Saturday, March 31, 2007


Growing up, I knew that I was expected to attend college and get a degree. The thing is, I never aspired to being anything other than a wife and mother. I never understood the whole "career" mentality. Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just never been my thing.

I was raised in a traditional household. My mom quit work a week before I came home(I was adopted). She was always at home, even after my younger brother and I got older. She did all the traditional housewife things and Dad worked. He was an engineer so he made very good money. Mom working outside the home wasn't necessary, but I also think they both enjoyed their roles within the family.

One thing I remember my dad telling me over and over was that I didn't have to settle for being a teacher, secretary or a nurse - that I could be a doctor or a lawyer or anything I put my mind to and that just because I was a girl that didn't mean I couldn't do jobs that were primarily held by men. It meant a lot to me that he had that faith in me, but in my heart, I just wanted to be a mom. Like my mom.

I went to college and graduated with a degree in Advertising Journalism. I worked in my chosen field for a few years. I met the Evil Twin and we got married. I continued to work until Buddy was born. I kind of assumed that I would be going back to work after my maternity leave, but when Buddy was born so seriously prematurely, the Evil Twin and I felt like we had no choice but to have me at home with him. He had so many doctors appointments and therapies those first 2 years, it would have been almost impossible for me to deal with his schedule and work full time.

Now, the Evil Twin didn't make much money, but we scraped by - I was very careful with what he did make. My parents helped us out a little along the way, as well. They were very generous and there wasn't anything they wouldn't do for their first grandchild.

So, since we had always lived below our means (no brand new cars, modest mortgages, etc.), we were able to sell our first home and buy a second house that is considerably larger, but we got a great deal and a low interest rate, so we could still swing the payments and the increased utilities, etc.

I don't regret not having a career or professional accolades. I know I have three very important people who depend on me every day for their needs. I stay very involved in Buddy's school and will do the same when Sissy is school age. I consider it a worthy and worthwhile sacrifice.

I've got another evening to myself. My boys are in the downstairs den watching Saturday Night Freakshow (had to be pre-empted last night because the Evil Twin was out with a friend). The happy hausfrau enjoys time to herself!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Today was one of the Evil Twin's co-workers last day at work. He'll start a new job on Monday. He's not just a co-worker, but he's a friend, too, so ET is extra bummed that Downfall (Random Intelligence over there on the right) is moving on.

And it is sad, but it's not like we won't see him ever again. There was a "get together" at the local Chinese restaurant today for him. I went with the baby and joined them. There were lots of people there! We had a good time. The Evil Twin has been working for the same place for 15 years, so I feel like I know most of his co-workers as well as he does. I stop in every now and then with one or both kids in tow and chat with them all.

His office has always been so nice to us. They threw baby showers for us for both kids and have been really accommodating for family matters. I think sometimes the Evil Twin would like to do something different, but he can retire in 9 years if he sticks with this job and for the most part, his co-workers are fun people.

On a completely unrelated note, and because I have to brag, Buddy brought home his report card today. Straight As - again. Yay! Of course, he's only in third grade, but at least we know he's applying himself and trying.

I've got to get Sissy in the bath. Survivor, one of my three Must See shows is on at 8 and I'm not going to miss a minute of it! LOL.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ants Like Grilled Cheese

My appetite hasn't been the greatest lately. Unfortunately, that kind of dictates what the rest of the family eats as well. It's pretty much just "whatever I feel like", which may or may not be the healthiest or most well rounded choice.

Last night, I "felt" like grilled cheese and both kids like that and it's easy enough, so that's what it was. I did all three sandwiches at the same time and wanted to eat mine while it was still semi-warm. So, I cut the baby's up into little squares and doled them out to her on the coffee table (yes, we eat in the family room sometimes!).

She was walking around the table, getting her squares as I put them down for her. If I had put them all in front of her, she'd stuff every one in her mouth and we can't have that, so one square at a time it was.

Today, when we got back from picking up Buddy from school, he noticed something on the landing, right outside the screen door. Our screen door has a strip on the bottom that is bent up on one side - we need to replace it, but just haven't yet. He said, "Yuck, WHAT is that?" I wasn't sure. It was a little mound of ants.

Upon closer inspection, it was a square of grilled cheese sandwich that Sissy had shoved through that opening in the screen door when I wasn't looking, apparently. I kicked it off the porch into the bushes below and eradicated any ants left behind.

Later in the evening after the Evil Twin got home, he took Sissy out front to get some fresh air and came back and told me that there were a bunch of ants about midway down the driveway. Buddy had to go check it out, too. He came back to report that something around those ants smelled "funky" and wanted his Dad to come out and smell it, too.

I had Sissy in the tub at that point, so I listened to the very interesting exchange between the two of them:

Buddy: "You have to go smell that."
ET: "I'm not going out to smell the front yard."
Buddy: "It doesn't smell THAT bad."
ET: "I'm not doing it."

Never a dull moment around here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

One of Those Days

Nothing bad happened, but nothing extremely exciting either, so I don't know why I'm so agitated. I was just happy to see bedtime roll around. I love my kids, you know I do... just some days are harder to take than others. Not to mention, my new medication is still making me groggy (it's not making me queasy anymore, so that's good). But, I have times I feel like I can barely hold my eyes open.

I slept when the baby slept today, which was nice. But, it also left me feeling unmotivated, completely. The weather is getting so nice here, I'd like to be getting out and enjoying it.

Buddy is about to drive me to the brink with his Pokemon chatter. That's all he talks about, non-stop. I try to be enthusiastic, but the truth of the matter is that I don't understand one thing he's saying, so it's hard to be much of a conversationalist when the subject matter is foreign to me. (And, being the bad mom of the year, I don't care to learn more about Pokemon). I'm assured by other moms of boys his age that this is completely normal. And, I did such a good job keeping him away from Barney when he was small.... I failed at keeping Pokemon out of my house!

Speaking of Barney, I actually turned on the TV this morning to Noggin. When Buddy was a baby, we didn't get Noggin. He watched a lot of PBS, Disney, and Nickelodeon, but only the educational shows. I had a line up of what channels we'd watch and when, so we avoided Barney every time. Noggin is really cute. There are some newer shows on there I've never seen before, since it's been so long I had a toddler in the house. Anyway, I watched "Wow, Wow, Wubzy" (I think that's what it was called) and half of "Little Miss Spider". Sissy paid attention to it for about 40 seconds total.

I guess we'll get to learn to enjoy some fun new shows together in the next couple of years. I'm serious, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers are some of my favorite shows. I could watch them over and over again. Which is good, because as I recall with Buddy, there were many episodes I knew almost word for word.

Ahhh, I feel so much better after writting this out. Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Brownie: A Discussion

As Catholics, we are called at Lent to give up something much beloved for the season. Well, either that, or you can do something else in lieu of eschewing a favorite food/item - you can, for example, make a vow to attend daily Mass or volunteer in a soup kitchen. You get the gist.

I've discussed the fact that I am reading "The Purpose Driven Life" and also a Catholic booklet, "Daily Reflections for Lent". No, I didn't choose anything to give up, nor am I really putting myself out, but I'm such a procrastinator that I wait and wait 'til the last minute, then Lent is upon me and I still haven't decided. So, my decision is made for me. I do nothing.

Well, at the Catholic school, the children are asked at the beginning of Lent what their Lenten sacrifice will be. Most kids say "candy", then when the Easter Bunny brings a big ol' basket of chocolate, it's fantastic! I have a weird child who said "hot dogs and pastries". Go figure.

Earlier during the season, I had brought home some Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. The Evil Twin and Buddy like those as part of their snack ritual for Friday Night Freakshow.

Now, the Evil Twin stated that the brownie is a pastry. I say no. Brownies and cookies are baked goods, not pastries. A doughnut, an apple strudel - the bear claw - those are all pastries. But a brownie? No!

What do you think? Who is right here? This is crucial because a full blown fight could erupt (j/k).

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feedback from Corporate

On his way out the door to work this morning, the Evil Twin commented, "Your blogs are getting shorter and shorter." I think I just shrugged. I was thinking, "What's the point, nobody reads it anyway." I'm not sure if I said that out loud or not. I'm not much of a morning person and usually walk around in a fog until I take my shower.

This one will be as long as it needs to be. I'm revealing a little secret about me. While I love sleeping with the Evil Twin (get yer mind outta the gutter, although both meanings are good), I'm talking about just having him there in bed, I also love hogging the whole bed in the mornings after he gets up.

Luckily, he doesn't have to travel much for work because when he's not in bed while I'm trying to get to sleep, it can be very difficult. He outweighs me by a good 110 lbs and I like feeling that weight on that side of the bed. We've lived together for 15 years and have been married for almost 14 of those, so I've become very spoiled to having him around to snuggle up to or just knowing that he's there, it's very comforting.

However, he gets up at 6:00 am and then wakes me up around 6:40, so I get 40 whole minutes of bed hogging. It's heavenly. I gravitate towards his warm side and put my face on his pillow. I throw my legs out all over our queen size bed and streeeetch.

When my parents took me out of my crib at the age of 2, they put me in a full size bed, so I learned to enjoy all that room to myself. I eventually graduated to a queen size in college and when the Evil Twin and I bought a new mattress and box springs, we opted for a queen also - mainly because I had all the bedding for that size. And, I'm a sheet snob. I may be cheap and frugal in all other areas of my life, but I will NOT skimp on bedding. I buy the best quality I can afford when I'm in the market for sheets. I do not like sheets that get little balled up pills all over them the first time they're washed. YUCK!

Anyway, the Evil Twin and I are currently still in flannel sheet season and there is nothing like those fuzzy warm flannel sheets all to myself for 40 minutes. I get a little bent out of shape if I don't get my solo snooze in.

It's warmed up considerably around here, which means we'll transition to cotton sheet season soon. I've got some awesome egyptian Martex sheets waiting in the linen closet for their debut!

I still have a few Thursday evening chores left so I will leave you, my three readers, with this. (ET - long enough for ya?).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Wouldn't Get Too Close...

We are all officially sick here! Buddy and the Evil Twin are both rockin' colds and Sissy woke up with a fever yesterday. I gave her Tylenol and rocked her for a bit and then she threw up on me. Thank goodness there was not a repeat performance of that, but the fever did come back later in the day. She seems somewhat better today - still not herself, but a bit more active.

As for me, I have no idea what is wrong with me. My throat hurts (could be the start of that cold) and my stomach feels queasy. Now, that could be two things: it could be a stomach bug or it could just be a side effect of the new medication I just started. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

You know, I had forgotten how scary it is to have a small baby who is sick. How worried one can get when the baby can't communicate what the problem is. For all I know, she might just be cutting more teeth. It might be as simple as that. Bottom line is, it's got me plenty worried although I'm sure it's nothing serious.

It's noon here and even though I haven't felt like eating much lately, I suppose I should try to find something that seems appealling to me. All I've really wanted lately is frosted mini wheats. Do you think a person could live on just mini wheats alone for a few days? I mean, you got your grain and fiber and dairy all in one happy li'l bowl. Sounds like a winner to me!

Monday, March 19, 2007

This Is My Brain on Vibrate

Between the hours of 6 pm and 8:30 pm, my house is cacophonous. It's like a zoo. And, there are only 4 of us. I can't imagine what evenings are like for larger families.

I have to get dinner together first. The Evil Twin was home today, so that was nice. Usually Sissy is hanging over the gate, whining because she's not with me. Typically, dinner is three shifts. One for me and Buddy, one for the baby and one for the Evil Twin when he gets home from work sometime near 7:30. Today, it was only 2 shifts. As Buddy is getting to his homework (late), Sissy starts melting down because she is tired.

There are several loud/obnoxious toys that will be taking a leave of absence, starting tonight.

Neither the Evil Twin nor I slept well last night. I think my problem is that after the weekend, I'm worried that the alarm won't go off on time, and we'll oversleep. So, I went to bed around 11:45 (early for me), drifted off about midnight and then was wide awake at 4 am. Then, I just couldn't get into a good sleep after that. I kept waking up to check the clock. Not exactly a recipe for a rested, stress free day.

I seem to remember things being kinda hectic when Buddy was small, too. So, I think once Sissy is a little bit older, and can eat more of whatever we're having and becomes a little more independent, life will get somewhat easier here. Until then, I guess I'll keep juggling the plates.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Pat's Day Roundup

We didn't do anything super exciting for St.Patrick's day. We had planned on having company over, but they cancelled due to the weather - it was a little dicey yesterday and they live in a very hilly neighborhood, so I understood their reluctance. We'll reschedule and hopefully, this is the last of wintery weather!

I drank a metric buttload of Chardonnay, but I also got some luck o' the Irish with the Evil Twin too, if you know what I mean. After the kids were tucked in, we watched Borat. I must say, it was funny, but I expected it to be funnier after all the hype. There were also parts that were funny, but extremely uncomfortable as well, but I guess that was the whole point, now, wasn't it?

I got my Sunday routine finished up late - just in time for Sissy's bath and last bottle. And, I realized as Buddy was getting ready for his shower that I needed to do two loads of laundry tonight so he will have a clean uniform to wear to school tomorrow. They have to wear light blue button down shirts and navy pants, navy socks and either black or brown dress shoes. Tomorrow is the class picture day, so he needs to wear his school sweater and tie as well. I buy in multiples of three or more - but I was lazy about housework this weekend and had forgotten about the laundry.

It's really weird - this weekend has seemed very short, even though we didn't DO anything. Maybe because it was chilly and we just stayed indoors. I've started a new medication that is making me really tired too, so I slept a lot (or I slept when the baby slept). I hope I shake the groggy feeling soon! This week is supposed to be quite pleasant, so maybe getting out in the fresh air will do me some good.

My laundry is calling, so I must attend to it. I don't have a middle name (really, I don't), so I joke it should be Laundry. I do enough of it. Ta Ta!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Said I Wouldn't Do It....

But, I'm gonna talk about my weather anyway! So there! I woke up this morning to snow. SNOW. On Thursday, it was damn near 80 degrees. And now, snow? Where's all this fun global warming I've heard talk about?

All the snow has melted by this point in the day because it's a balmy 34 degrees. Sheesh.

This is one weird state. I hate the weather around here. Every year, when the seasons are trying to change, I always say, "It'll be a miracle if we don't all end up with pnuemonia." And, I usually do end up with the respiratory creeping crud in the fall.

Maybe I should start loading up on the Airborne now. If Buddy comes home from school with something, it passes around the family and I'm always the last to fall. But, it sinks its teeth in me and lingers for weeks. Everyone else is stopped up or barky for a day or two, then they're fine. Not me - I end up at our primary care docs office begging for a Z pack and liquid codeine. However, that has always been my FALL routine, so I'm hoping that I avoid the illnesses that are going around right now. (which I heard all about at the doctors office last week for my follow up appointment).

I don't plan on drinking anything green this evening, although if you look at the Chardonnay through the bottle, it looks greenish. That's as close as it will get for me. However, if any of you are braver, enjoy the green goodness - and have one for me, will ya? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 16, 2007

An Experiment

I've decided to do a little experiment here at home. I bought a 14.5 oz bottle of conditioner at the end of February and started using it the first of March. All you really need is just a little tiny amount and only on the hair below your ears (or just the ends). I shower every day and wash my hair, so I'm curious to see how long I can make this bottle hold out.

It's not that we're poor or anything, but I'm just cheap like that. Perhaps I lived during the depression in a different life? LOL. I don't know... all I know is when I start to get cagey feeling about money, I tend to step up my frugal ways.

I'm the executrix of my parents' estate - as some of you know and I think I talked about it in an earlier blog. The biggest issue right now is selling their house. I know the market is kinda sucky right now. But, it's in a great neighborhood, it's a huge house and it's priced right.

I'm still paying for electric and water on that house and there are a couple of larger bills I need to pay as well (the homeowner's dues is one thing). I have the money to pay it, but I HATE to pay large bills. For Buddy's school tuition (which I pay in full before the school year), I wait until the deadline day and then drop the check off at the parish office. So, anyway, I have these BILLS looming over my head and it makes me feel paralyzed. Paralyzed to the point I don't want to pay ANY bills - at all. Thing is, I'm too conscientious to let it go, really, and I'm certainly not going to get stuck paying late fees (yuck), so I pay and I pay on time, but it eats away at me and eats away at me. Even after the check is sent.

In a way, my attitude is helpful. I do all the bill paying activity for our household as well, so even though the Evil Twin works for the State and isn't paid lavishly, we can still maintain our lifestyle on a single income - because I'm a tightwad. LOL. And, it's not like we don't have any fun at all. I scrimp in some areas, so we can afford to join the private pool every summer or belong to the children's museum, etc. We like to go out to eat pretty regularly, too. So, it's not as if we're over here eating beans and rice and Ramen everyday.

I'm going to continue to chintz on conditioner and cut fabric sheets in two. It's a thrill to see how long I can hold out with a product! I'll let you know how I do with that conditioner! :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I know I gripe about MySpace, but I do really enjoy it. Except when it's really slow and keeps giving me error messages.

But, it has helped me get back in touch with and stay in touch with many of my friends (especially from college). I graduated from Marshall University. I had a tight group of friends who really meant the world to me - they still do, in lots of ways. Sure, we've all changed, grown older, but I have this kinship with these people I will never have with any other friends.

Let's face it, you do a lot of experimenting and changing during college. For many of us, it's our first time on our own. I had never lived in an apartment by myself prior to college. Dad paid for it, but still, it felt like mine. And, I maintained my own schedule. I didn't have to answer to anyone about where I was going or when.

My parents lived about an hour from the university, so I would go home most weekends. But, I had a boyfriend who went to college in Charleston, so he was a big draw to come "home" - even though I spent those weekends at his house. His mom was really laid back and didn't care that we shacked up on weekends.

Anyway, being able to reconnect with these college friends after all these years has been fantastic. The free-est and most wonderful years of my life. Pre-husband and kids, pre-mortgage and full time job(s). Not that I regret any of those things... College was just a fun filler before I got on with what I consider the main attraction of my life.

MySpace has brought all that back to me again. I have friends who have posted old pictures of me and they're a hoot. I had a mohawk for a short period of time, but I don't believe any pictures exist of that (it only lasted about 3 weeks before my hair was grown back out to a crew cut, which I wore for a year or two). And, I've been able to dig up pics from my old friends and post those as well. We partied a lot and did a lot of growing up around each other, too.

After I graduated, I often would joke with my dad that my education was "just one big party - with a $40,000 cover charge." He'd laugh. But, in my heart, my desire was to pay him back for that education - although realistically, I probably never could have. Those 5 years (yes, laugh if you will, it just took me one year longer!) were amazing and I'm so glad to have MySpace and many of my closest college friends close to me again. The internets is good.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Hate Sushi

I'm not really sure why I started thinking about this earlier, but it popped into my head, and I kept mulling it over. It seems like everyone I know loves sushi. Perhaps I am not very sophisticated. Perhaps I just enjoy food that is cooked.

I have had the California roll before and semi-liked it. If it weren't for that seaweed paper, it'd be really awesome. That seaweed stuff is just too fishy. Blech. I'm not big on seafood. In fact, I never had a shrimp until I was 15 years old and to this day, that is the only seafood I will eat.

Luckily, I lived as a vegetarian for 15 years so Fridays at Lent aren't too difficult for me. Side note: Catholics must refrain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, but we are allowed to have seafood. If I don't want seafood, I perfectly happy with a cheese pizza or grilled cheese sandwich or any other vegetarian entree.

Buddy loves the Red Lobster. He likes to order the crab legs. My dad got him hooked on that. I'm usually the one cracking those suckers while my meal goes cold. I told a friend of mine that I hoped I lived another 17 years at least. By then, both kids will be out on their own and perhaps I can enjoy a vacation - and a hot meal. Y'all did know that even on vacations, Moms don't get vacation, right? We're still responsible for everything.

My mom had a sign hanging in her laundry room that said, "Around here, I'm the responsible one. Any time something goes wrong, I'm responsible." I liked that. But, after she died, my aunt (who had bought her the sign) wanted it as a memento, so I mailed it to her. I should try to find another one. LOL.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mi Familia

I'm going to get my mind off the day I've had today. Despite being a beautiful, gorgeous day, it wasn't my easiest. Maybe tomorrow, it'll seem, I don't know, funnier.

No, actually, I wanted to talk a little about my kids. When I hear families who have children so far apart in age (mine are 8 years), I automatically think of three scenarios: 1. Infertility. 2. Accident. 3. Divorce and remarriage.

We're scenario number one, with a twist. Buddy was my 5th pregnancy. I had 3 miscarriages and one ectopic (tubal) before him and I lost my right tube. That made it even more difficult. But, we (I) continued to take Clomid (a low dose fertility drug) and hoped for the best. On our very last cycle of Clomid, I got pregnant with Buddy. If I had not, we would have been sent on to a reproductive endocrinologist for more invasive procedures - and I would have crawled through broken glass naked to have a baby, even if it meant a second mortgage on our house. Luckily, I did get pregnant before that happened. Unfortunately, Buddy was due in April, but arrived in January... 12 weeks before his due date. He weighed 2lbs, 5oz and spent 48 days (6.5 weeks) in the neonatal intensive care unit. He really wasn't expected to make it those first few days, but he was a fighter and we brought him home - weighing only 3lbs 12oz. Even the preemie clothes were to large for him. Trust me, you get used to "this" - caring for such a small baby and lugging around special equipment and pumping and feeding him every 2 hours around the clock and getting no sleep, etc. It's like a newborn X 3.

So, I knew I wanted two children. The Evil Twin was not so sure. He was worried that we'd have another preemie and things would turn out really bad. We had gotten so lucky with Buddy. He was not mentally or physically disabled - the only factor we had to deal with was poor eyesight, retinopathy of prematurity, which he had laser surgery on both eyes at only 4.5 lbs. He has worn glasses since he was 18 months old.

My OB had assured me that what happened with Buddy was a fluke thing and wouldn't happen again, but it took me 5 years to convince the Evil Twin to try for a second. It took me 2 years and 3 more miscarriages to get Sissy. It turns out I have a blood clotting disorder that causes me to miscarry. My chart at my OBs office has such lovely terms as "poor reproductive history" and "habitual aborter" on it. Then, by the time I got pregnant with Sissy, I had another term, "advanced maternal age", added because I was over 36. Needless to say, I am very high risk.

What I needed was blood thinner. Two injections a day, as it turns out. I also needed progesterone twice a day, 4 MG of folic acid and a baby aspirin. (I will have to take the baby aspirin every day for the rest of my life). See, with Lupus Anticoagulant, I run a higher than normal risk of having a stroke or blood clot - especially high during pregnancy. Oddly as it sounds, the great thing about being high risk is that I had ultrasounds ALL the time. I probably had 25 total during my last pregancy.

Sissy was my ninth pregnancy and I made it to 39 weeks with her. She was 7lbs, 5oz. Neither of my kids were accidents and both were intensely prayed for and much wanted. I wouldn't change a thing. Of course, Buddy was an emergency c-section and Sissy was a scheduled one. The funny thing is my OB wanted to section me at 37 weeks, but that was only a few days before Buddy's birthday in January. I really wanted that February baby (and the amethyst birthstone! LOL). So, I talked him into letting me go 2 more weeks. I said, unless it became medically needed earlier. I mean, I'm not stupid. I would deliver the baby whenever the OB thought it was the safest for the baby, but if she looked good and I was doing good, let me go a few weeks. Just so I could say, "I DID it!" I had a full term baby.

Oh! And if you're wondering, Buddy is a perfectly normal (and often annoying) 9 year old boy who is a straight A student and kind and gentle and loves his baby sister. He came home with the Bookworm Award the other day - that is, Father picks one child from each grade who is showing a dedication to reading. We're extremely blessed.

Monday, March 12, 2007

No Glue

My title today comes courtesy of 9 year old Buddy who told me he assigned that title when he saved one of his video games. He seemed to think it was most amusing. I thought, "I could use that... most of my blogs have no glue to hold them together anyway." Pathetic - stealing from a 9 year old! LOL.

Today has been a LONG day. It actually started yesterday. When we got back home, we noticed that while the blower was working on the furnace, there was no hot air being circulated. Thing is, it's been nice here in the afternoons, so we'll turn it off, but the mornings are still a bit nippy. The Evil Twin called our normal heating and cooling place and left a message. This morning, Mark, our usual repair man called at 7:40 am and said he was on his way. This guy is great. He did work for my parents' for years and then when we bought our first house in 1994, we started using him too. He's trustworthy and he's just a super nice person. I know he probably had other appointments today, but he got us first. Very thoughtful, despite its very early hour. (I am not a morning person at all!).

The Evil Twin decided to stick around to get to the bottom of the situation and I was grateful for that. I consider large appliance repairs/maintenance to be The Evil Twin's job. Everything else is mine, but if the fridge or the furnace or the plumbing needs a professional, I prefer to leave that in ET's hands.

Subsequently, the rest of the day was thrown off because ET got a late shower and was late to work, I had a later than normal shower and Sissy got a later than normal nap. I'm so routine oriented, it kinda blew my day out of the water. I still managed to be semi-productive for the rest of my day.

Exciting, huh? Oh! I guess I do have something interesting to report. Sissy, at 13 months, is now walking really, really well. She still crawls a bit, but I think she has finally gotten the hang of her sea legs. It's so cute to watch her walk very carefully, try to turn and look like a little drunk all the while.

Can someone find me some glue?

Sunday, March 11, 2007


We went to visit friends last night. This is a couple who I met on the same night I met the Evil Twin and we've been friends - the four of us - ever since. They also have a son who is a few months younger than Buddy and those two get along like two peas in a pod. Suffice to say that, when entering into a drinking relationship, a cheeseburger happy meal is not enough food to counteract a 1.5 liter bottle of wine, especially if, say, the person drinking the wine is only 120lbs.

Luckily, the Evil Twin rarely drinks. I think he might have had a Foster's last night (one). I woke up feeling fuzzy on our friends' couch this morning and it's just been kinda one of those days. The time change has thrown me for a loop as well.

Anyway, it's Sunday and that means "The Sunday Routine". Regardless of other shenanigans, I do the exact same thing every Sunday. I go through the entire newspaper, I go through all the sales circulars and then, I do the crossword puzzle and the cryptoquip. The section I spend the most time perusing is the obituaries. I don't know why, but I will read almost every one of them.

Today, a certain obit caught my eye. The picture was a young girl, but it was obviously a picture from the 70s (a high school senior portrait, with the drape). She looked familiar to me, but the birthdate was 1959. Same as the Evil Twin. And, she attended a high school that would have been familiar to him. I saw her parents' names listed, so I asked him if he knew this girl by her first and what I presumed was her maiden last name. He said, "No." But I walked over to him to show him her picture, he sat up and gasp.

It was an old girlfriend of his. I had seen that very picture in his albums and knew her face. Apparently, her mother has been remarried a lot so the name I presumed to be the maiden name was wrong. The obit listed no cause of death, but did say that donations could be made to the American Cancer Society, so we're thinking it was probably cancer. She was only 47 years old.

The Evil Twin said she was the sweetest girl and had a really good heart. He just lost another friend about a month ago to prostate cancer and yet another classmate is extremely ill. It's scary when you realize that many of your peers are dying left and right. And they're not even 50! It really emphasizes that our human lives are so fleeting.

RIP, Dina. The Evil Twin thought the world of you.

Stolen from Wordnerd (Do I have to call it a blog?)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

On Aging

I had to go to our family physician yesterday - a follow up visit, trying to manage my anxiety (bah!) and the nurse weighed me and asked me my age. I literally had to think about it! I'm 38. I don't feel 38 and I certainly don't act it. (Anyone who has heard me sing the Diarrhea Song knows this already - I was making up new lyrics just last night!) And, here's the thing - I don't think I look it, either. When I get out of the shower in the morning and I'm sitting at my make up mirror - I look at my un made up face and I like what I see.

Sure, there are a few lines here and there, but really, to be pushing 40, it's not that bad. I use moisturizer religiously and I think that's helping. Yes, I do have to color my hair these days, but I choose the dye that is closest to my natural color. I've had black hair all my life. That's not gonna change now.

Here's a dark confession: when I'm getting in the shower in the morning and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I like that too. I've had 2 kids and things aren't exactly in the same place they used to be, but hey, that's alright. My hips are rounder than I'd like to see, but I've worked that off before and I can do it again. That's where my handy exercise ball comes in play.

I hope I always feel like a kid. At my age, raising two kids (one of whom is only 13 months old), I'm going to need my sense of humor to stick around for a while. Of course, when Buddy does or says something that is kind of off-color, I give him the stink eye as if I disapprove, but that's what my mom did and I feel I at least need to make the effort to have him grow up with some sense of decorum. You know, like it's okay to sing the diarrhea song at home, but not at school/work, etc. LOL.

I am actually attending Mass this evening at 5 pm. I hope the walls don't crumble as I enter...I didn't feel any trembling when I was there for Ash Wednesday! Time to go find a pair of jeans and a shirt that is at least not dirty. One reason I love being Catholic - casual wear at every service! :-)

Friday, March 9, 2007


It was gorgeous today and we had a very fun day. I've been trying to keep up with some of the really cool blogs I've discovered recently, too. Several of them mention the early start of DST. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm glad it's been talked about. I knew it was going to be early this year, but had forgotten which weekend it started, so now I know! Yippee.

The Evil Twin and Buddy do "Friday Night Freakshow". This little tradition has been going on for a year or more. On Friday nights, they watch B grade horror movies or something else of Buddy's choice. They eat loads of junky snacks and stay up late. That leaves yours truly with some peaceful moments to herself. Sissy is already in bed.

Buddy is only 9, but the Evil Twin is super hardcore into old horror movies and ever since Buddy was a pup, we've discussed with him special effects and movie magic, so he understands Frankenstein and Dracula and those things don't bother him at all. One of his favorites is Army of Darkness. The Evil Twin has made sure to expose him to ALL the classics. LOL. Tonight's feature is "Spirited Away", which I think is some Japanese anime film. That was Buddy's pick.

I suppose when Sissy is old enough, she and I will have Friday Night Nailshow or something equally girly.

I've got one more thing before I go: some of you don't update your blogs nearly as much as needed (*cough* downfall). Weekends and/or illness - hell, even writer's block - none are good excuses. So get off your duffs and entertain me! :-)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I've HAD It!

MySpace is totally pissing me off lately. Error messages left and right. I blog there too, although I admit to sometimes just copying what I've written here and pasting it there.

Anyway, it's nearly 10:30 pm and I'm up, doing laundry (STILL) and trying to reply to a few friends on MySpace while my brain is still functioning (i.e. before I drink too much wine and my fingers can't type the words anymore). Today is the Evil Twin's Friday - which basically means he works 4 ten hour days and has Friday off, so our weekend starts early. Of course, the Evil Twin only drinks on the rarest of occasions. We're going to visit some good friends Saturday evening and I'm sure he'll hoist a few there.

We've got this little parakeet named Apple. He's a cute little dude, but he requires a lot of care. So, I'm doing laundry, I had to clean up the kitchen (again, because it's a never ending battle), clean Apple's water, food and cage, change the newspaper lining (about the only thing our local newspaper is good for, aside from the crossword puzzle), clean the den area so I could actually walk through without tripping on baby toys, do my injection, and watch 2 of the 3 shows I watch on a regular basis - two of them just happened to be on tonight, in the same time slot. So I watched one, DVRd the other, then watched American Idol (in only 25 minutes, by fast forwarding thru most of it) after Survivor went off.

My mother in law and her husband popped by for a (scheduled) visit this evening. I love them (her), but it always drains me. Shockingly, MIL's husband sat on my couch and sawed logs while MIL played with the children. And chatted on about the latest sick person at their church. We always get the latest updates on who is sick and/or dying or who is pregnant and unwed from their church. It's a running theme. If I really took the time to really sit down and articulate all this for my seemingly 4 and falling readers, it could possibly rival Jeff Kay's antics with his in-laws.

I'm off to fold laundry. Have a great evening!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Not My Smartest Choice

Yesterday, I had to pick up a few things from Kroger's. Since I have to pick up Buddy at 2:40, I decided to wait until later in the day to go - like 1:30 or so. That way, I could shop and then go straight to Buddy's school and not have to get Sissy in and out of her car seat a million times (okay, maybe not a million, but I could save myself some trouble).

I figured, too, that later in the day on a weekday, it wouldn't be too crowded. Wrong! The parking lot was packed. I was at this point still wondering what was up. I mean, it's not like the forecast is calling for snow or any other weather disaster, which will bring the masses to the grocery store to buy all the bread and all the milk....

No. So, I go in the store and it still took me a few minutes to realize that it was TUESDAY. Tuesday is Senior Citizen day. They were all over the place in Kroger - blocking the aisles, shuffling along with dazed looks on their faces.

The upside is that the oldsters love them some Sissy! She kinda has reddish hair AND she's just downright gorgeous anyway, so that attracts loads of attention. Of course, she turns on the charm for her adoring public.

I have a friend who is traumatized by Senior Citizen days and has actually been accosted by canes and almost run over in the parking lot. I don't know why they seem to want to do bodily harm to her, but I have no problems with them. I suspect it's because I am tall and I'm handy to reach things off high shelves!

Typically, I go to WalMart (or as I call it, jokingly, The Evil Empire) on Tuesdays and I had been telling my friend that the senior population there was light - my theory was that they like to get up early and get their chores done at the crack of dawn and I'm there much later. No! Yesterday I realized what the real answer is: They're not at WalMart because they are at Kroger's all day (the cashier told me so).

Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with a really good friend and then we're going to WalMart. That should be fun and the weather is supposed to be fairly warm (mid 50s, I think). I also want to thank this friend for calling yesterday to check on me. She's a very cool individual.

Well, American Idol is starting at 8 and it's another one of my not so secret shameful secrets, so I must get ready for the hilarity. You know, I really don't watch much TV. None at all during the day and in the evenings, I only do AI, Survivor and My Name is Earl. Anyone else have a viewing shameful secret?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wow! It is sooo sunny here today - but it's only around 30 degrees. Still, seeing the sun is making me happy.

I just took this picture from our front porch. We have a great view from here. The city does a fireworks display on the Fourth of July down at the river. We just sit in our front yard and watch it.

I woke up feeling kinda gloomy. Today is my mom's birthday - it would have been her 67th. She's been gone a year and a half now and I'm still not sure I can believe it. That sounds weird, doesn't it? I mean, I still want to pick up the phone and call her for everything or nothing. We talked several times a day, usually.

Of course, I miss my dad too. He and I had a good loving relationship, but it's really nothing like the mom relationship.

Anyway, seeing the blue sky, reading Bad News Hughes' blog, and kissing on Sissy have upgraded my day 100%. Plus, she's taking an extra long nap this morning, so I can putter around, do nothing and play on my laptop a bit. (she likes to try to come over and bang on the keys). I should be cleaning my kitchen, but I'm taking today "off" too. In honor of mom and all that. She was an immaculate housekeeper, so she's probably looking down right now and thinking, "Honey, your kitchen is a MESS!" LOL.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Mundane Monday

I typically consider Monday to be "my day off". It's not actually a day off, but I do as little as humanly possible on Mondays - up to and including getting back in bed when I put the baby down for her early nap. It's my way of winding down from the weekend and getting a little quiet time. Don't get me wrong, I love having the Evil Twin home and the whole family together, but I also treasure solitude.

I don't have to pick up Buddy at school until 2:40, so I can slack a bit and get a later shower. My normal day would include a shower no later than 9:30 am. I don't care that I stay home all day - I still shower, style my hair and wear make up every day. Just in case. I wasn't showered and ready today until almost noon.

I am a night owl and on weekends, that becomes more pronounced, so it's difficult for me to shift gears on Sunday nights and follow my routine. However, it insures that I am dead tired on Mondays, so my night owl tendencies are curbed somewhat.

By mid day, I started getting edgy again. I hate this. I don't know what brings it on, but it's getting old. Tomorrow would have been my mom's 67th birthday. Maybe that's getting to me?

I truly think it's more that I am so eager for Spring this year. I am really looking forward to having some decent temperatures where Sissy and I can get out without bundling up in coats, etc. Last summer, I bought a really nice wooden swing set and this year, we bought one of those toddler swings for it. Sissy is 13 months old now and starting to walk. She's still working on her sea legs.

I guess I still have wordnerd's trivia game to look forward to this evening.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Forgiveness is a long word. One could sit and contemplate it for a long time. If you used it in Scrabble, particularly if you got a triple word score - Wow! I don't even know how many points that might be. That "V" is worth more than 1 point!

In my studying during this Lenten season, I have come across several articles that deal specifically with forgiveness.

I've not been one who lets things go easily. I tend to hang on to the hurts, the betrayals or even the perceived notions of being slighted somehow. You just wouldn't believe how difficult this forgiveness business is.

At this point, I'm focusing on just a couple of people in my life I need to forgive. These people haven't hurt me physically or anything... it's more a matter of a series of events that have lead up to the hurt I have in my heart and the anger that's been brewing inside me for a while now due to this hurt.

Along with "The Purpose Driven Life", I am also reading a little publication called "Daily Reflections for Lent" that was being given out at my parish on Ash Wednesday. A few days ago, it asked "Who are the people in my life toward whom I feel anger? Pray for that person or persons now. Can I bring myself to forgive that person? What might I do as a step toward reconciliation?" Wow. And I read this passage in the midst of my anger.

I am not a highly religious person. In fact, for many years, I identified myself as Agnostic. I was raised Southern Baptist (keep the jokes to yourselves, please), then went thru the Agnostic era - The Evil Twin and I refused to get married in a church - then, we decided to send Buddy to Catholic School.

When I was 14, my Spanish class took a trip to Mexico. Well, there were about 7 of us whose parents allowed us to go and could pay for it. While in Mexico, we visited the Basilica where the famous cloak of Juan Diego hangs behind the altar. I saw that and I immediately knew it was the real thing. I knew I wanted to be Catholic, but you don't go home and tell your Southern Baptist parents that kind of news. So, I waited and I became "nothing".

When Buddy started preschool, I started RCIA (Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults). I studied for many months and was confirmed at Easter of 2002. Even though I am very happy to be Catholic and I am happy to be raising my children Catholic, it's still a very difficult thing for me to wrap my brain around. The Evil Twin is Agnostic, if you're wondering.

Anyway, back to forgiveness. While it is difficult and while I am not overly religious, I think forgiveness is something I can do and I can do it with a good and open heart. That's the best I can do for now.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Humanity!

As a fun family activity today, we decided to go to a nearby flea market that we haven't been to in quite some time. It's supposed to be one of the largest flea markets around. They have a very large indoor area and if the weather is decent enough, they have outdoor vendors as well.

Today was sunny, but nippy. It was probably in the mid 40s when we were there. The Evil Twin and Buddy wanted to peruse some of the outside vendors, but I wanted to get Sissy indoors where it would be warm. So we split up.

As the baby and I were entering the building, a guy goes past me wearing a t-shirt that said, "The Only Job I Need Is A Blow Job." Niiiiiice. He had kids with him too. I could tell immediately that he was probably a member of Mensa. I said a silent prayer that Buddy wouldn't see that same "gentleman" with his ultra couth shirt.

The baby and I began wandering aimlessly amid the teeming masses. It was very crowded today. There wasn't really anything I was interested in finding or getting, so I just tried to not make eye contact with anyone as I desperately searched for something that I could seem busy looking at. They have this little food market, which is actually fairly decent and quaint. They had a large selection of unusual candies and nuts, trail mixes, etc. That was interesting and that took up a large chunk of time as I veeeerrry sloooowly read all the labels.

Finally, I found The Evil Twin and Buddy, so I knew I was off the hook for well-meaning older ladies wanting to make small talk with me about Sissy. One our way towards the exit, we passed by a younger girl, who I suspect might have been semi retarded. (not that there's anything wrong with that, but I like to add the details for ya). She had two small plates with food - one on each palm. She dropped two forks - I don't know if she was holding them or what, but plink, plink - there they were. Before the ET or I could lean over to retrieve them, she was already making an attempt at picking them up. Well, the plate in her right hand slid forward, and then off. I watched as if in slow-motion, it turned and landed on it's topside. The chocolate cake it had held made a plopping sound and the whole mess skidded a little. Then, potato chips spread out like a moat around the whole mess.

She made a disgusted sound, or perhaps said, "Oh geesh", I'm not sure. I was too mesmerized at that point. She stood and stomped her feet, like a little Rumpelstiltskin. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Right, left, right. Just like that. The Evil Twin just kept going, so we had no choice but to keep moving as well.

I know it sounds terrible, but we didn't laugh our asses off until we were in our van on our way home.

Friday, March 2, 2007

It Didn't Scar Me For Life

I have had a thoroughly interesting evening! We did manage to make it to the Fish Fry at Buddy's school/our church. We went super early and it was really tasty! Yum.

Then we got a phone call from a friend of ours. He runs Random Intelligence blog -- over there on the right. Check him out. He's a great guy. Anyway, he had been out to see a movie and wanted to stop by and drop something off he had for the Evil Twin. It was a poster from the movie "Black Snake Moan", but I'll let him tell you all about that.

He was here for a bit and we got to talking. Somehow the talk turned to various disgusting/funny things that we had done or experienced in life. Our friend Random is quite a bit younger than us, so we can share our experiences of living in the 60s (The Evil Twin - I was born in 68, so no memories from me), 70s and 80s.

In 1978, I was 10 years old and my family lived in Doraville, GA. My Aunt Faye was visiting and she and my mom decided they wanted to go to the Treasure Island and shop around. Treasure Island is/was like a KMart. My friend and I wanted to go, too. While my mom and aunt shopped for clothes and tried things on, us girls went to the back of the store where they had a little pet area. They sold fish, hamsters, gerbils... We were looking at the hamsters. There were two cages of them, one stacked on top of the other off to the side and I was kneeling down looking into the bottom cage.

A young man, probably 19 or 20, came over and started talking to us. He had on those basketball style shorts. They were red with white piping. Of course, those were really in style at the time. As he was talking he shifted his weight and swung his left arm and hand in front of his crotch. I heard him say, "Ooops." and his whole meat and potatoes fell right out the side of those shorts!! Remember, I am kneeling down, so this spectacle was EYE level for me. My friend and I were disgusted, but we started laughing because we were embarrassed. We tried to act like we hadn't noticed.

He proceeded to put his junk back in his shorts and pull the whole routine AGAIN. Including the ubiquitous, "Ooops", as if it were an accident. At that moment, I nudged my friend and gave her a look like "Let's leave.", so we took off. Well, Mr. Meat and Potatoes started following us. We couldn't find my mom and he was right behind us. I got upset and started crying (remember, I was only 10). At this point, he says, "Don't cry, girls, I won't hurt you." :::Shiver:::

A few moments later (which seemed like an eternity) we saw my mom and aunt. I told my mom that there was a man in the store with "his weiner hanging out." As we checked out, my mom told the clerk that there was a man exposing himself to young girls and that was that. We just left.

Fast forward 13 years, I met the Evil Twin. He just so happened to have a pair of those basketball style shorts. I don't know if he was just hanging onto them from his high school days or what. These were white with blue piping and I believe they had "Florida" written on the left side. I made him throw them in the trash. I mean, honestly, those things had to have been 20 years old!!!!

I laugh about this story today and I laugh when I tell it, but it was very frightening. There are just so many sickos in this old world and really, back in 1978, you didn't hear about it like you do today. I guess the guy did give me something to talk about, if nothing else. So, Mr. Weiner Man, if you're reading this, thanks for the chuckle.