Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Sooooo, our little berg has been under a "boil water advisory" since some point Saturday morning. 

I'm not really sure what the deal is other than "a clear well overflowed due to a mechanical mishap" or something like that. What it means for us is that we're either boiling water or using bottled water. 

When I picked up Sissy from school, she had a bottled water in her backpack with her name on the lid. I send her to school every day with a SIGG bottle of ice water - a whole 'nother story on that one - so I figured she'd be good, but since the water thingy, the fountains are out of commission and not all kids have an anal retentive mother like her, so ALL students got a bottle. 

I'm sure they'll all get one today too. 

I drink a lot, like I mean A FREAKING BOATLOAD LOT of ice water daily. I don't drink sodas or anything else. I am still reheating the coffee I made over the weekend - and by reheating, I mean putting some in the microwave, but I haven't even had any of that today. I'm sticking with the bottled water over ice. 

I figure the cubes are fine since they've been in the ice/water maker tray for a while. I don't know. If I die of eColi, I'm sure you'll hear about it. 

The Evil Twin likes room temperature bottled water since he started his treatments back in June, so I've been buying bottles for a while now. Typically, I didn't since we have a filter on the water from the ice/water thingy on the fridge door and we have a Brita faucet mounted filter for the tap. But, like I said, I've been buying the bottled stuff for him. 

I usually just pick it up when I see it fairly cheap and that's what I did one day at Kroger. I got their brand, I think it was $2.50 a case (24 bottles). Well, the bottles are so flimsy, we're certain that if they were to make them any cheaper, they'd just be baggies full of water. Once about a quarter of the water is out of the bottle, the bottle just kind of collapses on itself. 

Ah well, ya get what you pay for right? 

I boiled a kettle of water this morning for the Evil Twin's feedings. While he's still on the tube feedings, I have to flush the tube with water before the feeding and then after. Generally I use slightly warmer tap water, but now, I'll have to use the cooled down water I've boiled or bottled water. I just hope they hurry along with their testing and let us know if the water is contaminated or not or what and just get on with it! 

So far, it's been pretty quiet on updates. No one really seems to know what's going on.

They've even advised to use boiled water for brushing one's teeth. Hey! I've been to Mexico! I know how to brush my teeth with diarrhea water, okay? I was there for a week and never got Montezuma's Revenge, so I think I'm good. I did let Sissy use bottled water to brush her choppers before bed last night because I hadn't boiled any that late. 

It's always fun, fun, fun when you live in chemical valley, hooligans! Have a great Tuesday. :-)


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