Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hurry Up and Wait

That's what my life has been like lately. I have a million things to do and then, the stupid weather acts up and snows and shit and I am terrified of it, so I have to put off anything that involves travel outside of my little berg (which means picking up Buddy and the other kids after school).

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means Buddy's class will be exchanging cards and having a little party. Guess whose Mother hasn't purchased any cards yet? Yep, dumbass me. I THOUGHT I'd be able to get out earlier in the week and buy stuff, but again - SNOW.

So, after he gets home from work, the Evil Twin is taking me and the family to Wal-Mart. He says the only cards that will be left this late are Strawberry Shortcake and Kittens. He's probably right. I hope I can find something semi-decent and perhaps attach a sucker or something to them - kind of a "sorry these Valentine's suck" consolation prize. LOL.

Yesterday, Sissy was a holy terror most of the day and she kept me super busy. Then, I had to watch American Idol (2 hour special!) and after that, I was too drained to write anything. Drained and completely bummed about the weather.

I was secretly hoping that flea-bitten rodent in Pennsylvania was wrong and Spring would come early. I'm tired of being cooped up in the house because it's too cold to enjoy fresh air.

The good news is that when we go to the store this evening, we'll get to eat at Arby's which, for some reason, is very desirable to Buddy. I mean, I like their food okay, but he thinks it's some super special treat. It makes me think of a time when I was in junior high and I had some sort of illness that kept me home for a few days. The only thing that sounded appetizing to me was Arby's sandwiches, so my mom went and got a huge bag full of them and there was something soooo good about those sandwiches at the time.

Maybe Arby's has some secret formula wherein their sandwiches become comfort food. All I know is that roast beef and cheddar sammich is calling my name tonight and I might even have TWO, even though I have a goal of losing weight (15 to 20lbs) by April 22 - I do not want to turn 40 with a muffin top over my jeans. Granted, they're a size 4 and I could buy some 6s, but that would be a defeat.

Yours truly out, y'all. Send sunshine my way!!!!!


  1. @.@ Arby's Big Beef and Cheddar @.@ is totally dreamy. I wish I had one right now.

    I was out just last night in South Charleston and there was still lots of variety in the school VD cards at Kroger. Surely Wal*Fart will still have a good supply.

  2. MMmmmmmm Arby's... I used to get a Beef Bacon and Cheddar from Rax I think and i loved them things. And valentine's day.. Bah Humbug...

  3. And, thank you for joining in the "sorry for being a dick" poetry contest. I've finished poorly cobbling together an appropriate award and decided that everyone who participates gets one. Go get your award at my blog :)

    It's open till midnight for anyone else who's feeling the poet in their soul.

  4. get the one with bacon.

    I think all skinny people should eat more bacon so you will stop making the rest of us look so bad ;)

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  6. I love Arby's fries and the mocha shake. For some reason, the sandwiches just make me gag.

  7. Arby's BLT is yummy, providing you ask them to leave off the half a jar of mayo.

  8. mmm Arby's. I'd never experienced one until I came to WV. I'd seen it in vegas but it was about 105F and that wasn't roast beef kinda weather. Speaking of weather, this snow has been a real pain in the arse.

    Good luck with your weight goal!

  9. I know the feeling. Woke up to another skiff of snow this morning. It's almost gone but it's just soooo cold. I was out Tues & Wed in it and my sinuses are crazy now. Have to go get hubby some beer & pistachio's for Valentines today. Just dread getting out there again in that wind. Maybe I'll get a hot roast beef from Arbys as my reward! ;)

  10. I'm right there with ya, sister... not so much on the driving, but just going apeshit over not being able to get stuff done.

    I totally forgot the teachers were having a covered-dish dinner today. Duh.

  11. You are more than welcome to some of my muffin top!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Mmmm...Arby's Jamocha shake!!!!