Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's All Good

However, I'm still trying to find a "good" time for me to re-establish my bloggy habits.

I used to always write in the mornings, after the house was quiet (everyone at school/work). It was an easy way to ease into the day. Now, I hit the ground running Monday thru Friday mornings.

I have to get Sissy to school a bit after 8 am and I need to be at my therapy class by 9 am. My class usually is out just before noon, but I have to drive home, get lunch, do whatever housework I can squeeze in there before picking up Sissy at 3 pm.

It makes for kinda hectic days. Then, I volunteer at Sissy's class on Thursdays, from noonish to 3....just making copies and whatever else the 1st grade classes need.

Yesterday was day 30 for me (no hootch!), so the Evil Twin took me and the kids to the Hibachi Japanese House. We ate like pigs. I'm lining up other "rewards" for the future: new tattoo, day at the spa, dinners at some of my other favorite restaurants, etc. There's just no telling what I'll come up with!

How would you treat yourself? I need some suggestions here.... And, don't say "loads of wine" either. Because that's just not happening.

I'm going to try to cross a few things of my to-do list, so I'll check back in when I can!

Have a lovely Wednesday, hooligans.



  1. New tattoos make an awesome reward.

    Also - jewelry.


    Don't forget - Cake!

  2. Good for you ETW! I like to reward myself with things I rarely purchase in everyday life like pedicures, fancy new make-up, books, and cupcakes.

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Way to go!! I think bacon would be a good reward, but not sure that's your cup o tea.

  4. Awesome! Way to go! I think jewelry, definitely jewelry! Or fancy lingerie??

  5. Awesome! Way to go! I think jewelry, definitely jewelry! Or fancy lingerie??

  6. I reward myself with books - and coffee.

    Usually coffee these days. :)

    Congratulations. :)

  7. The day at the spa works for me, plus massages, pedicures and facials.

  8. How about something , um, 'adult' in nature? A lil' favor from TET, maybe? :)