Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Evening of Ink

I dropped off my tattoo design to the artist on Monday and he set me an appointment for tonight at 6:30. I'm really looking forward to it!

This will be my fifth and most prominent work I'll have painfully and permanently scritched into my skin. I know I said it would be my last, but I'm having second thoughts. It may be....or not. I'll have to think on it.

The Evil Twin's poison ivy rash has spread over a good portion of his body (not the wiener, thank goodness). And the itching is driving him crazy. I did pick up the local pharmacists' "Bill's Poison Ivy Stuff" and he says it's a blessing.

However, since he wakes up several times a night to scratch and re-apply the cream, he has been sleeping in the guest room. It's much cooler downstairs and he can toss and turn as necessary without waking me up. But, until the poison ivy clears up, Sissy feels entitled to sleep in bed with me. She may be only 5, but she takes up either: A. Most of a queen size bed or B. Is using me as a mattress with her sweaty self.

I can't wait until the Evil Twin's poison ivy dealio goes away, so I can actually have a few inches of bed to sleep on. Even his cover stealing ways are better than having to hang on to the edge for dear life at night. That's what I get for buying both children full size (double) beds.

It is what it is. That's what I grew up with (and how I came to realize the more real estate one has on a bed is the best thing ever). So, now I'm raising another generation of little bed hogs.

Oh well, at least they like being around their Mommy. :-)

Happy Wednesday, hooligans! I'll try to get a pic of my new tattoo up in the next day or so. I hope you all have a great day!



  1. How could people as small as a four/five year old take up so much room on a bed? My youngest does that too! That is why I make it a point to TRY and never let my kid sleep with me!

    Good luck on the tattoo!

  2. Not only kids but pets seem to be able to expand and cover the entire bed... it's one of those mysteries.

  3. My kids only sleep in twin beds but still manage to hog my whole queen size bed if they're in it with me. Drives me crazy!

  4. My youngest grandchild (now age 11) sleeps perpendicular to whomever is in the bed with her, and kicks that person in the belly all night long. Luckily, she doesn't share a bed at home, and never shares mine anymore.

    Sorry about the poison ivy and hope it clears up soon so you can have your guy (and bed) back.

  5. Used to have a tat with an ex's name on it. Wifey made me cover up ex's name.

    Now have a tat with my name and a heart.

    I clearly love myself....;-)

    It will be sorted this he said last year and for the last 25 will it will!!

    Let's see a piccie then!