Monday, March 19, 2007

This Is My Brain on Vibrate

Between the hours of 6 pm and 8:30 pm, my house is cacophonous. It's like a zoo. And, there are only 4 of us. I can't imagine what evenings are like for larger families.

I have to get dinner together first. The Evil Twin was home today, so that was nice. Usually Sissy is hanging over the gate, whining because she's not with me. Typically, dinner is three shifts. One for me and Buddy, one for the baby and one for the Evil Twin when he gets home from work sometime near 7:30. Today, it was only 2 shifts. As Buddy is getting to his homework (late), Sissy starts melting down because she is tired.

There are several loud/obnoxious toys that will be taking a leave of absence, starting tonight.

Neither the Evil Twin nor I slept well last night. I think my problem is that after the weekend, I'm worried that the alarm won't go off on time, and we'll oversleep. So, I went to bed around 11:45 (early for me), drifted off about midnight and then was wide awake at 4 am. Then, I just couldn't get into a good sleep after that. I kept waking up to check the clock. Not exactly a recipe for a rested, stress free day.

I seem to remember things being kinda hectic when Buddy was small, too. So, I think once Sissy is a little bit older, and can eat more of whatever we're having and becomes a little more independent, life will get somewhat easier here. Until then, I guess I'll keep juggling the plates.

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