Sunday, February 3, 2008

About a Weekend

Sissy had a nice birthday celebration yesterday. She had a few gifts, a cute little cake and a day of hugs and kisses (although that last part is every day stuff).

It was a pretty laid back day. Buddy went to spend the night with his best friend, so the Evil Twin and I were almost alone! Sissy goes to bed fairly early, so we watched a movie we'd recorded and then hit the shucks, but not just for sleep, if ya get my drift. It's rare that we get moments like that.

I have a problem with noises. Something on the underside of our metal rail frame is squeaking. It probably needs a dose of WD 40. The main thing is to isolate the squeak and eliminate it.

Of course, it is Super Bowl Sunday, so we are glued to the BATV (big ass TV). We didn't have the BATV last Super Bowl, so the Evil Twin is enjoying his 42 inch LCD HD this year. It was his Father's Day present, and then, his birthday present in July, then his anniversary present in October and finally, I wished him a Merry Christmas with it. I think it's plum run out of holiday gift giving spirit.

We are now on nearly a week of no Disposer. I know, I know, I need to call Roto-Rooter, but I need to brace myself before I spend more money. However, I did tell the Evil Twin that I felt like a damn pioneer woman scraping food debris into the trash can.

I have never lived without a disposer, so this is a real step back for yours truly. I even asked the Evil Twin, "What's next? I'm ringing the laundry out by hand and hanging it in the backyard?"

I had a rental car (van) once that didn't have the clicky lock key fob thing and I thought I would die. Outraged, "WHAT??? I have to lock the doors by myself?" Homie don't think so.

Okay, I"ve worked myself up to calling Roto Rooter tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed that I can find a solution to my Disposall dilemma. It doesn't even have to be cheap, but cheap is good. Easy and painfree is better and the best of all is that I can use my %#$#@ disposer to my heart's content again.


  1. I am soooo behind the times!

    I have NEVER had a disposal. In fact, I have a mesh strainer in my sink to serve as a 'don't go down there'.

    Best of luck with the Roto-Rooter people! May it be quick and cheap!

    Perhaps you simply need a new disposal?

  2. I am GLOATING Big Time...29 sec to go and the Giants have beat the Pats...I am a happy camper...almost euphoric.

    I would kill if my garbage disposal went on the fritz...spoiled that I am!!

  3. I want a disposer! We redid the kitchen last year, but I relented and got the countertop I really wanted instead of the disposall. I know, I know... but the countertops are sooooooo pretty! *sigh*

    I'm with you on the button-fob for cars. My car has it, but the minivan doesn't, and it annoys the crap out of me when I go to get groceries and have to put everything down so I can dig out the key and unlock the damn tailgate!

  4. I hope the disposal prob is solved today with maybe a new disposal. That would probably be cheaper than digging up stuff ;)

    Turned out, I had 1/2 of a potato down in my line. It fell thru with the peelings and I didn't see it. The little grinders hit it the wrong way and it shot on down before it got chopped up.

  5. Mr.Man and I purchased our own snake after one mishap with the plumbing. Our only bathroom is on the second floor of our home and we can't afford for things to get bunged up in it...LOL

    Maybe try snaking the drain and see if that helps?

  6. Best of luck with the Roto-Rooter. The disposer in this house was on the fritz when we moved in. Before long, a funky and foul stench started wafting from it and overtaking the kitchen. Turned out all ours needed was the tightening action, but I assume the first plumber tried that.