Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday was post 900, so I'm taking a break today!

I have some phone calls to make and an appointment later in the day, so I'm just going to chill for a bit.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They Should Have Thought About the Name

The summer break has wreaked havoc with my schedule, but I'm finally back on Monday grocery shopping day.

I like going on Mondays. It's generally not too crowded, and I pick up a big mess of stuff from the deli which is dinner on Monday evenings. And, there is usually enough of certain foods left over for lunch the next day.

Lunch today will be leftover onion rings, potato wedges and I also had picked up a bag of salad. It's too hot to do much heavy duty cooking - but it looks like we're going to get some 80s temps this week, which is much more normal for this time of year here.

On every trip to the Mart of Wal, I often pick up the same items. I was headed down the aisle where the peanuts and beef jerky are. The Evil Twin loves him some Great Value brand beef jerky (regular, not teriyaki or peppered). So, I'm passing by the peanuts and I spy this:

Really? Big Nut Bars? Don't these people realize there are oodles of perverts like myself who automatically go into "gutter mind mode" when I see certain words?

Buddy, who is 12 - and I apparently have the same chronological age of humor - just busted out laughing. Then, I HAD to get a picture. And, no, I didn't buy them.

I don't need anymore big nuts around here. Thanks, anyway.

Time for me to get a shower and appraise the many kitten scratches I have on my person. I love Bella, but I don't love her razor sharp kitten claws. Maybe she'll calm down after she is spayed (I can hope).

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Repeat of Sorts

About a year ago, I had discussed things that I felt were definite "deal breakers" back when I was on the dating scene - and that was back when CDs were the new technology, so I'm old. What of it?

I mentioned nail biters to be a turn off, but there are a few more I can add.

Halitosis - please use mouthwash, gum, whatever it takes to have fresh breath.

Dirty hands.


A chronic Whistling Snot. (blow your nose, for Pete's sake!)

Touchy-feely people. I don't mind being touched, or touching others, but it has to be in moderation.

Serious body odor. I enjoy a natural manly smell, but when it's so funky I can smell it across the room, it's time for a washcloth and soap.

I could go on and on. I know I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I do try to be clean and smell fresh. I have tattoos. Some people are turned off by the ink - that's okay - that's your prerogative. (I learned that from crackhead Bobby Brown). I have weird OCD habits. I enjoy farting. I wear hookerlicious fake nails. I eat boiled peanuts, along with other odd foods.

When I met the Evil Twin in February of 1992, I said, "Look here, I burp, I fart, I pick my nose. If you can't deal, move on." I think we all know how THAT worked out. LOL.

So, let's get a fresh round of deal breakers (even if you're in a relationship, imagine if you were single and what would be a NO-GO). Add it in the comments, if you want.

Happy Monday, hooligans!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Secrets June 25

Woo-hoo! Another Friday just chock full of secrets! And a Mystery Photo, too. None of the secrets or the pic are mine. Enjoy!

1. Am I the only woman in the world who loves anal sex?

2. Mystery Pic:

3. Once I gave my lover a blow job in the living room while my husband was taking a shower in the next room.  Why make only one man happy when I can make two ecstatic?

4. I totally get off on taking very naughty pictures for my bf.  I think I might even like taking them more than he likes seeing them.  It's so fun to be so dirty ;-)

5. I have done a lot of research on this topic in the form of looking at pictures of nude men posted on the Internet.  I have concluded that my penis is fairly normal in both length and girth.  Thank you to those men who have helped me in my research. I'm still conducting the research on how my wife's boobs compare to other women's boobs on the Internet.  This may take a bit more research though. Again, thank you to all the participants for kindly submitting your data.

6. Today I used the phrase "if it weren't for the fact that we were both married, this would be the healthiest sexual relationship I've ever had".

7. For the past few years I've fantasized a lot about suicide.  I call it "fantasize" because like a sexual fantasy, It's nothing I'd really do, but I do think about it, especially during/after a fight my spouse.

Most of the time it involves getting myself into a traffic accident.  Either with me driving or jumping in front of a car/truck while walking.  Once I was walking down the road and I was trying to think of the most effective way to get myself hit by a car. I need to be on this road because the traffic is faster. I need to pick a bigger vehicle. I need to make sure I "trip" in front of it so the vehicle drives over me and doesn't just throw me into the air.  I need to make it look like an accident so that the life insurance will pay out for my death. 

Sometimes it is with a handgun. One time I remember that frightens me a little I remember sitting on the couch and even though there was nothing in my hand, I could feel the weight of the gun and feel the texture of the handgrip.

I'd never do it in reality.  I've never told anyone this before.  I don't think I'm crazy.

Remember: There is no judging here at Casa Evil Twin. People want/need to share things and we all need to be aware that, while we may or may not agree, we don't leave negative comments about the senders of the secrets.

Happy Friday, hooligans!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hit The Ground Running

I woke up this morning as the Evil Twin was getting in the shower. I made his lunch, then went back to snuggle in the covers for a bit. I usually just roll around and stretch and wait to hear Sissy on the monitor.

The Evil Twin finally left for work and I still hadn't heard her. But, just a few moments later, she was calling for me in a panicky tone. She said, "I'm all wet and sticky and I smell funny." I think "Oh great. She's barfed in the bed."

When I went in, it did indeed smell vomity. But I couldn't see anything on her or the covers. Then, I pulled the covers down. Apparently, at some point during the night, she'd had diarrhea. I'll spare you the grisly details, but it was quite a mess.

I got her undressed, wiped down as much as possible, then put her in the bath. After that, I stripped the bedding and started on laundry. I'm looking at 3 loads today, at least.

I was supposed to have an appointment with my neurologist (or more specifically, the physician's assistant), but they had to cancel and reschedule due to the PA having a family emergency.

Fine with me...I have too much to do anyway.

Suffice to say: I had a shitty morning. Here's to hoping the day gets better! :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I had run up to Kroger on Monday and on the way home, I noticed a strange noise coming from what seemed to be the right front of the van. It sounded awful.

Seeing as how it is 7 years old and we've owned it for 5 and never had an issue with the brakes, I'm thinking it's the brakes - and so I took it in this morning. The guy asked if it was a grinding sound and I said yes. Looks like it needs rotors too. I also need to have some freon pumped in as the AC isn't cooling as well as it had been.

Oh well, I'd rather have a couple hundred or so in maintenance work than have to buy a new (well, something new to us) van.

I was lucky enough to catch my friend and neighbor at home and she followed me down there and brought me back home. She even told me to call her when it's ready and she'd take me back down. It's not far down the road, but I still feel grateful to have such good neighbors.

So, I'm stuck in the house until the van is ready. That's cool - I have at least 2 loads of laundry to do, empty the dishwasher and reload and a few other projects that should keep me busy.

Besides, I'm a little leery of leaving the house anymore. Yesterday, our elderly (in their 90s) neighbors house was burgled. They had been out for about 2 hours, running errands and someone kicked in their back door, in broad daylight, and stole jewelry and cash. A police officer came to our house to ask if I had seen or heard anything suspicious, but I hadn't.

He said it was the fourth house in this area that had been broken into during the day! And, according to our friends across the street, cars on the next street over had been broken into recently. Our house is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, but we never lock our cars. Guess that will change and I also need to look into getting a fake "security system" sign for our yard.

I also need to hide my parents' wedding bands. They're the only jewelry I have worth anything. I wear my mom's engagement ring on my right hand all the time - the rest of my jewelry is not worth much, sterling silver, etc.

The police officer did say this person (or persons) who are breaking into houses seem to target elderly couples and single women.

This is such a nice neighborhood - it's a shame that we have to feel unsafe all of a sudden. We live at the top of a very steep driveway, so a break-in and get-away would have to be carefully planned.

I've always been the Mrs. Kravitz of the 'hood (for those too young to get the reference: Mrs. Kravitz was the nosy neighbor on "Bewitched"). I open all the blinds in the morning and as I make my rounds thru the house (kitchen, laundry room, etc.), I always take a second to look outside. So, I dare this scumbag thief to try to rob anyone on my street. I will SEE you, mo fo!

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sorry I didn't update yesterday - It was WV Day - WV has it's birthday on Sunday, so some employees had Monday off, like the Evil Twin.

When we have those long weekends, I sometimes forget it's an actual weekday! My bad.

Anypoodle, I am really in love with a certain lipstick. I'm the type who likes to mix it up on colors every now and then, but if I find a product I like I will buy that product in several shades.

This was the case with Max Factor Lipfinity 3D:

I started noticing a few months ago that, where ever I shopped, I couldn't find ANY Max Factor products. Finally, I found some at the Mart of Wal on an end cap of discontinued sale items. I asked the clerk who was stocking other make up what the deal was and she told me that Max Factor would no longer be sold in the US. Only in Europe.

Apparently, their market share here wasn't worth sticking around. They are owned by Proctor and Gamble, which also has the Cover Girl line, so I scoured that section to see if I could find a similar lip product. I bought something that "looked" similar, but is just awful. It's all gritty and sticky.

I feel like I'm wearing Vaseline with cat litter on my lips. YUCK!

That will NOT do.

So, I've been scouring the interwebs and I actually found several eBay auctions with my beloved lipstick (sealed and unused, of course). I'm wondering if I should just pull the trigger and buy several for the future or if I'll have to become super buddy-buddy with someone across the pond to feed my addiction?

Maybe I just need to find a new favorite. :::Le sigh:::

Why is it that every time I find something, like a beauty product, that I love - then the company somehow senses my desires and takes it off the market???

Maybe it's my breath....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Secrets June 18

It's FRIDAY! None of the secrets are mine, but the mystery picture is, since I didn't receive an anonymous picture this week. Y'all get on that, okay?

1. I'm Jewish and I used to be embarrassed about my love of bacon when i was a kid. It's why I don't go to temple any more.

2. I'm sad because I don't love my wife anymore. I did my best to keep the marriage together but she made no effort. Now it's over and she doesn't realize it.

3. I am so damn lonely.

4. I don't see the appeal of sushi.

5. I love being out on the dance floor and feeling an anonymous cock rubbing against my tight skirt.

6. I went to an AA meeting high off of pot brownies once.

7. I once had a long, secret relationship with a married woman. She was a great person and we had a lot of fun together. I miss her a lot.

8. I haven't gone down on my wife in years.  Come to think of it, I don't bring her flowers anymore, either.

9. I'm jealous of black people because they can grow Afros.

10. I'm an emophobe.  But I secretly listen to the Get Up Kids. And My Chemical Romance.

11. I don't understand the appeal of the whole 72 virgins thing that Muslims believe in.  I'd rather have one well traveled pirate whore.

The itty bitty sundress:

Happy Friday, hooligans!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As you can see this is post 893...inching me ever so close to the big 1K. Ah, no big deal, really. I just think it's kinda cool I have had 893 days worth of thoughts to post about - even though many of them are just complete drivel. Still, I make the effort, right?

Buddy's last day of school was last Tuesday and we've been enjoying our summer break, although I haven't had even one morning to remotely sleep in. We received his 6th grade report card the other day. He finished with a lackluster GPA of 3.750. It would have been much higher if he had made more of an effort in Spanish class. He said she gave out too much work to be finished in the time frame allotted.

Riddle me this? Yours truly speaks Spanish fairly fluently. I offered to give him tips or to better explain things, but he never brought any of it home. I said, "I won't DO it for you, but I will guide you along and give detailed explanations." It's even more maddening because his elementary school had Spanish classes for ALL grades. Sure, it was just beginner stuff, but it was something. And, I know he watched enough Dora as a tot to have learned some of the language!

Yet, this is the child who, at 2.5 taught himself basic sign language and to this day studies Japanese. Helloooo? Which is easier: Spanish or Japanese? Imma go with Spanish.

What can I say? This is the same kid who wanted to learn to play chess at 4. The Evil Twin and I are clueless, so we found someone who offered lessons. For a 4 year old.

Even though math is the subject he dislikes the most, he still does really well. He also does well with reading and spelling, but I guess the foreign language gene missed him. Or, maybe he's just weird in a different way than the Evil Twin and I.

I'll go with that one - he's just weird in a different way.

Bad: I am wearing an itty bitty sundress at not yet 10A and already sweating with the AC on. I don't mind the heat, but it's about 400% humidity too.

Good: We get to see my aunt and cousin and other Aunt and Uncle this weekend at Tamarack.

Bad: I think I've already killed my strawberry plants.

Good: If you give a kitten a ring from a gallon of milk and a cardboard box (the ones you can buy with a case of waters in), they will be entertained for long time.

OK - this is my random Wednesday post.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trying to Wake Up

All that bug wrangling, laundry, dishes, etc. yesterday just plum wore me out. I didn't get around to the grocery.

I was really stressing out because I had a doctor's appt. today at 1, so I worried about how I was going to squeeze all of today's activities in.

Luckily, I got a call just after 8 - again since the kitten Bella thinks 6 is a perfectly wonderful time to start playing with my hair, I had been up for a while - that the physician's assistant was out sick and they needed to reschedule. Wow - things normally don't work out that well for me. Now, I just have a couple of quick errands to run and a trip to the store. Except, I can't seem to find my motivation.

I've had a couple of small sips of coffee, thinking that might help, but nope.

Maybe a nice hot shower will do the trick. Oh well, if nothing else, the Mart of Wal offers opportunities to see something hilarious. I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw someone with one Frankenstein shoe. I seriously just need to wear my camera around my neck so I can get shots on the fly without having to dig thru my purse for the camera!

Happy Tuesday, hooligans! I may not be able to get around to reading until later on, but I will be swinging by! :-)

Monday, June 14, 2010

It Almost Wasn't

I woke up this morning, thanks to a certain playful kitten, Miss Bella Della Doodle Bug Boodly-Fur. She thinks a bit after 6 AM-ish is a good time to want to "play". YAWN.

So I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and made the Evil Twin's lunch, checked my email and prepared to get a few more ZZZZs.

Only, there was the biggest, hairiest spider hanging around on our bedroom wall. I HAD to summon the Evil Twin (who hates spiders, like most normal people, so I could have a witness).

I'm the family bug/reptile lover, so I was on a mission to get him in a cup and shake him outside. Except, I missed and he skittered under the bed. I finally found him in one of my dress shoes (from when I worked in an office) and I shook him out the front door. Crisis averted.

Then, Sissy was up and I had laundry and dishes to work on.

I haven't had a Monday this rotten in years!

I hope your Monday is better, hooligans!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Secrets June 11

I received many secrets this week. I'm also flattered that Matt-Man totally pimped me out yesterday. I think that is chock full of AWESOMESAUCE - and I hope it will help lure encourage others into sending in a secret or two!

1. I fantasize about a threesome with Evil Twin's Wife quite a bit. Sometimes the third party is a woman, sometimes the third party is a man. No matter the arrangement, it's always a hot and juicy time.

2. Sometimes, if there's a very long line at a store and I only have one or two small items I'll walk out without paying.   I figure that tax incentives and short-changing employees makes up for the $4 or $5 losses due to shrinkage that I cause.

3. I once turned down a bj so I could watch DragonBall Z.  I was 26.

4. I've done the "magician" sex move... that's where you pull out, spit on the girl's butt and then when she turns over you blast in her face.

5. I recently got my cock pierced - a frenum piercing (  This piercing supposedly makes sex better for both parties (different rubbing sensation for me, two little massaging balls to rub against some fun parts for her).  A big part of the reason I got it, though, was to prove to myself that I could actually go forward with it.  Of equal importance, to see if I can refrain from masturbating for two weeks (some sort of holy mission, I guess, on my part).

6. Sometimes when I first wake up I'll pee in the sink. I think it's a lot less messy than the wild sprayhose pee that you get first thing in the morning.

7. I don't understand men who don't live by the creed of "It's better to give than receive".  In all honesty I get off more on giving a woman oral sex than receiving it.  And guys who finish before their woman?  I don't get that either.  I love giving a woman an orgasm and feel like I've "failed" if she doesn't.

8. I wish you cared enough to fight for me.  Since you don't, whatever we had is over.

9. I had a girl-on-girl experience when I was a young was totally hot and I still think about it more than 20 years later.  Funny thing is, I "friended" her on Facebook after seeing her on a mutual friend's list, and she accepted me.  We had lost track of each other over the years and I wasn't even sure she'd remember me, let alone add me.  It just got me to thinking about whether or not she remembers the fun we had exploring back then.  I don't think I want to ask her about it, although I've considered it.  I mean, you don't just forget something like that, do you?  We are both married now, to men, LOL, but mmmmmm, I love the memory of our afternoon together. 

10. Last summer a friend set me up with a guy named Adam.  He was a great guy, but we didn't have a love connection.  We did however remain friends and we meet up once a month or so for dinner or drinks.  Last week Adam told me about a new girl he was dating whom he met at the gym, Rebecca.  He showed me a picture of them on his phone and she is my sister-in-law Rebecca!  I nearly died, but I didn't say anything to him.  For 8 days I haven't told a soul.  I know it would kill my brother and I am thinking of confronting her, but I don't know how.  I have no idea what to do.

11. I'm in love.

I didn't receive a mystery photo for this week. I do have some ideas, so we'll see what I can make happen NEXT Friday. Until then, Happy Friday, hooligans!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Day of Summer Vacation

Aaaaand, it's raining buckets. That's okay. I didn't have anything planned for today and I went to the grocery yesterday, so everything is good and well.

At the store, I picked up a metric assload of potting soil (well, Buddy helped me lift it) - and it was a chore for BOTH of us. We managed to get it in the "trunk" of the van and then I left it there for the Evil Twin to deal with later.

He had laughed at us when we said it was SO heavy, but after he lifted it, he agreed that it is one big heavy bag of soil. LOL. If it stops raining today, perhaps I can get out and clear my "garden" area - it's really just a rectangular raised brick area to the side of the patio.

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to planting, but at least I try.

I also try to visit all the blogs I follow and leave a comment. However, I have noticed comments here have dropped off to almost nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? I know I haven't been replying to comments as I had in the past, but the last week or so of the school year always has me on the run. And, I just haven't had time to comment HERE, but I DO comment at other sites. Will it take another cleavage shot to get people back here? I don't know, but it's depressing as hell.

Add to that: We've lost several good friends over the past couple of months. Not lost to death, but just lost due to assorted circumstances. It makes me sad and I'm not online as much as I have been in the past. I guess I just don't understand why a difference of opinions makes people pull away (and it's not us doing the pulling).

We're both conservatives. I'm tired of being labeled a "nutter" for my views. I don't judge or label others...oh well... Life goes on, right? And I don't even post my views here, ever. I just keep it to myself.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Highly Recommended Reading

If you're not already reading Jeff Kay's West Virginia Surf Report (on online journal of sorts), you're really missing out.

Jeff is originally from this area, but his profession has taken him to many different states. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and their two sons.

Anyhoodle, when he lived in this area, the Evil Twin worked at one of the coolest record shops around (it's still here - Budget Tapes and Records, although I don't think they sell tapes anymore - LOL). Anyone who truly loved music shopped there and Jeff was a regular customer.

The Evil Twin did art work for the store and designed their ads and different things, so his reputation as a designer was out there. He designed the header for my blog here and later designed the one that is currently at the WVSR. Then, he and Jeff collaborated on the Evil Twin designing t-shirts.

Now, there is a new t-shirt out.
The smoking fish on this shirt is the original smoking fish (not designed by the Evil Twin), but a much beloved icon of the WVSR.

The Evil Twin didn't do much on this design either, he followed Jeff's wishes and voila! A really cool design was born!

Even if you don't want a shirt, please bookmark, follow, subscribe - whatever you need to do to catch the WVSR updates. You won't be disappointed! :-)

And while I'm at it here, may I just say I must be the lamest parent in the county. TODAY is the last day, not tomorrow, as I had thought. AND, it's an early dismissal day at that. How did I miss this information? I think I looked at the school menu and it had the lunch schedule to Wednesday, the 9th, but that is the last day for teachers - not students! So, I need to fling myself in the shower, pick up Buddy, and head out to the Mart of Wal. I was going to go while he was in school today, but DOH! Early dismissal, mom o' the year. LOL.

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Two More Days

That's how many days of school Buddy has left! Wednesday is the laaaast day. It should have been Friday, but they had a few more snow days to make up.

Of course, I'll still have to get up to make the Evil Twin's lunch four days a week, but that only takes me about 10 minutes tops. And, of course, Sissy will be getting up at her usual early bird time (between 7:30 and 8 ish), so I won't actually get to sleep in much, but it's still better than 6:30AM.

Speaking of sleep, I didn't get much last night. The Evil Twin was snoring and hogging the bed, so I eventually grabbed a blanket and slept on the couch.

That's never a really restful night's sleep. I would have gone to the guest room, but I washed the sheets and haven't remade the bed yet.

Next time, I'm kicking the Evil Twin to the couch. He's asleep on it most of the time anyway (LOL).

It's time for me to get my rear in gear. Your intrepid hausfrau has lots of housework to do today. I've been so foggy this morning, it's been difficult to find my motivation. That's especially the suck on Monday morning!

But, at least I'm finally getting around to posting. That always gives me a boost, even if it gives you the yawns. :-) Sorry to be so lame-o today, but if you had to sleep on the couch, you'd totally understand.

Stay tuned - tomorrow, I plan on pimping my husband! (get your filthy minds out of the gutter - not like that, but I like to brag on him and help a friend at the same time!)

Happy Monday, hooligans!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Secrets June 04

I just love Fridays. Remember poor ETW if you have a secret to get off your chest: I never respond to secrets, so if you're curious if I received the email, send me a separate message to inquire. It can all be done anonymously if you wish. If it's not anonymous, it never goes further than my brain to this blog. Enjoy!

1. I'm on a message board with my wife.  They have a secrets thread there too.  I submitted a bunch of them (including the infamous #9) anonymously.

She spotted 3 of them and said she thought they could be mine (including #9).  She'd asked earlier if I had submitted any and I had said no.  Of course after that I did submit them.  So when she said that I just just said something like "Hmmm... " and didn't actually deny it.

I didn't think they'd be that easy to figure out.  I just submitted another one.  I wonder if she'll be able to figure this one out too...

2. I leave off my wedding band when I go out by myself.

3. I feel extremely underappreciated at my job. The only time I'm acknowledged is when someone has a criticism or tells me what I "should" be doing.

4. I had contractors at my house this past week, and I wanted to fuck one of them so bad and if I didn't have a bf I would have. I'm wet just thinking about him. I haven't felt like this about a strange man in a while if ever. I cant get him off my mind. Oh and he has a gf too.

5. I send random naked pictures to my best friend who's a guy just to make him smile, I don't tell my boyfriend I do this.

On top of all the secrets this week, I also received several mystery photo submissions! Yay!

This one was for the Memorial Day weekend, but came in a little late, but I still think it's fine to share now. After all, it is "Grillin' Season". This was entitled "Have a brat on me."

We then have this photo. This one is called "My gut. It's EPIC!"

And, finally, lest the men folk feel left out, I received this beauty:

Happy Friday, hooligans! I love you all!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's That Time of the Year!

It has finally warmed up enough around this hellhole for me to plant a few victims and see how they fare.

Yesterday, at the Mart of Wal, I picked up 2 tomato plants, 2 strawberry plants and 2 tomato cages. Last year, the Evil Twin talked me out of the cages (which were only $2.50 each) and we had tomato plants going every which way! We tried to stake them, but those suckers get heavy when they start producing the fruit.

I'm all a twitter with excitement with my new purchases.

I know it seems a little late in the season to plant now, but - trust me - they would have died of frost if I had done this earlier. Soooo, I'm going to get a few more supplies, plant my goods, fertilize, water, and see how things go. I always get so happy when I do this.

It's the possibility of growing something really cool mixed with a touch of anxiety that things won't pan out as I'd like.

We do live in an area where woodland critters run amok. I try to trick them to stay away by a variety of means including spraying the plants with a mixture of crushed red pepper and water. I also add an end of a pantyhose with human hair in it and this year, we're attempting to also grow marigolds around the edible plants. I've heard the smell of marigolds is enough to drive off most of the pesky scavengers.

I'm considering posting a photo of Flatimir, like a warning label: "You eat at my garden and perhaps you will end up dead in our shed."

This weekend looks good to clean out my little planting area and get started. There will be plenty of boring garden pictures along the way, so stay tuned for that! I know it's hard to wait for all that adventure, but you'll just have to be patient.

Happy Thursday, hooligans!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working Wednesday

I'm trying to get motivated today. It's not been easy. I feel overwhelmed by life in general right now.

Bella's favorite resting spot is on my lap - all the time. She's so small, though, that she has to claw her way up onto the couch. I get shredded on a regular basis. I wonder if she's trying to make a lamp shade out of me?

Sissy is afraid of those sharp little claws. It's funny because she alternately loves on the cat, then jumps back in horror, thinking of those sharp claws! LOL.

This one is gonna be a short one - mainly because I don't have anything and also I have to get my day underway - I'm already running late as it is.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Have I Done?

Back when the Nintendo DSi came out, I grabbed Buddy and went out the first morning it was up for sale. My motivation was to gain ownership of his DS, so I could play crossword games on it.

That was fun for a while and then the DS went on top of the dresser and just kind of sat there collecting dust.

Fast forward a few months, Sissy said she wanted a DS, and I thought "I am not buying you a DS. #1. You're only 4. #2. It is nowhere near your birthday or Christmas. and #3. We don't have a money tree growing in the back yard.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, the whining and such was driving me to the brink (keep in mind that I am almost certain that I am peri-menopausal), I took that DS off the dresser, found a game in Buddy's room and let her go at it.

Since then, he has given her 3 games he never plays anymore and then I bought her the "Zhu Zhu Pets" game.

She loves that game. It's easy enough for her to understand and she loves the Zhu Zhu babies (they have different colored diapers on). I figure it promotes hand/eye coordination and encourages problem solving skills.

She is actually good at the games for a 4 year old. Plus, it gives her something tangible to do rather than watching mindless tot TV.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't engage my children during the day. I do try to find activities we can both enjoy - going outside when it's nice enough, doing crafts, letting her help me with meals, etc. We also read lots of books, but if she enjoys playing a silly game for a small part of her day, I'm okay with that.

In effect, we have had two "only" children, since they are so far apart in age and encouraging them to be involved with independent play has been a challenge.

I am a stay at home mom, but that doesn't mean I'm here to be a playmate. I still have housework to do.

Thank goodness, she will enter preschool in the fall for FOUR days a week (only 3 hours a day, but.... I'll take whatever). I think she's ready to make friends and I know it will be great for her. :-)

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!