Monday, September 30, 2013

Brain Dead

I'm a little brain dead this morning. There for a while, I went through a period where I had terrible insomnia. Now, I can't stay awake to save my life!

I get in bed fairly early and do some reading or play a game (I'm currently on Candy Crush, if you didn't already know), then the next thing I know, I'm out like a light.

Typically, I wake up around 4A, but for the last week, I've been sleeping until my alarm goes off at 6. And even that's been rough. I've never been a morning person and don't expect I'll ever become one, so that's not much of a surprise.

Anyway, I drag my sorry self out of bed this morning and get my day rolling. Buddy has to be at school an hour before Sissy does, so I wake him up, he does his thing and when he leaves to walk to school, then I wake Sissy up, get her breakfast, dress her, and fix her ice water and snack for the school day.

Shortly before it was time for us to head out, I told her to get her shoes on, then let me brush her hair real quick. THEN she says, "Wait! I need to write a short piece for a make up page in my journal."

WHHHAAATTT?? I have my car keys IN.MY.HAND. I said, "Sorry, missy, we have to go NOW. You had all weekend if you had work to do for school, you neglected to do it and now we have to leave. Perhaps Mrs. K will let you finish it in class if there's a chance."

So, she did what any self-respecting 7 year old (or myself) would do and started crying. However, her tears were no match for the anal intensity of my need to BE.ON.TIME.

This was after I didn't want to get out of bed in the first place, woke up to find that the cat had peed on the couch (again) and then proceeded to listen to the neighbors' dog bark incessantly for about an hour and a half. I was just in no mood.

I did get her to school in time - and even without tears, I might add - hers or mine.

I had planned on a trip to the grocery for today, but in my now foul and anxiety ridden soul, I'll just procrastinate and do it tomorrow. Yes, on senior day. It's no skin off my nose. I'm never in a hurry anyway, so shuffle away busload of seniors. Ya got nothing on me.

Happy Monday, hooligans!



  1. My sleep habits have abruptly changed too and I am blaming it on the change of season - but I have no idea if that caused it. LOL

    Good luck tomorrow at the grocery!

  2. I highly recommend an immediate blood panel of your Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, a full Thyroid panel (TSH, T3, T4) - and your testosterone level.

    Any hinky numbers in the above could throw you off BADLY. <3

    Yes, women have testosterone, and it can drop as we change/age. Doctors can insert a small ampule just under your skin (I think they balance it with Estrogen), and you'll be out and about in no time.

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