Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Candy

Well, it's that time o' year again. Time to start thinking about the Halloween holiday - my favorite, by the way. 

At this point, Buddy is nearly 16 years old and he was over the whole Trick or Treating thing years ago. We tried to entice Sissy into the matter, but by the time she was about four, we realized it was a losing proposition. 

Sure, we'd get the pricey costume and get her all geared up for the big event. This was a few years ago....let's just say, my saucehound days, so we'd go to visit friends who lived nearby and have a son a few years older (their oldest and ours are the same age, so they'd just stay back). 

Anypoodle, the Evil Twin and the husband of our friend couple would take the two youngest broodlings out while me and the wife of our friend couple stayed at their house to hand out candy and drink copious amounts of wine. (Hey, it's hard to traipse around the city streets with a wine glass and not spill any... plus, refills aren't easy if you're not near your supply). 

Invariably, the Evil Twin and Sissy would return after only a few houses down the road because Sissy would flip her lid on something remotely creepy and that was that. 

After a few years of this, it was apparent what needed to happen. 

Since that time, I have just bought ginormous bags of candy we all like. And no pricey costumes. We live at the top of a very steep driveway on a dead end street...We've lived here for 10 years and we've had 2 (two) trick or treaters in that time. 

I figure having the ginormous bag of great candy that I purchase myself and therefore know the status of said candy (i.e. no pins, razor blades or poison to worry about), plus we have some on hand on the off chance there are some li'l goblins who think it's worth burning the calories to climb up our driveway... well, it just all equals a big ol' WIN-WIN sitch. 

But, knowing me and my cheap ways, this is where I'm heading with this long winded story: where will I find the biggest amount of GOOD candy for the cheapest price? Well, I've already started pricing it in my head at the various stores I visit and even doing some online searches that would garner me large quantities at a cheap price PLUS free shipping. I always have to factor in the shipping (i.e. am I getting a better price per ounce even if I factor in shipping or am I paying more per ounce because of shipping?? Trust me, I do the math, even though I hate math). 

I'll be over here googling "cheap halloween candy free shipping" for days, so you hooligans enjoy your Friday. If there's enough of an interest, we could go back to Friday Secrets? Or Monday Mounds (that means y'all get to see a selfie of my cleavage....exciting, I know! Right?) Ugh. I'm even boring myself at this point. 

Happy Friday, hooligans!


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