Monday, March 12, 2007

No Glue

My title today comes courtesy of 9 year old Buddy who told me he assigned that title when he saved one of his video games. He seemed to think it was most amusing. I thought, "I could use that... most of my blogs have no glue to hold them together anyway." Pathetic - stealing from a 9 year old! LOL.

Today has been a LONG day. It actually started yesterday. When we got back home, we noticed that while the blower was working on the furnace, there was no hot air being circulated. Thing is, it's been nice here in the afternoons, so we'll turn it off, but the mornings are still a bit nippy. The Evil Twin called our normal heating and cooling place and left a message. This morning, Mark, our usual repair man called at 7:40 am and said he was on his way. This guy is great. He did work for my parents' for years and then when we bought our first house in 1994, we started using him too. He's trustworthy and he's just a super nice person. I know he probably had other appointments today, but he got us first. Very thoughtful, despite its very early hour. (I am not a morning person at all!).

The Evil Twin decided to stick around to get to the bottom of the situation and I was grateful for that. I consider large appliance repairs/maintenance to be The Evil Twin's job. Everything else is mine, but if the fridge or the furnace or the plumbing needs a professional, I prefer to leave that in ET's hands.

Subsequently, the rest of the day was thrown off because ET got a late shower and was late to work, I had a later than normal shower and Sissy got a later than normal nap. I'm so routine oriented, it kinda blew my day out of the water. I still managed to be semi-productive for the rest of my day.

Exciting, huh? Oh! I guess I do have something interesting to report. Sissy, at 13 months, is now walking really, really well. She still crawls a bit, but I think she has finally gotten the hang of her sea legs. It's so cute to watch her walk very carefully, try to turn and look like a little drunk all the while.

Can someone find me some glue?


  1. I rather like you glueless.
    I especially liked that you said "today" actually started "yesterday." Classic.

  2. When you're the hausfrau, every day is the same as the day before and the day after. It's a big blur. Throughout the day, I often mentally remind myself what day it is (i.e. I think, "OK, today is Tuesday."). LOL.

  3. One nice thing about having to leave for work at 5:15, there is very little that can upset my timing.

    We had a little auto repair place in town with a guy like that. He was quick, did great repairs and was always under anyone else's estimate. Once he even told us the dealer was trying to rip us off and the car needed nothing more than a brake adjustment.

    One day I drove by and the place was closed for vacation. That was two years ago. He is still on vacation.