Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The Evil Twin needed to have his car inspected and there were a couple of other things he asked this place to look at, minor repairs, and call with an estimate. 

Well, when they called, it wasn't with an estimate on the minor repairs, it was with what needed to be done before the car could pass inspection. It is way, way more than we had anticipated or planned for. 

Now, you may be thinking "Oh, they're just ripping you off for the inspection." But, no, we've been to this place several times for inspections and other repair work and they've always been friendly and upfront and neither vehicle has ever needed anything for an inspection sticker, other than the inspection. 

Both vehicles are 2003 models, so 10 years on the road and both having very little maintenance necessary, it stands to reason that something is going to need shaping up along the way. 

We were told they'd have to put a "failed" sticker on it, which means the car would be parked (illegal to drive) until the repairs were made. 

While we were there dropping it off, I noticed a brochure for XXX financing....I almost picked one up, but figured we'd be ok. Minor stuff, right?

Well, I asked the Evil Twin to ask the guy about their financing when we got the really bad call and he explained the situation. 

However, our credit is terrible. With all of the Evil Twin's medical bills, we've gotten behind in our mortgage payments a little and I'm just trying to play "catch up" every month. We rely solely on the Evil Twin's income. Even though I do have MS, I do NOT receive disability. So, we're pretty screwed right now on the cash situation. 

Back to our dilemma...We thought and thought. Finally, on a very outside chance, I decided to see if they offered financing online at this particular place. They did. 

So, I filled out the form and felt like, "Well, it can't hurt at this point, although it may not help, either." 

We were at the ends of our ropes. 

Less than a minute later, the screen popped up saying we'd been approved. For just right over the amount we needed...even though it had not asked for a figure, in fact, there wasn't a place to request any certain credit line. It was just BOOM! Exactly what we needed. 

Now, this is not free money, but it's going to get his car back on the road and it may not always be easy to make the payments, but I have a feeling it will work out okay. 

After all, I believe God was speaking to us at that moment, saying "You asked for help. This is the best I can do right now." 

I printed out the paper and showed it to the Evil Twin. I said, "That right there is God talking." And he asked me, "You think so?" and I said, "I know so." 

We've never expected hand-outs or freebies. 

As always, the Evil Twin's Wife has a plan: we'll cut back on things even moreso than we've been doing. We'll sell things on eBay. We'll finally take those aluminum cans to the recycling center and even though we'll feel like hobos doing it, we'll get the money and pay what we owe. It's not ideal, it's still a craptastic situation, but we'll slog through it just like everything else we have in life so far.  

Life is not about "ideal" or "fair"....it's about how well we play the hand we're dealt. Sometimes, when we least expect it, we do get some help in the form of a divine sign. 

And that is my story of how God works in my life. Maybe you aren't a believer and I don't expect you to be or even NEED you to be. If you are: great! If you aren't: that's cool too, just be a good person. Easy as that, right? 

And keep putting out the good vibes. It might not help, but it sure as shit won't hurt, either. 

Have a great Tuesday, hooligans. I'm off to work on my plans. 



  1. "Breathing Room" is definitely a God Thing. <3 You have done everything that you can - creatively - to save money and cut costs. I'm so glad that this worked out.

  2. Dude! Go get your disability! Everyone else is, why shouldn't you?