Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Pat's Day Roundup

We didn't do anything super exciting for St.Patrick's day. We had planned on having company over, but they cancelled due to the weather - it was a little dicey yesterday and they live in a very hilly neighborhood, so I understood their reluctance. We'll reschedule and hopefully, this is the last of wintery weather!

I drank a metric buttload of Chardonnay, but I also got some luck o' the Irish with the Evil Twin too, if you know what I mean. After the kids were tucked in, we watched Borat. I must say, it was funny, but I expected it to be funnier after all the hype. There were also parts that were funny, but extremely uncomfortable as well, but I guess that was the whole point, now, wasn't it?

I got my Sunday routine finished up late - just in time for Sissy's bath and last bottle. And, I realized as Buddy was getting ready for his shower that I needed to do two loads of laundry tonight so he will have a clean uniform to wear to school tomorrow. They have to wear light blue button down shirts and navy pants, navy socks and either black or brown dress shoes. Tomorrow is the class picture day, so he needs to wear his school sweater and tie as well. I buy in multiples of three or more - but I was lazy about housework this weekend and had forgotten about the laundry.

It's really weird - this weekend has seemed very short, even though we didn't DO anything. Maybe because it was chilly and we just stayed indoors. I've started a new medication that is making me really tired too, so I slept a lot (or I slept when the baby slept). I hope I shake the groggy feeling soon! This week is supposed to be quite pleasant, so maybe getting out in the fresh air will do me some good.

My laundry is calling, so I must attend to it. I don't have a middle name (really, I don't), so I joke it should be Laundry. I do enough of it. Ta Ta!


  1. Hi, my name a Borat. Nice to meet you. Why you no like my movie? I like you. It's nice!

  2. I really liked Borat - I'm still laughing about parts of it now, and I watched it a week ago. The entire church scene still kills me - because I've been to church services not too far away from that.

  3. Borat - LOL. I didn't say I didn't *like* the movie. Just next time, bring more funny, okay?

    downfall - yeah, that was funny and the scene in the hotel room - I think you'll know the one I'm talking about. We had to pause and rewind a few times cause we were laughing so hard, we'd miss parts.