Friday, August 31, 2007


Yes, that's me... the slacker. I have tried to keep up with this blog and everyone else's, too, and I haven't done a very good job at any of it.

I've been engrossed in a book - Middlesex, which I think I mentioned in my last blog. It is GREAT and highly recommended by yours truly. I won't give it away, but definitely check it out if you get a chance.

My boys are doing their Friday Night Freakshow and I am relaxing in our den - kind of half watching repeats of Spongebob Squarepants.

I really need to sort thru all my paper stuff. I keep piles of things that need my attention - bills, and other assorted items I'd like to look at more closely. I try to go thru my pile every few days and seeing as how it's the first of the month, I should pull out my first half of the month bills and get those ready to pay.

I ordered a new front door and screen door (the kind where the screen retracts into the top of the door!) and they're in and scheduled to be installed on Sept. 18th! I'm so excited. So, that's something to look forward to.

I tell ya, this getting back into the swing of things for the school schedule is kinda kicking my butt. I guess we were so busy all summer and now we're thrown right back into more chaos. I feel like I haven't had much down time this summer, kwim?

Monday is a holiday and Buddy's out of school and the Evil Twin is off from work that day, so we all have a long weekend. We have some friends coming over tomorrow and a few other things lined up, so it should be a nice weekend. I hope you all have a fun weekend as well and I promise to try to keep up with other blogs better than I have been!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just For Clarification...

The youtube vid I posted the other day, with the Miss Teen USA contestant, was something I saw on Glenn Beck that very night and thought it was hilarious. It's not that I'm making fun of her.... I can only imagine how nervous you have to be in front of a large audience and being given a question out of left field. The thing that struck me as the funniest part is that she originally blames the problem on a "lack of maps". Which strikes me as utterly hilarious.

I was a nervous Bert at my own wedding, being in front of all those people with all those eyes on me and I only had to answer a few easy questions and I knew what they were ahead of time, too. So, I feel for her. She had to have been super nervous!

On a different note: thanks to Lenny's suggestions and some internet research, I've managed to catch most of the fruit flies in my glass of death, I mean, glass of cider vinegar and dishwashing liquid.

I'm in the process of reading "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides and I must say, I am totally engrossed! It's not a difficult read, but it does require some concentration, as the narrator freely skips ahead and behind and up and down the family tree, so you need your wits about you to remember where he is in the story.

I also recently finished "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" which was also a good book. Strange, in a way, but interesting. I'm glad to be able to have more time to devote to my reading lately.

Anyway, I'm back to my book. I'll give more corset details in another post.... LOL.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Hate Fruit Flies

Sorry for those of you who read my MySpace blog, this is a rehash, but I am still being plagued by these tiny pests.

The Evil Twin and I have this long-running gag involving fruit flies. I don't know how it started, but it's been about 13 years ago and I said "Yuck, there are fruit flies all around that plant." and he said, "Those are gnats. Fruit flies are bigger." No, I told him, those are fruit flies.

Well, somehow the "argument" became so funny and all about how many times we could say "fruit flies" (cause let's face it, that's funny, I don't care who you are).

He went to Big Bear around my birthday that year and wanted to get me a cake that said, "Happy Birthday, Fruit Fly" and he and the cake lady got to talking about fruit flies. She confirmed MY take, in that they are small, like gnats, but are not gnats. I might have to do some online research regarding gnats and fruit flies because we didn't have internet service until about 12 years ago.

Do I have a purpose to this blog, you may be asking yourself at this point? Why, yes, yes, I do! That purpose being that Buddy has a trash can in his room. It has a little pop up lid on it. Apparently, he's been throwing apple cores and other half eaten snacks into it. ET hasn't changed it in a long while, so yesterday, Owen told me he opened his trash can lid and about 10 flies came out of it.

I said, Yuck! Like big flies? and he said, no - fruit flies. Ooookay! Grody. Now that he's let the plethora of nasty fruit flies out of his trash can, they have invaded the house. I think I'm going to leave a platter of wine out tonight, because they seem intently interested in committing hari-kari in my wine glass.

I refuse to drink dead, water (wine)-logged fruit flies. I'm not that hardcore. Sure, I've got three tats and 12 ear piercings and don't mind other forms of mortifying my body (can you say traditional English corset?), but I draw the line at eating bugs. I don't even like meat that much.

If you have any fruit fly riddance remedies, let me know. They must be environmentally safe because I can't spray or use anything poisonous or harmful to breathe around the bird. I truly think the shallow thing of wine will work out quite well. Hey, they'll die happy, at least.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yay for the Weekend!

Okay, so Buddy only had three days of school this week and they were early dismissal days. I think it's nice of them to kind of ease the kids back into the routine. Kinda messes with my schedule and Sissy's naps, but it was only for three days.

Now, I'm realizing how nice getting a schedule, a routine, back is going to be. Of course, it will probably be short lived. I remember my own school days and being excited and anxious for school to start, then really hating it about 2 weeks into it. LOL. I'll probably be cursing the very existance of school once the homework gets going.

Buddy likes to drag his feet on homework, so he's usually doing it when I'm trying to get dinner started and Sissy is hanging off one leg. Maybe I should try to draw up new homework rules this year. It's just now beginning, so I could totally get away with it. Yea.... that's the ticket. Make him start the homework after we get in from school - maybe let him have a snack and decompress a bit, then - whammo! - we can get it knocked out of the way early.

Not that I do his homework - no, not at all - but I do supervise and sometimes he has questions. I don't just give him the answer, I'll explain how the process to arrive at the answer works and perhaps give an example using different things. Then, I let him figure it out by himself. I also like to look it over before it goes back in his folder, so I can point out glaring mistakes. Things like, "You misspelled friends. Go look it up." I'm trying to get him into the dictionary-is-my-friend line of thinking.

I was taught to read phonetically,which I think helped me immensely with my spelling as well. Since you do learn to sound out the words, you know what certain letters CAN sound like and if you miss on your first look, you can take another stab at how it might be spelled and look that up. It's always worked for me. And, there's always the old "I before E, except after C, or in sounds like an A, such as neighbor and weigh."

My boys are doing their Friday Night Freakshow, so I am off to surf the webs and answer some email. I'm doing some research because I'm trying to decide on a gift for my sister for her birthday coming up in September. Fun, fun!!!! :-) She is going to be soooo surprised!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day Two of School....

Well, this morning was decidedly more difficult than yesterday (the first day). I think there is so much excitement about the first day -- all the adrenalin, etc. Then, this morning, it was very hard to get motivated. Ugh. I hate mornings.

Surprisingly, I am looking forward to next week. It will be full days - so far, these first days are partial days when Buddy gets out at 12:45, so that doesn't leave me a whole lot of time to get much done. The baby needs a nap and lunch and by then, it's almost time for pick up, so why bother.

Plus, it was quite nearly hotter than Hades here today. I had sweat just pouring off my face and neck after spending about 10 minutes out front waiting for my afternoon riders (I pick up Buddy, another boy and a girl).

Anyway, Buddy said today was better than yesterday. He is thrilled that the next 3 lunches in line are things he loves - and this comes from my 55 inch tall, 63 lb. child who eats more "snacks" than anyone in the world and still maintains his slight frame (guess that acorn didn't fall far from the tree).

Also, I THINK I have finally finished the school supply list! They apparently needed a small spiral bound notebook, which was NOT on MY list, but Buddy claims *everyone* had one, but him. I have gone over that list about 30 times and never saw "spiral bound notebook" listed at all. Oh well... He is hooked up now and with luck, we won't need to purchase more supplies before next term. (sarcastic tone needs to be imagined in the readers' head).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A New Found Super Power

I've recently discovered that I possess a super power. I am the Invisible Girl. My children don't hear my voice, either. Apparently, it's just above or below their register to hear. My husband also has a hard time hearing my voice, so not only am I invisible, I'm almost a ghost.

No one "sees" me doing tasks around the house, no one notices when chores have been completed, but buddy, let me tell you, I am called on the carpet when things are not done.

I'm like a pesky gnat zipping and zooming among the chaos, picking up baby toys and loading the dishwasher.

So small, so insignificant.

Of the seven items on my "To Do" list this evening, I've accomplished precisely 2 of them. Buddy's backpack is packed and ready for tomorrow morning and I cleaned out my purse (major disaster area!).

This one is going to be short because I still have laundry, dishes, and a few other smaller tasks that really need attention this evening.

I am hoping that with school starting, I will have more time during the day to devote to my regularly scheduled activities and more time to get organized. Fingers crossed!

Monday, August 20, 2007

School Daze

Buddy's school supply list was an entire 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. There are a few items I still don't have and so far, we're up to three WalMart bags of junk. I guess I'm going to have to drop those off at the school myself, since I don't believe he'll be able to carry all that plus his back pack and lunch box.

On top of the full page list, I have to send $12 for additional "supplies". Good grief! One item is "plastic or metal lunch box with handles for art supplies or small tackle box". I've been looking and haven't found anything I think is "just right". Buddy chose a new lunch box today which is a fancy, more modern and mature lunch "carrier" than the silly character ones of years past.

Another item is "2 computer discs". Well, well. Does she want the 3.5 discs? Or will CD-ROMS be the ticket? Truth be told, I might be able to scrounge up ONE 3.5 disc and I'll be lucky to find that one. We don't use them in our house anymore and my laptop (nor the Evil Twin's new computer) have drives for that sort of antiquated nonsense.

This is the school that upgraded to a "state of the art" computer lab only 2 years ago. The computers in that lab are SUPERB, so I'm wondering about the "discs" business.

I guess I need to haul out my three WalMart bags of things and double check against the list from Hell. I haven't been in school myself since 1991. It's harder now than when I was in the fray, doing it myself!!!! Arrrgghhh.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Ladies' Room

A friend emailed me this last week and I really got a kick out of it. I know I've seen it before, but it's still funny - and true!


When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place.

Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall.

You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter, the wait has been so long you are about to wet your pants! The dispenser for the modern "seat covers" (invented by someone's Mom, no doubt) is handy, but empty.

You would hang your purse on the door hook, if there was one, but there isn't - so you carefully, but quickly drape it around your neck - as Mom would turn over in her grave if you put it on the FLOOR - yank down your pants, and assume "The Stance." In this position your aging, toneless thigh muscles begin to shake. You'd love to sit down, but you certainly hadn't taken time to wipe the seat or lay toilet paper on it, so you hold "The Stance."

To take your mind off your trembling thighs, you reach for what you discover to be the empty toilet paper dispenser. In your mind, you can hear your mother's voice saying, "Honey, if you had tried to clean the seat, you would have KNOWN there was no toilet paper!" Your thighs shake more.

You remember the tiny tissue that you blew your nose on yesterday - the one that's still in your purse. Oh yeah, the purse around your neck, that now, you have to hold up trying not to strangle yourself at the same time. That would have to do. You crumple it in the puffiest way possible. It's still smaller than your thumbnail.

Someone pushes your door open because the latch doesn't work. The door hits your purse, which is hanging around your neck in front of your chest, and you and your purse topple backward against the tank of the toilet. "Occupied!" you scream, as you reach for the door, dropping your precious, tiny, crumpled tissue in a puddle on the floor, lose your footing altogether, and slide down directly onto the TOILET SEAT. It is wet of course.

You bolt up, knowing all too well that it's too late. Your bare bottom has made contact with every imaginable germ and life form on the uncovered seat because YOU never laid down toilet paper - not that there was any - even if you had taken time to try. You know that your mother would be utterly appalled if she knew, because, you're certain her bare bottom never touched a public toilet seat because, frankly, dear,
"You just don't KNOW what kind of diseases you could get."

By this time, the automatic sensor on the back of the toilet is so confused that it flushes, propelling a stream of water like a fire hose against the inside of the bowl that sprays a fine mist of water that covers your butt and runs down your legs and into your shoes. The flush somehow sucks everything down with such force that you grab onto the empty toilet paper dispenser for fear of being dragged in too. At this point you give up.

You're soaked by the spewing water and the wet toilet seat. You're exhausted. You try to wipe with a gum wrapper you found in your pocket and then slink out inconspicuously to the sinks.

You can't figure out how to operate the faucets with the automatic sensors, so you wipe your hands with spit and a dry paper towel and walk past the line of women, still waiting. You are no longer able to smile politely to them.

A kind soul at the very end of the line points out a piece of toilet paper trailing from your shoe. (Where was that when you NEEDED it??)

You yank the paper from your shoe, plunk it in the woman's hand and tell her warmly, "Here, you just might need this."

As you exit, you spot your hubby, who has long since entered, used and left the men's restroom. Annoyed, he asks, "What took you so long, and why is your purse hanging around your neck?" This is dedicated to women everywhere who deal with public restrooms (rest??? you've got to be kidding!!).

It finally explains to the men what really does take us so long. It also answers their other commonly asked questions about why women go to the restroom in pairs. It's so the other gal can hold the door, hang onto your purse and hand you Kleenex under the door!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stormy Night

We're having some major storms here this evening. Guess I get to listen to the rain tonight. Excellent!

I've spent the last two days just trying to chill and get the most out of the remainder of the summer vacation. Buddy starts school on Wednesday. I love that his school starts out the year with the first few days being half days (or dismissal at 12:45 instead of 2:40). It kind of eases the kids into the whole experience.

The baby has her 18 month appointment with the pediatrician on Tuesday, then school on Wednesday... should be an interesting week. We also have an end of summer pool party on Monday evening, which should be great fun.

Anyone else winding down their summer? Ready for back to school or already in school?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No More Bugging

The windows look great and I'm very happy with them. The guys were here around 8:30 am and finished by around 3 ish. Wow!

I'm hoping we see the same results in energy savings as Mrs. Rosemary (from her attic and all... look at my blogroll, peeps. I'm terrible at links). If we do, we will more than recoup the cost of these windows in no time. Our house is O.L.D., so we have forced air gas for heat and central air conditioning. The central AC is nice, I'm not so fond of the gas heat. At one point, it had a gas stove and gas clothes dryer. The former owners installed an electric stove at some point, but still used a gas dryer, so we had to have that converted when we moved in. No biggie, just needed some new hook-ups and a place in the box o' whatever it's called (that thing with the switches for on/off electric stuff. What is that thing called???). Fuse box? Whatever.

Anywho, as anyone with gas heat knows, it's getting DAMN expensive! Our gas bill in the winter could motivate me to convert to electric heat. I've never had gas heat and I just don't get it. Why can't life be all electric? Doesn't that seem safer and more efficient?

I whine, because I can and because it's late and I had to wait on my pics from the Evil Twin. Our front door clearly advertised our street number and that needed a professionals' photoshop techniques.

So, without further ado, I give you before and after.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What is Bugging Me

For a few days, I've felt off kilter. I go around feeling all queasy in my stomach and I just couldn't figure it out.

It finally hit me today. We're getting new windows tomorrow and I'm really worried about it. I worry that they'll mess up the job and I won't be happy with it. But, this is a highly reputable company. I've gotten several word of mouth recommendations for them from people I trust.

But, my worry doesn't stop at just the installation, I worry if I'm making the right decision, money-wise. It's an expensive proposition and I just hate, hate, hate spending money. I probably wouldn't be so anxious about it if it had been priced around my "guesstimate", but it was a bit higher. However, we are going with the Low E and Argon Gas (?) windows AND we have aluminum frames that are 50 years old and supposedly, a real bitch to get out. We'll get a tax credit or something other for the Low E glass - and we've been promised a noticeable difference in utility bills even the first month.

I must admit that it will be nice to sit on my loveseat in front of the large bay window in the winter and not feel cold air blowing on me. LOL. The Evil Twin says it will really upgrade the look of the house AND it's the double hung windows that open inward for easy cleaning. You knlow if it has something to do with "cleaner" or "easier to clean", ET is all about that. When he says, "They'll be so clean all the time." that's just code for "I expect those windows to shine like the Chrysler Building at all times, and you're responsible." I don't like the ominous feel of that, not one tiny little bit.

Well, I went out and took a pic of the front of the house. So, before and after pics will materialize in a day or two. They assure me this will be a quick process. Most likely one day, perhaps a few hours into the next. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This weekend just flew on by, even though we really didn't do much. It was fairly dull. I did go to a baby shower today, which was fun - hey, I got out of the house - by myself - for a few hours and got to eat some tasty foods. And chat with friends. And look at really cute baby things.

Aside from that, it was a really uneventful weekend. Yesterday, the Evil Twin spent the majority of the day in the basement, getting it back into order. We had furniture crammed in every little space downstairs that wasn't getting carpeting. We have a lot of stuff. Too much stuff, in fact. How does that happen?

Our coffee pot, which works overtime, is on the blink. The ET likes this one Cuisinart model and I saw it at Kohl's in a sales circular. The sale starts Wednesday and I also have a 20% off coupon, so I'll probably run up there at some point this week and get that and get new sheets for the work in progress Guest Bedroom bed.

So, I haven't updated in a while because my life is just too boring to gleen fodder for blogging (how's that for some archaic words? Except blogging, of course. It's newfangled). Ha! I kill me.

With any luck, something really stupendously wonderful and interesting will happen to me tomorrow, as I browse for my weekly groceries at the WalMart. Until then, I am still your humble Evil Twin's Wife.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

An Old Picture

This was the basement carpet we had before... an ugly, at least 2 inch orange shag. That smelled funny and had stains on it, too. Yuck.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Okay, Okay! Pics

For Tiff and anyone else interested. I have posted a few in the past, so you'd have to scroll thru my older blogs if you missed them.

Let's see what I've got here:

This is the basement "den" leading into the "office" bedroom. (above). And the other side of the den below.

Above - is the half bath which was not "complete" until that damn-ed recessed toilet paper holder came in. It took *forever* to get that thing! This photo does not show the very pretty medicine chest or polished chrome light bar over said medicine chest. (Waah).

Now, I know I've already shown pics of my den (what you Northerners call "TV room" or "Living Room"). It's just the room we use to watch TV in, y'all and hang out. Cept I don't like TV, not even the big ass TV. That's the Evil Twin's little baby. I just love my den with it's red chairs and my shiny laptop.

Before too long, we will have a new front door. It will also be red. I had to re-order it from Lowe's so who knows how much longer I will have to wait.

Okay, there's your little trip inside ETW house hold upgrades over the summer - at least a few things. Hope you enjoyed the tour, now run along! I've got house work to do!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ever Have One of Those Days

When nothing particularly exciting goes on and the weather isn't all that pleasant either, but you just feel GREAT? The kids only get on your nerves minimally and life seems full and rich?

That was how I feel today. Don't know why, but I'm definitely not going to knock it. Maybe my crazy pills are working better these days. Who knows? I'll take it.

The Evil Twin went out to pick up some grocery items earlier and came back with Chinese food. It was particularly good and everyone ate like pigs. I had two helpings of my Pepper Steak and rice and there is enough still left over for two more good sized meals. I think I may revisit it later this evening and then polish it off for lunch tomorrow.

The Evil Twin also finished the painting and it really looks nice. He had to cover more area than I realized, and I can't believe he did it all in only a day and a half. It will look really excellent once the new carpet is down.

I ordered ET a new computer today. An HP, which is the same as my laptop. His current desk top is a Dell, which we've been very happy with and it's still in good enough shape to give to Buddy. Of course, I'll have to get my former Geeksquad guy to pop by and help us with some set up. He's the greatest.

While I still have all my good energy, I'm going to finish up my evening chores. This weekend has flown by. I can't believe it's Monday already again tomorrow!!! Sheesh. I see a trip to Walmart in my future. LOL.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

We're In The Homestretch!

The Evil Twin has worked tirelessly all day and the walls are all double primered. One room actually has one coat of the paint du jour.

He was actually able to purchase many other items we needed at Home Depot. So, by the end of this week, the downstairs will be a done deal.

I don't know if I've mentioned that we're making one room (the prior toy room) into our new Guest Bedroom or not, but we are. I think we're going to re-plant our old queen mattress and boxsprings in that room and buy a new set for ourselves. Trust me, our bed is still very comfy even though we've owned it for 15 years. It's kind of sad to give it up, really.

In the melee, we've acquired two flies into the house. I think I might lose my mind. I loathe flies like you wouldn't believe. I'm going to have to track their hairy bodies down and kill them both before I can rest easy this evening.

By the time we are finished with all this mess, we'll have a new house! Stop by and visit us if you're in our town! :-)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

As God Is My Witness....

I will never have wallpaper in my house ever again. As much as I really, really liked the nice folks we bought the house from, if I ran into either of them today, I might take a notion to strangle them. (just kidding, of course). But, they sure did love the wallpaper.

I've never hung wallpaper, but don't you suppose that's a more difficult task than, say, painting? What's wrong with painting, people?!?!

The Evil Twin and I have quite a task ahead as we desperately strip wallpaper in the basement. Then, we need to get all those surfaces painted before August 7th, which is when our new carpet is being installed.

On one particularly fun wall, the paper was adhered to just the bare (unprepped) drywall. It's going to take some sanding and patching to make that bitch look halfway decent. Perhaps we will go with the sponge technique on that one to try to minimize flaws. Sheesh.

Well, I must get back to work. I left the Evil Twin by himself while I came upstairs to grab a couple of quick sips of vino and to cool off for a bit. Time to get to it and pull my weight.