Friday, March 9, 2007


It was gorgeous today and we had a very fun day. I've been trying to keep up with some of the really cool blogs I've discovered recently, too. Several of them mention the early start of DST. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm glad it's been talked about. I knew it was going to be early this year, but had forgotten which weekend it started, so now I know! Yippee.

The Evil Twin and Buddy do "Friday Night Freakshow". This little tradition has been going on for a year or more. On Friday nights, they watch B grade horror movies or something else of Buddy's choice. They eat loads of junky snacks and stay up late. That leaves yours truly with some peaceful moments to herself. Sissy is already in bed.

Buddy is only 9, but the Evil Twin is super hardcore into old horror movies and ever since Buddy was a pup, we've discussed with him special effects and movie magic, so he understands Frankenstein and Dracula and those things don't bother him at all. One of his favorites is Army of Darkness. The Evil Twin has made sure to expose him to ALL the classics. LOL. Tonight's feature is "Spirited Away", which I think is some Japanese anime film. That was Buddy's pick.

I suppose when Sissy is old enough, she and I will have Friday Night Nailshow or something equally girly.

I've got one more thing before I go: some of you don't update your blogs nearly as much as needed (*cough* downfall). Weekends and/or illness - hell, even writer's block - none are good excuses. So get off your duffs and entertain me! :-)


  1. It's my wife and 12 year old daughter that are into horror flicks at casa de blitzer. I get too scared.

  2. Horror movies... jibblies. I like a few - Shaun of the Dead is my absolute favorite, nearly tied with the Army of Darkness/ Evil Dead movies. The rest just skeeve me out.

    As for slacking, I did a little song and dance just now, simply for YOUR entertainment.

    I hope you're happy now.

    Oh, and on the Strogatiff, white wine. Red would make the sauce all ickylooking. I used a Pinot Grigio that was close to the aisle and on sale. Good for sippin' too.