Friday, August 24, 2007

Yay for the Weekend!

Okay, so Buddy only had three days of school this week and they were early dismissal days. I think it's nice of them to kind of ease the kids back into the routine. Kinda messes with my schedule and Sissy's naps, but it was only for three days.

Now, I'm realizing how nice getting a schedule, a routine, back is going to be. Of course, it will probably be short lived. I remember my own school days and being excited and anxious for school to start, then really hating it about 2 weeks into it. LOL. I'll probably be cursing the very existance of school once the homework gets going.

Buddy likes to drag his feet on homework, so he's usually doing it when I'm trying to get dinner started and Sissy is hanging off one leg. Maybe I should try to draw up new homework rules this year. It's just now beginning, so I could totally get away with it. Yea.... that's the ticket. Make him start the homework after we get in from school - maybe let him have a snack and decompress a bit, then - whammo! - we can get it knocked out of the way early.

Not that I do his homework - no, not at all - but I do supervise and sometimes he has questions. I don't just give him the answer, I'll explain how the process to arrive at the answer works and perhaps give an example using different things. Then, I let him figure it out by himself. I also like to look it over before it goes back in his folder, so I can point out glaring mistakes. Things like, "You misspelled friends. Go look it up." I'm trying to get him into the dictionary-is-my-friend line of thinking.

I was taught to read phonetically,which I think helped me immensely with my spelling as well. Since you do learn to sound out the words, you know what certain letters CAN sound like and if you miss on your first look, you can take another stab at how it might be spelled and look that up. It's always worked for me. And, there's always the old "I before E, except after C, or in sounds like an A, such as neighbor and weigh."

My boys are doing their Friday Night Freakshow, so I am off to surf the webs and answer some email. I'm doing some research because I'm trying to decide on a gift for my sister for her birthday coming up in September. Fun, fun!!!! :-) She is going to be soooo surprised!


  1. Our daughter gets home at 3 and we make her start her homework at 4. On the weekends, it must be done on Saturday, when on Saturday is her choice.

    Seems to work pretty well.

    I used to work with a guy who would constantly do the i before e thing, because people were always spelling his name wrong.

  2. My co-worker has an odd last name, and has been known to correct people by yelling "I before E except after Z!"

    Nooze starts school on Monday. FIRST GRADE. Where has the time gone?!

  3. There is a reason we have children when we do because if I had to deal with this at my age, I'd really go crazy.