Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Fun

One of the greatest joys of having children is getting to razz them for whatever reason. I like to use my concerned and/or serious voice when approaching some bizarre topic.

For example, Buddy and I were in the car and I looked at him and said, "Buddy, I happen to think I'm the best thing since sliced bread and if everyone around me would just feel the same way, things would be SO MUCH better."

His response, complete with eye roll: "Here we go again."

We went o Chick-Fil-A for dinner the other night. I said to Buddy, "I'm going to get the spicy chicken sandwich this time. Because I am spicy, ya know? Rawr!" No response on this one, other than the look that says, "Kill me, now, because my mom is clearly insane."

I redid my hair back to the bright purple. But, I did it after the kids left for school, so they saw me looking "regular" (as regular as it gets with me, anyway). Then I showed up at Buddy's school to sign him out for an orthodontist appointment. He came down the hall and I said, loudly, "How do you like my hair?"

Buddy: "grumble, unh, mermermer." Which is his teenage way of saying, "I have to go to my locker and get my backpack before we leave." Nice, he has learned the deflect and change the subject style of answering awkward questions. I'm proud of him.

He learned from the best, ya know?

And then we have Sissy. I'll let you all in on a secret, I was born with a congenital defect, very rare...I was born without a Shame Gene. On top of that, my gatekeeper is in the Bahamas sipping on Mai Tai's, so I'm just on my own here. The Evil Twin and I like to sing the "I like big butts" song by Sir Mix-a-lot. We also sing "Big Bottoms" by Spinal Tap.

It's just a treasure trove of songs about butts around here.

Over the weekend, Sissy was feeling creative. She drew an alien looking creature and it has a word bubble beside the mouth area. It says (and I quote) "The only way to get to this party is you have to like big butts and do not lie." There were two little misspellings: buts and liy, but I thought it was an excellent effort along with the fancy alien-ish artwork. Perhaps aliens are still working on their English language skillz, but obviously, they are much closer to perfection than most of the posts I see on Facebook and around the innerwebs.

It's my first day of not having to leave the house at all, except to pick up Sissy. It's an early dismissal day, though, and that means I pick up at 1 pm instead of 3pm. Still, it gives me a good amount of free time to catch up on housework. And with that said, I'm going to get back to it. Lots to do, little time to do it.

Have a great hump day, my hooligans! I will see you soon, same bat time, same bat channel!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Graduate

I graduated from my therapy class yesterday! I kinda miss seeing everyone already, but we exchanged numbers/ facebook info, so we can keep in touch.

I dropped Sissy off at school this morning and came back home. Generally, I would drop her off and go to my class. That felt a bit strange, but I've managed to jump back into my old routine and am keeping myself busy...Well, not just busy, but BUSY! I still need to make 2 beds, vacuum, tidy up a bit, work on some laundry (already have one load in washer and one in dryer, get the bill paying up to date, go to the bank, make a few phone calls and go by Sissy's school to purchase her Book Fair selections. Plus, I need to swing by the grocery and pick up a few items.

I'll be even more exhausted than usual, but at least I can get more done since I'll have the extra 3 hours at home in the mornings now. :-)

I felt sad leaving my friends, but I also know that there is a waiting list for that program and someone who is in need right now can take my spot.

After I got home yesterday, the door bell rang and it was a delivery of flowers - for ME! It was from the Evil Twin (and the kids, although they didn't know of it until I told them). It said that my family was proud of me and that they loved me. Awwwww.

Now, if I can keep Bella from eating them, I can enjoy them for a while.

I have laundry to grab and fold now, so I will end this here. I will be back in action tomorrow - around the same bat time, on the same bat channel. I have so much to say!

All my hooligans have a great Thursday! I've missed you!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's All Good

However, I'm still trying to find a "good" time for me to re-establish my bloggy habits.

I used to always write in the mornings, after the house was quiet (everyone at school/work). It was an easy way to ease into the day. Now, I hit the ground running Monday thru Friday mornings.

I have to get Sissy to school a bit after 8 am and I need to be at my therapy class by 9 am. My class usually is out just before noon, but I have to drive home, get lunch, do whatever housework I can squeeze in there before picking up Sissy at 3 pm.

It makes for kinda hectic days. Then, I volunteer at Sissy's class on Thursdays, from noonish to 3....just making copies and whatever else the 1st grade classes need.

Yesterday was day 30 for me (no hootch!), so the Evil Twin took me and the kids to the Hibachi Japanese House. We ate like pigs. I'm lining up other "rewards" for the future: new tattoo, day at the spa, dinners at some of my other favorite restaurants, etc. There's just no telling what I'll come up with!

How would you treat yourself? I need some suggestions here.... And, don't say "loads of wine" either. Because that's just not happening.

I'm going to try to cross a few things of my to-do list, so I'll check back in when I can!

Have a lovely Wednesday, hooligans.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Breaking All Da Rulez

Here I am, posting on a Saturday! What is my scoop?

I don't know. My delicate pea-size brain is overloaded with ideas, topics and stories to tell, however, my schedule Monday through Friday doesn't afford me many opportunities to really take the time to concentrate on putting words on the screen in any sort of meaningful fashion...then again, when has that ever stopped me??

Let's face it - my random blathering has always kept ME riveted, at least - but when my morning classes are over, I'll definitely have more time to lull you all into a warm and cozy stupor. You can thank me later! :-)

Anyhoot, many of you know I have a summer "uniform" (cotton top, not of the t-shirt variety, shorty shorts and sandals) and my winter "uniform" (some sort of lounge pants/pj pants, cotton top, not of the t-shirt variety, and shoes appropriate for cooler weather. I change into jeans before I head out of the house).

Soooo, I'm wearing my summer uniform and Buddy says, "Mom, those shorts you have on wouldn't pass the dress code at my school. Think about it." (Shorts must be long enough to reach the end of your fingertips while your arms are at your side).

I happen to have very long arms, so I'd be stuck wearing bermuda shorts or pedal pushers - I refuse to wear capris - and I'm not real keen on the length of shorts that would meet the dress code.

I said, "Well, it's a good thing I'm not a student at your school then."

Again, he said, "Think about it. What are you - 40, not yet 40?"

"It's not polite to ask a lady her age." I shoot back.

"What year were you born then?" he queries.

"I'm not falling for that bullshit, you can just do the math in your head. But, if it's burning a hole in your soul to know, the answer is 44." (secretly, I'm thinking: 'Ha! He thinks I'm not yet 40! Score one for momma!').

Buddy is 14, in High School. He should be a rebel without a cause. How did I raise such a stick in the mud? :::sigh:::

That doesn't mean I can't drive by his school in my wicked mini-van, windows down and stereo cranked to this:

And yes, I bought the CD.

Have an awesome weekend, my hooligans. Do what the ETW would do and never grow up, but at the same time, keep your noses clean. :-)


Monday, September 3, 2012

Doing It Like Dory

For those of you without small children, Dory is a character in the movie "Finding Nemo". She's a funny blue fish with a case of short term memory loss, so she forgets things almost immediately. She's a hoot.

But, one thing she always says is "Keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming."

And that's kind of how I view my life now (without the short term memory thing going on, though I DO get addled easily).

So, I just keep reminding myself to "keep swimming"....Keep going...Keep doing the "next right thing".

It's been 21 days since my last drink. If you're reading this on Tuesday, it'll be day 22!

Things between the Evil Twin and I are better than ever before. I think we both have a new found respect for one another. Almost 20 years of being together, 2 children and the everyday stresses of life in general made us lose sight of that respect.

I'm much happier these days. I indulge in many of the things I once loved with abandon. Reading is my number one activity. I also love green grapes and Southern Red Velvet Cake ice cream.

Of course, the Evil Twin and the kids are top of my priority list and we've been having a great time getting involved in things as a family.

If I'm lucky, I will attend 4 AA meetings this week. I try to squeeze them in according to time and location.

The people at AA are much like Chic-Fil-A employees. They're just so darn nice and happy, welcoming and very interested in offering help of any kind. Whatever planet the CFA employees come from must be the same planet the members of any given AA meeting are also raised on.

Giving up my security blanket has been very difficult, but it's time for ETW to grow up.... That doesn't mean the end of the purple hair, though. A girl has to have some fun in life, huh?

Hope my hooligans are doing great! Slowly, but surely, my regular routine is falling into place and that means I'll be able to spend more time on the ol' blog here and reading all the other blogs I've had to miss out on lately due my life-chaos.