Friday, July 29, 2011

TGIF. What a Week!

It's been a busy week here at Casa Evil Twin. Can you believe I haven't even had time to shop at the Mart this week?

In fact, I'm still working on my overall list. I did take the kids to GameStop (they had gift cards) and then made a quick trip into Target - where they DO have a small food area, so I was able to grab some "immediate needs" items.

Sissy has her dance recital this evening. I'll be working around the house all day and then getting her ready.

I hope I can squeeze in a little 20 minute siesta while the laundry is doing its' thang.

I know this is short and boring, but I haven't had time to check in for a coupla days. Figured I'd let you hooligans know I'm still alive, even if my nerves are fried. :-)

Happy FRIDAY, hooligans! And have a great weekend too! :-D


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Keep Waiting to Exhale

This has been a very busy year - and summer, in particular - for me. I guess when the kids are 8 years apart in age, I should expect to be pulled in a million directions.

I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I'd enjoy a small break here and there.

The Evil Twin really helped me out over the weekend. One morning, he took the oh-so-early-riser Sissy downstairs to watch a movie and I was able to sort through an amazing pile of paperwork that had been looming in my "office" area forever. By "office" area, I mean a metal mesh basket and a random pile of ??? that hangs out under the coffee table.

It's kind of the Island of Misfits, only it's wayward mail I haven't had a second to deal with during the week.

Most of it gets thrown in the round file. I am no hippie - not even remotely close - but I am still astounded by how much paper waste there is in catalogs, organizations soliciting donations (??), magazines, newspapers...whatever. When I need to know something, I get online and find the information or a phone number and there ya go.

Things - monetarily - are going from bad to worse. The Evil Twin and I will be chucking our Netflix membership at the end of August. Their new pricing policies just don't add up. Besides, we have more DVDs than most rental stores, so I doubt we'll get bored any time soon. Plus, we save money and paper waste.

Buddy is getting braces in a couple of weeks and we need to change our spending habits.

No big deal, really. We've tightened our belts before and lived to tell about it, so we can do it again! :-)I actually love a challenge like this.

I hope all my hooligans are having a good Tuesday and a great week so far! I'll catch ya tomorrow. :-)


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Much To Do....

I've got housework to do, and banking things to do, phone calls to make and laundry on top of all of that. Plus, I have a freelance editing job I REALLY need to wrap up. That's not all, folks - Sissy will be in her first dance recital next Friday.

The instructor wants the girls in black leotards and skirts, white tights. Hair up and we can get as glitzy as we'd like. (I hope I can talk Sissy into a fall and some serious make up - no one can see you from the stage if your make up isn't over the top!) Right now, Sissy wears all pink except for her shoes - the tap and ballet shoes are black.

Looks like another trip to the Mart for a new set of dance clothes. Luckily, at the Mart, it's relatively inexpensive.

I told myself I would never do this. Of course, when Buddy was not yet born, I also stated, "No child of mine will just be sitting around in only a diaper!"

Weeeeeeelllll, after he spit up on outfit #4 for the day, he wore a diaper and a receiving blanket for the rest of that day. Oh, how little we know before the little crotch parasites come around.

Then, you just learn to roll with whatever. Humor them, and move on.

Housework calls, so I'm outta here. Happy Thursday, hooligans. :-)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Am So Gross

For a few weeks, I kept having a problem with lint or fuzz or something landing around my one nostril. Always the left one.

I'd put my hand up and swipe back and forth to try to remove the offending debris.

I was thinking, "Cat hair?" Perhaps....But it kept happening. So, I was confused. Why do I always have a weird "fuzz bit" on my left nostril? I'm a little slow on the uptake, so after a few weeks, I decided it was time to investigate.

I located the stray bit and pulled on it. OUCH! It was then I realized that the "fuzz" was actually a flipping NOSE HAIR that was slowly creeping out of my nostril, much like Spanish Moss would do to a tree.

I have to imagine that it was white or clear (I was in bed and half asleep when this epiphany hit me), because how could I miss a long nose hair when I do my make-up every day in a magnifying mirror. I mean, I don't even miss a stray eyebrow.

Still, I wonder, "How many people saw my renegade nose hair and just let it go?" Ugh.

Getting old, my friends, is interesting to say the least.

And with that, I am off to shower world. After wards, I'll be sure to scrutinize every square inch of skin to locate - and eliminate - any wayward hairs. Honestly, if I were a scientist, I'd be working on the "Complete Body Hair Laser Removal Chamber". Step in, turn it on, and every hair below the neck is permanently no longer an issue! Imagine what you'd save in shaving apparatus (apparati?)I mean, I'm already so cheap, I use the Evil Twin's used blades on my razor. At over $10 for a 5 pack and he only uses them 3 times on his face, it makes sense for me to pick up the slack and wear those bastards out on my not so sensitive (as a face) body parts.

And, finally, speaking of shaving, I'd like to share a video I saw from Kenju:

Enjoy your Tuesday, hooligans. I have much work to do and next to no time to do it.

Time to mow the lawn!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Yes! New Ink

I know I'm a sucker for pain and punishment, so I went in Wednesday evening for my 5th tattoo. The Evil Twin designed this one for me, so it's extra special.

Hell, who am I kidding? They're all special. They all have a reason and meaning.

This picture was taken by our 5 year old daughter, so it's not the best quality - add in that this was taken the morning after I had it seared into my flesh and is not quite fully healed up yet, so what ya gonna do?

So, now you know my childrens' initials and birthdates. Please don't stalk me or them for that. The Evil Twin has fire arms and assorted other things to keep his family safe, so if I were a stalker, I'd cross this family off my list of stalkees. I'm just sayin'. Most people would prefer a case of the clap rather than having the Evil Twin go off on their ass.

Disclaimer finished.

The top line represents the January birthstone of Garnet. The second line represents the February birthstone of Amethyst. The lines in themselves represent the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The kids are 8 years apart, but only 2 weeks apart in birthdays, so they both fall under the Aquarian sign. There ya go.

Well, I need to hit up the Tar-zhay for a few items, so I'm outta this joint.

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, my li'l hooligans.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Evening of Ink

I dropped off my tattoo design to the artist on Monday and he set me an appointment for tonight at 6:30. I'm really looking forward to it!

This will be my fifth and most prominent work I'll have painfully and permanently scritched into my skin. I know I said it would be my last, but I'm having second thoughts. It may be....or not. I'll have to think on it.

The Evil Twin's poison ivy rash has spread over a good portion of his body (not the wiener, thank goodness). And the itching is driving him crazy. I did pick up the local pharmacists' "Bill's Poison Ivy Stuff" and he says it's a blessing.

However, since he wakes up several times a night to scratch and re-apply the cream, he has been sleeping in the guest room. It's much cooler downstairs and he can toss and turn as necessary without waking me up. But, until the poison ivy clears up, Sissy feels entitled to sleep in bed with me. She may be only 5, but she takes up either: A. Most of a queen size bed or B. Is using me as a mattress with her sweaty self.

I can't wait until the Evil Twin's poison ivy dealio goes away, so I can actually have a few inches of bed to sleep on. Even his cover stealing ways are better than having to hang on to the edge for dear life at night. That's what I get for buying both children full size (double) beds.

It is what it is. That's what I grew up with (and how I came to realize the more real estate one has on a bed is the best thing ever). So, now I'm raising another generation of little bed hogs.

Oh well, at least they like being around their Mommy. :-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans! I'll try to get a pic of my new tattoo up in the next day or so. I hope you all have a great day!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Me?

Probably not, but I'm back from "vacation". We didn't go anywhere. We just stayed home and tried to get some of the random household/yard stuff shored up. I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped, but ya know what? Even a vacation that doesn't have a destination deserves some extra down time.

The Evil Twin did quite a bit of yard work. And, he also got a nasty case of poison ivy. It's driving him bug freaking bananas. There is a local pharmacy where the main pharmacist has his own concoction of poison ivy remedy. I'll swing by there today to get some of that and maybe some calamine lotion, just for back up. One can never have too many remedies in the medicine cabinet, right?

Also, in Evil Twin news, he finally finished the design for my fifth tattoo. I'm thrilled with the final design and can't wait to get back in the chair for more pain and suffering. I'll take pics when it's permanently inked onto my flesh. LOL.(Hopefully soon!)

I have a million things I want to do today - most likely, I will not get to everything. I'm not exactly an early bird type person, know what I mean?

I hope all my hooligans rock this Monday like no one's business! :-)


Friday, July 1, 2011


Today marks the first day of vacation for the Evil Twin. He's off all next week as well. Should be good times. (NOT).

Of course, we're not going anywhere. No $$$ for traveling this summer, so the Evil Twin is doing some yard and house maintenance that we've put off too long. I'll be doing my usual routine.

Since this is the first day, we're taking it kinda easy. We still have all day for work and stuff.

In the meantime, I've been trying to unfollow some now defunct blogs on my Blogger Dashboard. I go and it seems pretty straight forward, I THINK I delete it, but there it is, still in my list. They won't go away! Any helpful tips? I guess I could research it later on, too.

For now, I need to get the day underway!

Happy Friday, hooligans!