Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ants Like Grilled Cheese

My appetite hasn't been the greatest lately. Unfortunately, that kind of dictates what the rest of the family eats as well. It's pretty much just "whatever I feel like", which may or may not be the healthiest or most well rounded choice.

Last night, I "felt" like grilled cheese and both kids like that and it's easy enough, so that's what it was. I did all three sandwiches at the same time and wanted to eat mine while it was still semi-warm. So, I cut the baby's up into little squares and doled them out to her on the coffee table (yes, we eat in the family room sometimes!).

She was walking around the table, getting her squares as I put them down for her. If I had put them all in front of her, she'd stuff every one in her mouth and we can't have that, so one square at a time it was.

Today, when we got back from picking up Buddy from school, he noticed something on the landing, right outside the screen door. Our screen door has a strip on the bottom that is bent up on one side - we need to replace it, but just haven't yet. He said, "Yuck, WHAT is that?" I wasn't sure. It was a little mound of ants.

Upon closer inspection, it was a square of grilled cheese sandwich that Sissy had shoved through that opening in the screen door when I wasn't looking, apparently. I kicked it off the porch into the bushes below and eradicated any ants left behind.

Later in the evening after the Evil Twin got home, he took Sissy out front to get some fresh air and came back and told me that there were a bunch of ants about midway down the driveway. Buddy had to go check it out, too. He came back to report that something around those ants smelled "funky" and wanted his Dad to come out and smell it, too.

I had Sissy in the tub at that point, so I listened to the very interesting exchange between the two of them:

Buddy: "You have to go smell that."
ET: "I'm not going out to smell the front yard."
Buddy: "It doesn't smell THAT bad."
ET: "I'm not doing it."

Never a dull moment around here.


  1. Grilled cheese is the best, but it's double awesome if you butter both sides of the bread instead of just the pan sides. Most people only butter the pan sides.

    I won't eat single-buttered-side grilled cheese sandwiches now. Probably why I weigh as much as I do. Mmmmmmmmm... butter!

  2. I like grilled cheese only if it has american and swiss on it. Mmmm, good!

  3. Hi all. How are you?