Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm a Slacker

And I didn't blog last night. I was on the phone for a while and when I finished my conversation, it was late and I was tired and all talked out.

Tomorrow, my Sissy will be TWO years old. I went to Kroger this evening (I was completely out of milk - gasp! My kids go thru it!), and I picked up a cute little cake.

I just finished wrapping her gifts from us and one from Buddy. I know she has no clue what's going on, but I'm excited for her!

Honestly, I can't believe that it's been two years already. My li'l groundhog was born at 39 weeks by scheduled c-section and weighed 7lbs, 5 oz. I first saw her when my OB shook her over the divider and said, "Hi, Mommy." He's such a hoot (my OB). She was, of course, mad as a wet hen and covered in assorted body fluids, but I thought she was the most beautiful baby girl in the world. A thought I still maintain to this day, but we all know mommies can be a little biased. LOL.

I also knew when I saw her that our family was complete. After the nurses did their evil job of poking her and weighing her, etc., they brought her to me while I was still in recovery and she latched on to the breasts, like a natural.

I don't think I put her down for more than 20 minutes total the whole 2 days I had to spend in the hospital.

I have never wanted to get home like I did by that second day. I missed my home and the Evil Twin and Buddy and my comfy bed.

The Evil Twin took three weeks of leave from work and doted on me the entire time. I had all meals brought to me, he did all the laundry and he got Buddy up and ready for school every day. He cleaned and shopped.

THAT was the greatest gift in the world! I had a much harder recovery from c-section #2, than I did from number 1. I remember looking longingly at the Tylox I had been prescribed and fighting the urge to take one. I was given a prescription for 25 pills. by the time I was fully recovered, there were 13 pills still left.

Don't worry, I took those over the next year for other aches and pains or just stress relief. I wasn't about to let them go bad! LOL.

It looks like I am heading into some interesting territory - a ten year old pre-pre-teen and a two year old with a temper and a determined personality!

If nothing else, it'll keep me young (or keep me crazy enough to not realize what's going on around me, which is good too. I like living in my own world - everyone's friendly there and they all know me!).


  1. Your story was a breath of fresh air and so sweet to read tonight.

  2. Wish her a Happy Birthday for me. It was nice chatting with you tonight, it's amazing the friends you can make online isn't it? Have a great day!

  3. Happy birthday, little girl! Stay little just a little longer, okay? Us mamas need that.

  4. Happy Birthday to Sissy and congratulations to Mama Evil Twin on getting an award from me. Go lookie.

  5. Happy Birthday to little Sissy! I can remember when my little girlies were all two years old....*sigh*
    It goes by so quickly!

  6. Hope Sissy had a Happy Happy! Face in the cake and all that fun! Sounds like Evil Twin is/was a super husband during that time. My hubby celebrated at the bar w/ his buddies...LOL. If it weren't for my twin sister I wouldn't have survived - she was a godsend!

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