Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Said I Wouldn't Do It....

But, I'm gonna talk about my weather anyway! So there! I woke up this morning to snow. SNOW. On Thursday, it was damn near 80 degrees. And now, snow? Where's all this fun global warming I've heard talk about?

All the snow has melted by this point in the day because it's a balmy 34 degrees. Sheesh.

This is one weird state. I hate the weather around here. Every year, when the seasons are trying to change, I always say, "It'll be a miracle if we don't all end up with pnuemonia." And, I usually do end up with the respiratory creeping crud in the fall.

Maybe I should start loading up on the Airborne now. If Buddy comes home from school with something, it passes around the family and I'm always the last to fall. But, it sinks its teeth in me and lingers for weeks. Everyone else is stopped up or barky for a day or two, then they're fine. Not me - I end up at our primary care docs office begging for a Z pack and liquid codeine. However, that has always been my FALL routine, so I'm hoping that I avoid the illnesses that are going around right now. (which I heard all about at the doctors office last week for my follow up appointment).

I don't plan on drinking anything green this evening, although if you look at the Chardonnay through the bottle, it looks greenish. That's as close as it will get for me. However, if any of you are braver, enjoy the green goodness - and have one for me, will ya? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that I've never worn green on St. Patrick's day on purpose. I've also never been pinched for it either - which is a good thing, because I'd hate to have to hit someone for pinching me over something so silly. I am a party killer though. =(