Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No More Bugging

The windows look great and I'm very happy with them. The guys were here around 8:30 am and finished by around 3 ish. Wow!

I'm hoping we see the same results in energy savings as Mrs. Rosemary (from her attic and all... look at my blogroll, peeps. I'm terrible at links). If we do, we will more than recoup the cost of these windows in no time. Our house is O.L.D., so we have forced air gas for heat and central air conditioning. The central AC is nice, I'm not so fond of the gas heat. At one point, it had a gas stove and gas clothes dryer. The former owners installed an electric stove at some point, but still used a gas dryer, so we had to have that converted when we moved in. No biggie, just needed some new hook-ups and a place in the box o' whatever it's called (that thing with the switches for on/off electric stuff. What is that thing called???). Fuse box? Whatever.

Anywho, as anyone with gas heat knows, it's getting DAMN expensive! Our gas bill in the winter could motivate me to convert to electric heat. I've never had gas heat and I just don't get it. Why can't life be all electric? Doesn't that seem safer and more efficient?

I whine, because I can and because it's late and I had to wait on my pics from the Evil Twin. Our front door clearly advertised our street number and that needed a professionals' photoshop techniques.

So, without further ado, I give you before and after.


  1. The only difference I can see is the horizontal cross section instead of vertical, but I am sure they will work better and the look very nice!

  2. That's a nice facelift, and an even better forecast for your heating bills. Neat!

  3. WHOOT! New windows! They look great! I for one will be thrilled to be able to open a window in my house without the fear they will fall apart. I can't wait!!

  4. We have propane for heat and electric....before the windows in the winter we had to pre buy our propane....2500 bucks....now under 2000 and the prices are high. Electric was 250+ now in the 170's. I looked the charges up today. Either way to heat is OK with me...we have electric water heaters, gas heat, electric heat, cook with electric and electric air. I prefer gas cooking but that is just because I am STILL not used to electric. The house looks really good. It looks more balanced.

  5. I love the changes!

    Now, to reverse the 'cost anxiety', begin a log of ways you have SAVED money as a result.

    I KNOW that you pay careful attention to all costs and bills. Why not track 'before new windows' and 'after new windows'?

    You need to see for yourself that this was a worthwhile investment. It's more than just a tax deduction...

    Congratulations all around!