 3, 2008

About a Weekend

Sissy had a nice birthday celebration yesterday. She had a few gifts, a cute little cake and a day of hugs and kisses (although that last part is every day stuff).

It was a pretty laid back day. Buddy went to spend the night with his best friend, so the Evil Twin and I were almost alone! Sissy goes to bed fairly early, so we watched a movie we'd recorded and then hit the shucks, but not just for sleep, if ya get my drift. It's rare that we get moments like that.

I have a problem with noises. Something on the underside of our metal rail frame is squeaking. It probably needs a dose of WD 40. The main thing is to isolate the squeak and eliminate it.

Of course, it is Super Bowl Sunday, so we are glued to the BATV (big ass TV). We didn't have the BATV last Super Bowl, so the Evil Twin is enjoying his 42 inch LCD HD this year. It was his Father's Day present, and then, his birthday present in July, then his anniversary present in October and finally, I wished him a Merry Christmas with it. I think it's plum run out of holiday gift giving spirit.

We are now on nearly a week of no Disposer. I know, I know, I need to call Roto-Rooter, but I need to brace myself before I spend more money. However, I did tell the Evil Twin that I felt like a damn pioneer woman scraping food debris into the trash can.

I have never lived without a disposer, so this is a real step back for yours truly. I even asked the Evil Twin, "What's next? I'm ringing the laundry out by hand and hanging it in the backyard?"

I had a rental car (van) once that didn't have the clicky lock key fob thing and I thought I would die. Outraged, "WHAT??? I have to lock the doors by myself?" Homie don't think so.

Okay, I"ve worked myself up to calling Roto Rooter tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed that I can find a solution to my Disposall dilemma. It doesn't even have to be cheap, but cheap is good. Easy and painfree is better and the best of all is that I can use my %#$#@ disposer to my heart's content again.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm a Slacker

And I didn't blog last night. I was on the phone for a while and when I finished my conversation, it was late and I was tired and all talked out.

Tomorrow, my Sissy will be TWO years old. I went to Kroger this evening (I was completely out of milk - gasp! My kids go thru it!), and I picked up a cute little cake.

I just finished wrapping her gifts from us and one from Buddy. I know she has no clue what's going on, but I'm excited for her!

Honestly, I can't believe that it's been two years already. My li'l groundhog was born at 39 weeks by scheduled c-section and weighed 7lbs, 5 oz. I first saw her when my OB shook her over the divider and said, "Hi, Mommy." He's such a hoot (my OB). She was, of course, mad as a wet hen and covered in assorted body fluids, but I thought she was the most beautiful baby girl in the world. A thought I still maintain to this day, but we all know mommies can be a little biased. LOL.

I also knew when I saw her that our family was complete. After the nurses did their evil job of poking her and weighing her, etc., they brought her to me while I was still in recovery and she latched on to the breasts, like a natural.

I don't think I put her down for more than 20 minutes total the whole 2 days I had to spend in the hospital.

I have never wanted to get home like I did by that second day. I missed my home and the Evil Twin and Buddy and my comfy bed.

The Evil Twin took three weeks of leave from work and doted on me the entire time. I had all meals brought to me, he did all the laundry and he got Buddy up and ready for school every day. He cleaned and shopped.

THAT was the greatest gift in the world! I had a much harder recovery from c-section #2, than I did from number 1. I remember looking longingly at the Tylox I had been prescribed and fighting the urge to take one. I was given a prescription for 25 pills. by the time I was fully recovered, there were 13 pills still left.

Don't worry, I took those over the next year for other aches and pains or just stress relief. I wasn't about to let them go bad! LOL.

It looks like I am heading into some interesting territory - a ten year old pre-pre-teen and a two year old with a temper and a determined personality!

If nothing else, it'll keep me young (or keep me crazy enough to not realize what's going on around me, which is good too. I like living in my own world - everyone's friendly there and they all know me!).