Monday, October 28, 2013

It Burns! It Burns!

My candle, that is... burning from both ends these days and I'll tell you what else is burning (out) and that's ME. 

For months, I have been the sole caretaker and caregiver of the family....the kids and the Evil Twin. 

So, what happens when the caretaker needs some care? She's up shit creek without a paddle, hooligans. That's what. 

The Evil Twin and I are switching to a new Primary Care Physician and I had my appointment with her last week. His appointment is today. 

Anyway, we discussed many many issues and we both agreed that it would probably really benefit me to go back on a medication I had taken in the past, but weened off it when I was feeling better. But, the stress has returned and is larger than any I've experienced.

However, this medication takes a while to work into the system. I remember last time I was on it, it messed with my stomach a bit at first and added to my exhaustion. At first. 

So, when I didn't sleep well on Saturday night and woke up Sunday with a headache, stomachache and out of control anxiety, I thought of the new med immediately. It's okay, I know it will get better, it's just riding it out the first week or so that is the suck. 

Feeling like crap on a cracker, I decided to make Sunday my "do nothing" day. I haven't had one in so long, it felt strange. 

I just grabbed a fuzzy blanket and hit the couch, where I snoozed off and on until Sissy woke up, then it was time for me to wake up the Evil Twin for his "breakfast". After I got those 2 situated, I hit the couch again. More snoozing, more "no doing"....I did play a few games of Candy Crush and when I got tired of that, I took another nap. 

I didn't dwell on anything troubling on my mind....I only briefly reflected on my upcoming weeks' worth of activities (I'm a planner, yo). But, mostly, I just relaxed. 

Because my stomach was feeling hinky, I didn't even have breakfast. I did have one cup of coffee and then ate eight Milk Duds (the Halloween boxes typically hold four duds each and I helped myself to 2 boxes). 

The rest of the day, I enjoyed my ice water, checked facebook a little, read a few articles online, played some more Candy Crush.

I'm starting to think it's not just the new meds. I think it might be some sort of stomach bug because I'm still feeling like garbage. 

So, enjoy your Monday, hooligans. I'll be on the couch if you need me (but try to not need me, okay?). 


Friday, October 25, 2013

Wrastlin' a Bear

Well, almost....

I guess I should start by letting my hooligans know that we adopted a puppy back in February 2013. She's a Chihuahua-mix, who I found online. She was at a no kill shelter near Cincinnati, OH....I drove three hours there and three hours home for this little sweetie-kins.

We named her Pip, like the small, white dots on a Domino.

The shelter said she was about 11-12 weeks old when I adopted her, so to the best of my deductive reasoning skills, she was born most likely in mid to late November, which would mean she is coming up on her one year birthday. 

She likes to lounge.

This morning, like every morning, I put her on her tie out right outside our backdoor for her to "do her numbers" and so I can pop back inside and fill her bowl of food and water and do the same for the cat. 

We have an interesting set up.
So, she starts barking. She almost never barks, so I'm thinking there's a deer or some other rodent out there she can see. I let her back in and shut the door. But, she goes back to the door and continues to bark. 

Finally, I look out and see the neighbor's large Golden Retriever standing there, just wagging his tail and looking like his goofy self. 

Buddy is about the same age as Pip, but Pip is "snack sized". Buddy is up to my hip when he's not jumping up on me and he outweighs me by easily 30 or 40 pounds. 

This is not the size animal I am used to dealing with here, but I knew his dad would be worried sick about him going missing, so I grabbed his collar and we kind of both half dragged each other down our driveway and into the next door neighbor's driveway. 

I could see my neighbor in his kitchen window, so I just started waving my arms like a lunatic. We were close enough to the front he could see who I was and he came out. He said he had stood outside and hollared for Buddy until he just got so cold, he popped back into his house to get some coffee and then get ready to go out searching again. 

Luckily, Buddy only made it to our backyard and not the very busy street just below us. That dog nearly killed me as I tried to contain him somewhat and keep him from jumping up on me (he just wanted to play...he's a total sweetheart, just a VERY LARGE sweetheart). 

I got back home so I could get my own coffee and wake up the kids for school, but first, I had to change clothes. I was filthy and sweaty. Pip had taken a dump in the hallway. 

I had a great morning, hooligans. How 'bout YOU? Enjoy your Friday. I think I'm going for a nap. 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear Miss Manners

I have a weird and uncomfortable etiquette question and I need answers, kittens!

When the Evil Twin got sick, he was very concerned about the medical bills. 

I told him, "You focus on getting better. Let me worry about the bills when the time comes."

And lo, after a few weeks, the bills started coming. And coming. And, I had said I would take care of things, but frankly, I was starting to sweat it a  bit.

You all know ETW, cheap as the day is long! I don't even like to part with a nickel...even if it's someone else's nickel, I want to hang on to it! LOL.

All through his treatment and illness, friends and family alike would ask over and over again, "Is there anything we can do?"

Well, the day to day operations around here were pretty cut and dry. I could handle that stuff. Buddy took over taking out the trash, other things just kind of got put on the back burner for a bit, but day to day, we did all right. 

Even though we do have insurance, our copays and deductibles were outrageous and as we got further and further behind, I decided to ask for help. 

So many people had asked "what can I do?", I figured this would be one thing they could do to help, if they were in a position to do so. So, I set up a crowdfunding site just to raise money for his medical bills. The response has been pretty positive and we've received many generous and heartfelt donations, and we are extremely blessed! 

Just to be able to give these creditors $15 or $20 a month keeps them off my back for a bit and eventually, our goal is to - of course - take care of it all. A good portion of money has been our own and then, we've been blessed with the donations, so we've kept afloat a bit on the medical bills. 

This is my dilemma: Early on when I first "debuted" the crowdfunding thing, I received an email from an old friend of mine who wanted our mailing address. This person said, "Watch your mail for a check from us." 

So, I did. But, no check ever arrived. 

The Evil Twin has been sending out Thank You notes as he is up to it and for those who made donations outside of our "funding" venture (like sent personal checks, etc.), he sends out handwritten notes. On the funding site, it offers a way to thank those people directly by email, so depending on the situation is how he handles the Thank Yous. 

I don't expect anyone to send us anything at all. I just threw it out there as a "hey, some folks wanted ideas for helping, this would be awesome if you could help this way." type thing. No expectations at all. 

However, here's this one situation. I don't want this person to feel awkward if they changed their minds and couldn't send anything by mail. BUT, do I let them know I didn't receive anything, in case it got lost? My other issue is that even if it is lost, I don't expect them to replace it, but in my opinion, a Thank You note would still be in order. 

That would be the polite thing to do. I think it's rude if I/we send no Thank You and they did send something, but we just never got it. Then, they might be sitting at home, thinking "Those ungrateful assholes! Not even a Thank You postcard or email!" 

See what I'm saying? I feel like a jerk if I say something and I feel like a jerk if I do nothing. Sooo, hooligans, what DO I do? What would you do? I really need help on this one. 

Oh! And have a lovely Wednesday! 



The Evil Twin needed to have his car inspected and there were a couple of other things he asked this place to look at, minor repairs, and call with an estimate. 

Well, when they called, it wasn't with an estimate on the minor repairs, it was with what needed to be done before the car could pass inspection. It is way, way more than we had anticipated or planned for. 

Now, you may be thinking "Oh, they're just ripping you off for the inspection." But, no, we've been to this place several times for inspections and other repair work and they've always been friendly and upfront and neither vehicle has ever needed anything for an inspection sticker, other than the inspection. 

Both vehicles are 2003 models, so 10 years on the road and both having very little maintenance necessary, it stands to reason that something is going to need shaping up along the way. 

We were told they'd have to put a "failed" sticker on it, which means the car would be parked (illegal to drive) until the repairs were made. 

While we were there dropping it off, I noticed a brochure for XXX financing....I almost picked one up, but figured we'd be ok. Minor stuff, right?

Well, I asked the Evil Twin to ask the guy about their financing when we got the really bad call and he explained the situation. 

However, our credit is terrible. With all of the Evil Twin's medical bills, we've gotten behind in our mortgage payments a little and I'm just trying to play "catch up" every month. We rely solely on the Evil Twin's income. Even though I do have MS, I do NOT receive disability. So, we're pretty screwed right now on the cash situation. 

Back to our dilemma...We thought and thought. Finally, on a very outside chance, I decided to see if they offered financing online at this particular place. They did. 

So, I filled out the form and felt like, "Well, it can't hurt at this point, although it may not help, either." 

We were at the ends of our ropes. 

Less than a minute later, the screen popped up saying we'd been approved. For just right over the amount we needed...even though it had not asked for a figure, in fact, there wasn't a place to request any certain credit line. It was just BOOM! Exactly what we needed. 

Now, this is not free money, but it's going to get his car back on the road and it may not always be easy to make the payments, but I have a feeling it will work out okay. 

After all, I believe God was speaking to us at that moment, saying "You asked for help. This is the best I can do right now." 

I printed out the paper and showed it to the Evil Twin. I said, "That right there is God talking." And he asked me, "You think so?" and I said, "I know so." 

We've never expected hand-outs or freebies. 

As always, the Evil Twin's Wife has a plan: we'll cut back on things even moreso than we've been doing. We'll sell things on eBay. We'll finally take those aluminum cans to the recycling center and even though we'll feel like hobos doing it, we'll get the money and pay what we owe. It's not ideal, it's still a craptastic situation, but we'll slog through it just like everything else we have in life so far.  

Life is not about "ideal" or "fair"'s about how well we play the hand we're dealt. Sometimes, when we least expect it, we do get some help in the form of a divine sign. 

And that is my story of how God works in my life. Maybe you aren't a believer and I don't expect you to be or even NEED you to be. If you are: great! If you aren't: that's cool too, just be a good person. Easy as that, right? 

And keep putting out the good vibes. It might not help, but it sure as shit won't hurt, either. 

Have a great Tuesday, hooligans. I'm off to work on my plans. 


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Long time readers will remember my fondness for trips to the Mart. The Mart of Wal. 

I used to go once a week, typically on Tuesdays, but then the bridge connecting our little burg to the next was demolished. It was about the age of Moses and needed repairs, but it was the quickest way to get over the river for me to visit my store o' choice. 

Sure, there are other Marts. Even other Marts of Wal for my shopping endeavors, but I always wanted to go to that ONE. 

Yesterday, I decided to go the long route and get to that one anyway. I had a very special coupon - I heard that the Mart had that particular item for super cheap and I had 2, count 'em, TWO $3 off coupons. I've looked for this item at other stores and have not seen it, so I thought, "Well, self, you heard the Mart had this item. You have the coupons AND your son needs socks and shit, so one stop shopping it is!" 

Not so fast, Kemosabe. 

That place was a nightmare. 

There were ZERO JennieO turkey breasts (my coupons!) and most everything else was out of stock, overpriced or the selection was just pitiful. I like CHOICES, kittens. 

When I go to a store and there's one of something, I get Hulk type angry. I might buy it if I'm super desperate and the price is right, but I like to see a variety of examples of crap I'm looking for before I select something. 

That's a slap in the face to me. It's like the store saying, "Here, you have to buy this one!" 

Nosiree. This is America. I like to have a choice on things. KWIM? 

My shopping trip was pretty sad. 

One of my goals was to find a few items I could put in layaway for Christmas - mainly for Sissy since Buddy will most likely get cash from ol' Santa. I did score on the Christmas items for Sis. 

There was almost no line for the layaway section, either. One person finishing up and one older guy grousing about the price of something, then mentioning "Amazon has it cheaper, I might go that route." 

Then go that route, fucker! Stop wasting everyone's time here at the layaway section of the Mart! 

Ugh! People! LOL. 

Have a great Thursday, hooligans and I'll see ya on the flip side. 


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love Playing Catch Up

I don't get much other than housework done on weekends and other "fun" type errands and then, we had the Monday holiday and kids off on Tuesday as well, so I just ended up doing none of my "business" type errands for four days. 

That puts me in a bind for the rest of the week and that means today will be a busy, busy, busy one. 

I did call around to try to find a new family physician for myself and the Evil Twin yesterday morning...Found a good one and we both have appointments coming up relatively soon, so that's one thing that can be ticked off the old "to do" list! 

I get to wake up the Evil Twin in a few to get his breakfast going, then I'm out the door to see how much I can get accomplished before it's time to pick up Sissy from school. 

Too much to do and too little time to do I'm off. 

Happy Wednesday, hooligans! 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Having a Moment...

Hey, kittens. I know I didn't write anything yesterday, but that's the breaks. 

I knew the kids had Monday off school for the Columbus Day holiday, but didn't realize until I was picking up Sissy on Friday that Tuesday was also a day off - for teacher inservice or parent teacher conferences or something like that. 

It's fine, I just didn't know it until the last minute (for routine oriented self didn't have "Tuesday Off" in my my brain). 

So, we've had a long weekend here and I do enjoy a bit of a break. It does mess with ETW's internal scheduler. I'm fairly flexible, though, and so I just shuffled some things from Monday to Tuesday and some Tuesday things to Wednesday. 

We had a busier than usual weekend here...I think I've mentioned before that Sissy is on a bumper bowling league that meets on Saturday mornings (I'll get more into this in time). We always have a great time and this past Saturday was no exception. 

I don't want to brag - and it's probably a fluke - but I think Sissy bowled her best games ever! As long as she is having fun, though, I really don't care what her overall score is. What does bother me is when she gets frustrated and says "I'm no good at this!". She is good. She's a super-duper-wuper beginner, though and everyone has to start somewhere. 

I just keep encouraging her to get out there, do her best, have fun and learn as she goes. I hope it's rubbing off on her. 

Then, on Sunday, her BFF Honey Bee (that's not her name, but that's what I'll call her here), who is also the only other girl on her bowling league, had invited her to go along to this farm festival thing nearby. It has a corn maze and pumpkin patch and hay rides. The usual Fall activity suspects. The girls had fun...but, while they were out doing Fall Fun activities, Buddy and I met up with my aunt and cousin who live in Lewisburg for a late lunch. 

They were in town to see the Doobie Brothers concert at the Clay Center on Sunday evening and had driven into town, reserved a hotel room near the Clay Center and thought meeting us would be a great way to spend some time Sunday before checking into their room and getting ready for the concert. It was amazing to see them - and I mean that 10000%. I love them dearly and ALWAYS relish the opportunity to spend time with them both. 

I have always loved them, all my life, but especially now, it reminds me of how blessed I am to have such a large extended family - both the family I grew up with and my biological family, too. 

As my wise Aunt said, I will always be okay and taken care of, even if the hilljacks on the Evil Twin's side of the family have lost their minds. I know she's right. She always has been! 

Anyhoodle, I guess thinking about all that and some other things that have affected my heart (in a good way) these past 4 days or so have me in a pensive state. I'll try to flesh this all out later this week or next, but I like to mull things over for a while. It's all good, y'all, so don't fret. It's always just a process with my nutty brain and add in the chaos of unexpected days off, schedule shuffling and on top of all that, overcast and gloomy weather....well...I'm just gonna need a moment here. 

Talk among yourselves.

And have a lovely Tuesday, hooligans! 

Much love,

Friday, October 11, 2013

Medical Fun

The title might make you think this will be about the Evil Twin, but no, this one is on me. 

You're welcome!

I don't talk about it much, and I don't make a big secret of it either, but I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in the year 2000. 

Buddy was about two and for many months, I had not been able to feel the backs of my legs or my feet. 

I really didn't think much about it, because it wasn't painful, just mildly annoying - but easy enough to dismiss.

Until one day, I was slicing tomatoes. I dropped the knife, leaned over, picked it up and kept on with my slicing. Then, I looked down again and my big toe was bleeding. The point of the knife had pierced my toe, but I hadn't felt it AT ALL. 

I started seeing doctors. Many, many doctors and so on and so forth and they ruled out this and ruled out that and not one of them suspected MS...

"Well, it just doesn't present that way." 

An MRI of my back, a spinal tap and finally an MRI of my brain were administered and the results came back: MS. 

I started on an injectable drug called Copaxone almost immediately. Copaxone is a subcutaneous (meaning the needle goes just right under the "fat layer" of skin for the injection). It's a daily medication. Some of the injectables are once a week or every other day, but one is intra-muscular (a trickier injection for someone to give themselves) and they both had terrible side effects. 

Lucky, I'm not needle phobic or anything like that...It's just more of a logistical nightmare than anything else. 

Fast forward to today: I have an appointment to see my neurologist today. I plan on talking with him about Gilenya. I hope I'm a good candidate for this relatively new medication for MS. It's an oral medication, which means I wouldn't have to plan my entire dosing routine around a special time. I could just take it at the normal time I take my other oral medications. 

My appointment is around 10A, so keep your fingers crossed that I meet the requirements and seem to be a good candidate for this. It would make my life about a million times easier, in many ways. 

I'm still going to be a slow walker, in pain from my back down on many days and extremely exhausted, I'm sure. But, it'd be one less thing to drain my mental energy, so I am really hoping this is doable for me. I shall let you know, hooligans!

Enjoy your Friday! 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

There Is No "M"

Y'all may, or may not (depending on how astute or detail oriented you are), notice that I never place an "M" on the end of times. 

The way I see it is: It's either Ante Meridian (before or pre-midday) or Post Meridian (after midday or "noon"). Either way, there's an "M" implied. Am I right?

Oh yes, I have a degree in Journalism and yes, I've read "Strunk and White". In fact, I own a copy, both in old school style (that means a "physical" book) and on my Kindle. 

So, I didn't just pop out of some hollar and decide I could actually write. 

I do try to do things "by the book", but lots of times, especially here or in other social media venues, I tend to be more lax and allow myself to write like I would speak. (these are two totally different animals in the writing kingdom). 

If I were writing a research paper for school or composing a resume, my writing would be completely different. 

That's what I find amazing and beautiful and wonderful and fun about words. 

I've tried to teach my children that it's a little bit about WHAT you say, but more than that, a whole lot about HOW you say it that matters. 

People want to hear what they want to hear. But, it's okay to bend the rules a little when it comes to the written word in a social media context. And I don't mean "text speak" (lordy-loo, I die a little when I think of that and people wonder why I despise texting?). 

In the world of the Evil Twin's Wife, that's why voice mail was created. Chances are, I really don't want to speak to you any more than you want to speak to me, so leave a message. Just don't text me. And, if you do, leave the godforsaken "M" off after a time is mentioned. It's redundant and unnecessary, kittens! 

Let's come up with our own catchy phrase, shall we? "If it's implied, it should not be supplied." Alright, hooligans, you have your first assignment. Give me something - ANYTHING - where the written standard should or could be changed and still make perfect sense. GO!

Happy Thursday, hooligans! Mommy loves you! 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sometimes It Works Out

We are poor, desperately poor and that's only getting better in baby steps these days. I just keep chipping away at the bigger bills and giving what I can to the Evil Twin's medical bills....Don't worry, y'all. I got a system. 

I always gots a system. And, so far, my system has keep our heads above water, even if just by teaspoon fulls. 

Currently, I have it worked out to what little I can spare each month for necessary expenditures. The most looming and pressing items have been: Finding a way to get the repairs done to the Evil Twin's vehicle that are very needed AND replacing our "den" furniture that the cat has taken a fancy to pee on when she feels spiteful. 

No matter how much "Nature's Miracle" I spray and scrubbing and wiping and repeating steps #1 thru 3 have garnered me much success. Neither has covering said furniture in a "scat mat". (and you better believe I didn't pay that much for ours - the price has gone WAY up), because a certain little spiteful kitty finds ways to pee around the mat. 

She's afraid of it again because I finally replaced the D volt battery, so maybe? I don't know. But, it's too late for the sofa and loveseat. They stink like cat pee. So, what to do? What to do? 

No one can sit on the stink sofa and loveseat without picking up an odor like a cat just peed on their butt, so I finally broke down and started looking for replacements. 

Oh, I did all my homework. I searched out what I wanted, the price I wanted to pay, etc. Then, I applied for the store card so I could get the 12 months financing plan (the only way we can afford it, in small increments each month and then not have to pay interest). 

Then, I waited. 

And waited. 

And then, I noticed that it went on sale yesterday morning. 

So, I drove to the store with all my arsenal of research. I mentioned that I liked the sofa, but the delivery charge was too high and we only lived a mile away - they waived it. The sofa and loveseat were both on sale, but the sofa was only $10 more than the loveseat. I got 2 sofas and they gave me the 7 year warranty on both for less than half the price of 2 warranties for 2 sofas! 

Now, granted, I am not paying for expensive furniture here. This is just something to sit on and it's chintzy, but it works.

"Hey, do that sofa let someone sit on it?"


"Well, OK, then!" 

That's me....Happy as can be. My new bonded leather (Naugahyde) sofas arrive Friday. I know it's not leather, hooligans, and I know it's not quality, hooligans. But, ya know what? I don't give a flying fiddle of fart, as my mother would say. We have two children and a dog and a cat and we're messy folks. I got the warranty on the cheap and it gives our guests and us something better to sit on than bean bags or, frankly, nothing at all. 

Besides, my goal was to spend less than, let's say, "150.00" (that's a made up price), but what was paid was "177.00", so I think I did good on the haggling.

And then, she did good. That is all, hooligans. Have a great Wednesday.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eating Bon-Bons

I'm not certain where the housewife, lazing about, eating bon-bons mentality came from really. I'm sure there are ladies who have nannies and chefs and chauffeurs and maids and the list goes on and on. 

The reality is that the majority of us stay at home moms are ALL of those above and more. I know I'm lucky to get something to eat that isn't leftover on one of the kids' plates, so I certainly don't have time for lounging with chocolates. 

Don't get me wrong...I DO have down time, just not much of it and not in one big lump sum. I might have five minutes here, 15 minutes there, so it's catch as catch can. 

It's okay. I'm used to it. Along with all my written lists I mentioned earlier, I have the on-going mental list that plays in my head. That's for all the little details, too small and insignificant to write on a list, but still need doing anyway - things like "replace toilet paper in upstairs bathrooms" or "gather up coupons and put in one folder" or "print out reminders for X, Y or Z". 

These thoughts are often interrupted by other thoughts: "The dog is awfully quiet. Wonder what she's into?" (followed by me getting up to discover what the dog is into and losing all other thought patterns). Or, "Remember, today is Tuesday." (or whatever day it is). And there's always "Don't forget to put on lipstick before you go out!" That's an important one. Priorities people. I have to have priorities!! 

And all this long winded bullcrap is to say I have a busy day today. And, it started at about 5 this morning, but will really start hopping after I get the Evil Twin fed for breakfast and get out the door for a myriad of errands. I have phone calls to make, too, so we'll see how it all fits together today. There may be some spill over for tomorrow. Can't be helped, really. 

There's only so many hours in a day and I have to sleep at some point. I also have several books in various amounts of "read" material on my Kindle. I save those for when I'm waiting to pick Sissy up from school. I like to get there a little early, so I can nab a decent parking spot. I may have to wait 20 - 25 minutes until the afternoon bell rings, but at least I have a good spot and I can read to occupy myself. It's all good. 

Well, hooligans...I'm off to get my Tuesday ramped up. I hope y'all have a great one! 


Monday, October 7, 2013

Snow Wrong

I love Snow White. Ever since I was a little girl, she was my favorite of the Disney characters.

My mom took me to see my first movie at a theatre when I was four. It was the cartoon re-release of the Snow White movie. It's been true love ever since.

So, I seek out things Snow White. It makes me happy just to see her. I don't have to OWN the item, I just like to see it.

Imagine my horror when I ran across this Madame Alexander Snow White doll that was marked down to half price, but still $60 (!!)

I wouldn't give a plug nickel for that ugly thing! 

Then, we move on to a cuter version, and I actually DO own this one (I found it marked down on a children's clothing website):

That's better! Whew. And that brings me to the most beautiful, fairest of them all:

It's my newest tattoo! It took 2 sessions, a total of about 5 hours. I love it. The shading was rather intense and there was one time I was pretty sure my tattoo artist was digging for bone, but other than that, it wasn't painful at all. I'd do it all again! 

This picture was taken directly after the 2nd session, so it isn't healed up in this shot, but it is now. I'll take a new picture soon and post it along with the original artwork I had my artist work from - I modified the original piece a bit. 

Now, THAT, my hooligans, is Snow RIGHT. 


Saturday, October 5, 2013

My PEN Pal

I have a friend who is doing time. I met her after her last escapade, but before she was sentenced....She got 2 to 10. She is not currently in a penitentiary, but will be moved to one when a space becomes available. 

Right now, she's in a DOC facility....So, technically she's my jail friend, but will be in the pen eventually and we do write, so PEN pal seems catchier. 

It's weird, for many and varied reasons, shortly before her sentencing, we had a falling out. I won't go into all the particulars, but when she was sentenced, I had no clue. She had been on home confinement and I figured, with all the overcrowding and such, they'd probably just let her serve out the rest of her time like that. 

So, I hadn't heard anything. Hadn't heard from her in months and then her mom wrote to me and said she (let's call her P, for pen pal) had specifically requested for me to write to her if I was okay with that. 

Well, I can't even imagine how boring it is and I've been told hearing your name called at mail time can be a real morale booster. I'm not condoning what happened or anything. All I know is that justice is being served, she's doing her time and she isn't an inherently evil or "bad" person, so I figure the least I can do is provide some brief entertainment with a letter once a week. 

I enjoy getting her letters as well. Hers are handwritten, obviously. Mine are typed - my handwriting is atrocious and I can type a lot faster than I can write. But, I always sign them in pen and usually put some silly smiley face or something on there. 

I want to tell her about the show "Orange is the New Black" and how much I enjoyed it, but I'm realizing now that OITNB and her reality are very different. Of course, we're talking TVworld and it needs to be entertaining for the viewer, so most shows pull some liberties with all kinds of things. I get that. But, I think she'd find the show funny too. 

Somehow, I doubt they have Netflix where she is. I don't even know if there's TV.  I try to be encouraging, suggesting that she use her time to read and learn, take some classes - any classes - that are offered. 

I'll admit. I don't know much about incarceration. I wouldn't last more than a few hours, I'm sure. 

She did say once that crosswords and word search puzzles were BIG and very desirable. I'll print off 2 or 3 things I can find on the computer (must be black and white) and send along in the letters. Apparently, when the ladies aren't doing puzzles, they like to play Spades. I don't even know how to play, but I'm sure there are only a limited number of hands one can play before it becomes dull as well. 

Anyway, I got a letter from her a few days ago and I need to write back. It's kind of therapeutic for me, too. I stop thinking about MY problems for a few moments and concentrate on writing something that might give a person 5 or 10 minutes of reading enjoyment - maybe even a laugh or two - so, it does help me.

It may seem fairly obvious, but I'll state it anyway: I met her in the "program" (AA), so we talk about those things, too. I pray for her - to be safe, for her addictions to be lifted while she is incarcerated - drugs and alcohol can be smuggled in - but I don't think she has the cravings anymore at this point. 

I have a busy day ahead, but I think I'll start on a note later this evening and get it all ready to go out in the mail Monday. Like I said, therapy for me and all it cost me is a stamp. I think it's the best deal around. :-)

Happy Saturday, hooligans! Enjoy your weekend - relax, unwind. That's what I plan on doing. And I'll talk at ya soon!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Candy

Well, it's that time o' year again. Time to start thinking about the Halloween holiday - my favorite, by the way. 

At this point, Buddy is nearly 16 years old and he was over the whole Trick or Treating thing years ago. We tried to entice Sissy into the matter, but by the time she was about four, we realized it was a losing proposition. 

Sure, we'd get the pricey costume and get her all geared up for the big event. This was a few years ago....let's just say, my saucehound days, so we'd go to visit friends who lived nearby and have a son a few years older (their oldest and ours are the same age, so they'd just stay back). 

Anypoodle, the Evil Twin and the husband of our friend couple would take the two youngest broodlings out while me and the wife of our friend couple stayed at their house to hand out candy and drink copious amounts of wine. (Hey, it's hard to traipse around the city streets with a wine glass and not spill any... plus, refills aren't easy if you're not near your supply). 

Invariably, the Evil Twin and Sissy would return after only a few houses down the road because Sissy would flip her lid on something remotely creepy and that was that. 

After a few years of this, it was apparent what needed to happen. 

Since that time, I have just bought ginormous bags of candy we all like. And no pricey costumes. We live at the top of a very steep driveway on a dead end street...We've lived here for 10 years and we've had 2 (two) trick or treaters in that time. 

I figure having the ginormous bag of great candy that I purchase myself and therefore know the status of said candy (i.e. no pins, razor blades or poison to worry about), plus we have some on hand on the off chance there are some li'l goblins who think it's worth burning the calories to climb up our driveway... well, it just all equals a big ol' WIN-WIN sitch. 

But, knowing me and my cheap ways, this is where I'm heading with this long winded story: where will I find the biggest amount of GOOD candy for the cheapest price? Well, I've already started pricing it in my head at the various stores I visit and even doing some online searches that would garner me large quantities at a cheap price PLUS free shipping. I always have to factor in the shipping (i.e. am I getting a better price per ounce even if I factor in shipping or am I paying more per ounce because of shipping?? Trust me, I do the math, even though I hate math). 

I'll be over here googling "cheap halloween candy free shipping" for days, so you hooligans enjoy your Friday. If there's enough of an interest, we could go back to Friday Secrets? Or Monday Mounds (that means y'all get to see a selfie of my cleavage....exciting, I know! Right?) Ugh. I'm even boring myself at this point. 

Happy Friday, hooligans!


Thursday, October 3, 2013


I sometimes get a feeling, somewhat like this:

But I know I'm not, well, I'm pretty sure I'm not forgetting anything. Like many OCD types, I write lists. I have lists for lists and I have different notebooks for different lists. I know exactly where to check to see if I'm neglecting something. 

This is more of a feeling like maybe I forgot to write something on one of the lists. Which really just boils down to the same problem I'm saying I don't have in the first place.

Fuck me running!! 

Even if I have items on the "to-do" lists, at least I know they're there. I'm just being lazy and procrastinating. I can handle that aspect about my quirks, but it's the feeling "at odds" that there is something. something really important that is just not coming to me that really gets my anxiety all ramped up to eleventy billion. 

I mean, how can I concentrate when I have a nagging feeling of "undoneness" in the Universe? The answer is: I can't. 

My weekend is already full and that, my hooligans, is a post for a different day (YES! I have a list of blog ideas, even! and it's getting looooonnnnggg. Prepare to die of boredom! Mwahahahaha) -- but perhaps I can spend a few moments cross referencing all my lists, calendars, data bases and everything else I use to manage my pathetic stay at home mom lifestyle to see if something IS falling through the cracks. 

It could be something as simple as a spot on the carpet in a bedroom I keep noticing and meaning to write on a list, but then forget to list it and then I see it again and think, "Shit! There's that stain. Need to put that on the "to-do" list." Then, I walk out of the room, have to pee, see something dirty on the kitchen counter, get a phone call, decided to fix a cup of coffee and we all see where this is going...that stain never makes it to a list. 

I should just safety pin a piece of paper on my shirt and then wear a pen around my neck on yarn, so I always have a handy way of noting things as I go. Then, I'd leave the house looking like that and the other moms at Sissy's school pick up line would be wondering..."Why does that freaky tattooed mom have a pen around her neck and a slip of paper that says 'Clean stain on bedroom carpet' underlined 5 times? She's weirder than we suspected!" 

Might keep 'em on their toes, though, huh? I enjoy things like that. 

Well, my hooligans, 'tis Thursday and I hope you enjoy yours. I've got a full day lined up (imagine that), so you'll get more blather tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel. God willing and the crick don't rise! 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sooooo, our little berg has been under a "boil water advisory" since some point Saturday morning. 

I'm not really sure what the deal is other than "a clear well overflowed due to a mechanical mishap" or something like that. What it means for us is that we're either boiling water or using bottled water. 

When I picked up Sissy from school, she had a bottled water in her backpack with her name on the lid. I send her to school every day with a SIGG bottle of ice water - a whole 'nother story on that one - so I figured she'd be good, but since the water thingy, the fountains are out of commission and not all kids have an anal retentive mother like her, so ALL students got a bottle. 

I'm sure they'll all get one today too. 

I drink a lot, like I mean A FREAKING BOATLOAD LOT of ice water daily. I don't drink sodas or anything else. I am still reheating the coffee I made over the weekend - and by reheating, I mean putting some in the microwave, but I haven't even had any of that today. I'm sticking with the bottled water over ice. 

I figure the cubes are fine since they've been in the ice/water maker tray for a while. I don't know. If I die of eColi, I'm sure you'll hear about it. 

The Evil Twin likes room temperature bottled water since he started his treatments back in June, so I've been buying bottles for a while now. Typically, I didn't since we have a filter on the water from the ice/water thingy on the fridge door and we have a Brita faucet mounted filter for the tap. But, like I said, I've been buying the bottled stuff for him. 

I usually just pick it up when I see it fairly cheap and that's what I did one day at Kroger. I got their brand, I think it was $2.50 a case (24 bottles). Well, the bottles are so flimsy, we're certain that if they were to make them any cheaper, they'd just be baggies full of water. Once about a quarter of the water is out of the bottle, the bottle just kind of collapses on itself. 

Ah well, ya get what you pay for right? 

I boiled a kettle of water this morning for the Evil Twin's feedings. While he's still on the tube feedings, I have to flush the tube with water before the feeding and then after. Generally I use slightly warmer tap water, but now, I'll have to use the cooled down water I've boiled or bottled water. I just hope they hurry along with their testing and let us know if the water is contaminated or not or what and just get on with it! 

So far, it's been pretty quiet on updates. No one really seems to know what's going on.

They've even advised to use boiled water for brushing one's teeth. Hey! I've been to Mexico! I know how to brush my teeth with diarrhea water, okay? I was there for a week and never got Montezuma's Revenge, so I think I'm good. I did let Sissy use bottled water to brush her choppers before bed last night because I hadn't boiled any that late. 

It's always fun, fun, fun when you live in chemical valley, hooligans! Have a great Tuesday. :-)