Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Okay, Okay! Pics

For Tiff and anyone else interested. I have posted a few in the past, so you'd have to scroll thru my older blogs if you missed them.

Let's see what I've got here:

This is the basement "den" leading into the "office" bedroom. (above). And the other side of the den below.

Above - is the half bath which was not "complete" until that damn-ed recessed toilet paper holder came in. It took *forever* to get that thing! This photo does not show the very pretty medicine chest or polished chrome light bar over said medicine chest. (Waah).

Now, I know I've already shown pics of my den (what you Northerners call "TV room" or "Living Room"). It's just the room we use to watch TV in, y'all and hang out. Cept I don't like TV, not even the big ass TV. That's the Evil Twin's little baby. I just love my den with it's red chairs and my shiny laptop.

Before too long, we will have a new front door. It will also be red. I had to re-order it from Lowe's so who knows how much longer I will have to wait.

Okay, there's your little trip inside ETW house hold upgrades over the summer - at least a few things. Hope you enjoyed the tour, now run along! I've got house work to do!


  1. I'm still so there. I think we could swap spouses and not miss a beat!

  2. BK - weren't you going to come swap with ME first? :>

    ETW - THANK YOU!!! The new floor is ever so much better than the old rug.

  3. Excellent!

    When you're finished, please come to my house.

    I'll have a list waiting...