Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sometimes It Works Out

We are poor, desperately poor and that's only getting better in baby steps these days. I just keep chipping away at the bigger bills and giving what I can to the Evil Twin's medical bills....Don't worry, y'all. I got a system. 

I always gots a system. And, so far, my system has keep our heads above water, even if just by teaspoon fulls. 

Currently, I have it worked out to what little I can spare each month for necessary expenditures. The most looming and pressing items have been: Finding a way to get the repairs done to the Evil Twin's vehicle that are very needed AND replacing our "den" furniture that the cat has taken a fancy to pee on when she feels spiteful. 

No matter how much "Nature's Miracle" I spray and scrubbing and wiping and repeating steps #1 thru 3 have garnered me much success. Neither has covering said furniture in a "scat mat". (and you better believe I didn't pay that much for ours - the price has gone WAY up), because a certain little spiteful kitty finds ways to pee around the mat. 

She's afraid of it again because I finally replaced the D volt battery, so maybe? I don't know. But, it's too late for the sofa and loveseat. They stink like cat pee. So, what to do? What to do? 

No one can sit on the stink sofa and loveseat without picking up an odor like a cat just peed on their butt, so I finally broke down and started looking for replacements. 

Oh, I did all my homework. I searched out what I wanted, the price I wanted to pay, etc. Then, I applied for the store card so I could get the 12 months financing plan (the only way we can afford it, in small increments each month and then not have to pay interest). 

Then, I waited. 

And waited. 

And then, I noticed that it went on sale yesterday morning. 

So, I drove to the store with all my arsenal of research. I mentioned that I liked the sofa, but the delivery charge was too high and we only lived a mile away - they waived it. The sofa and loveseat were both on sale, but the sofa was only $10 more than the loveseat. I got 2 sofas and they gave me the 7 year warranty on both for less than half the price of 2 warranties for 2 sofas! 

Now, granted, I am not paying for expensive furniture here. This is just something to sit on and it's chintzy, but it works.

"Hey, do that sofa let someone sit on it?"


"Well, OK, then!" 

That's me....Happy as can be. My new bonded leather (Naugahyde) sofas arrive Friday. I know it's not leather, hooligans, and I know it's not quality, hooligans. But, ya know what? I don't give a flying fiddle of fart, as my mother would say. We have two children and a dog and a cat and we're messy folks. I got the warranty on the cheap and it gives our guests and us something better to sit on than bean bags or, frankly, nothing at all. 

Besides, my goal was to spend less than, let's say, "150.00" (that's a made up price), but what was paid was "177.00", so I think I did good on the haggling.

And then, she did good. That is all, hooligans. Have a great Wednesday.


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  1. I want you with me when I go to buy furniture....LOL When our kids were young, we had a naugahyde couch and two armchairs in our den. They lasted well all through their childhood, until one of them bit a hole in a chair. They are relatively cat-proof too, unless she takes to sharpening her claws on it.