Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Fun

One of the greatest joys of having children is getting to razz them for whatever reason. I like to use my concerned and/or serious voice when approaching some bizarre topic.

For example, Buddy and I were in the car and I looked at him and said, "Buddy, I happen to think I'm the best thing since sliced bread and if everyone around me would just feel the same way, things would be SO MUCH better."

His response, complete with eye roll: "Here we go again."

We went o Chick-Fil-A for dinner the other night. I said to Buddy, "I'm going to get the spicy chicken sandwich this time. Because I am spicy, ya know? Rawr!" No response on this one, other than the look that says, "Kill me, now, because my mom is clearly insane."

I redid my hair back to the bright purple. But, I did it after the kids left for school, so they saw me looking "regular" (as regular as it gets with me, anyway). Then I showed up at Buddy's school to sign him out for an orthodontist appointment. He came down the hall and I said, loudly, "How do you like my hair?"

Buddy: "grumble, unh, mermermer." Which is his teenage way of saying, "I have to go to my locker and get my backpack before we leave." Nice, he has learned the deflect and change the subject style of answering awkward questions. I'm proud of him.

He learned from the best, ya know?

And then we have Sissy. I'll let you all in on a secret, I was born with a congenital defect, very rare...I was born without a Shame Gene. On top of that, my gatekeeper is in the Bahamas sipping on Mai Tai's, so I'm just on my own here. The Evil Twin and I like to sing the "I like big butts" song by Sir Mix-a-lot. We also sing "Big Bottoms" by Spinal Tap.

It's just a treasure trove of songs about butts around here.

Over the weekend, Sissy was feeling creative. She drew an alien looking creature and it has a word bubble beside the mouth area. It says (and I quote) "The only way to get to this party is you have to like big butts and do not lie." There were two little misspellings: buts and liy, but I thought it was an excellent effort along with the fancy alien-ish artwork. Perhaps aliens are still working on their English language skillz, but obviously, they are much closer to perfection than most of the posts I see on Facebook and around the innerwebs.

It's my first day of not having to leave the house at all, except to pick up Sissy. It's an early dismissal day, though, and that means I pick up at 1 pm instead of 3pm. Still, it gives me a good amount of free time to catch up on housework. And with that said, I'm going to get back to it. Lots to do, little time to do it.

Have a great hump day, my hooligans! I will see you soon, same bat time, same bat channel!



  1. Glad to hear the schedule is getting easier to deal with. Hmmm... so if I have a big butt that means I cannot lie??? interesting....

  2. Heaven help those kids who have parent that have personalities. :)