Monday, August 13, 2007

What is Bugging Me

For a few days, I've felt off kilter. I go around feeling all queasy in my stomach and I just couldn't figure it out.

It finally hit me today. We're getting new windows tomorrow and I'm really worried about it. I worry that they'll mess up the job and I won't be happy with it. But, this is a highly reputable company. I've gotten several word of mouth recommendations for them from people I trust.

But, my worry doesn't stop at just the installation, I worry if I'm making the right decision, money-wise. It's an expensive proposition and I just hate, hate, hate spending money. I probably wouldn't be so anxious about it if it had been priced around my "guesstimate", but it was a bit higher. However, we are going with the Low E and Argon Gas (?) windows AND we have aluminum frames that are 50 years old and supposedly, a real bitch to get out. We'll get a tax credit or something other for the Low E glass - and we've been promised a noticeable difference in utility bills even the first month.

I must admit that it will be nice to sit on my loveseat in front of the large bay window in the winter and not feel cold air blowing on me. LOL. The Evil Twin says it will really upgrade the look of the house AND it's the double hung windows that open inward for easy cleaning. You knlow if it has something to do with "cleaner" or "easier to clean", ET is all about that. When he says, "They'll be so clean all the time." that's just code for "I expect those windows to shine like the Chrysler Building at all times, and you're responsible." I don't like the ominous feel of that, not one tiny little bit.

Well, I went out and took a pic of the front of the house. So, before and after pics will materialize in a day or two. They assure me this will be a quick process. Most likely one day, perhaps a few hours into the next. I'll keep you posted.


  1. When we did the addition to the house (1800 sq. ft) we installed your windows and replaced all but three very small ones in the old part of the house. We have 3600 sq feet we heat in the winter and our bills went down almost 50 bucks a month. So in the end they will be well worth the cost.

  2. We want before and after pics!

  3. We replaced several windows, ourselves in fact. We too had the old aluminum storm windows and they came out just fine...smooth as silk.
    Don't worry. I'm sure it will all be ok and they'll look great!