Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Secrets June 04

I just love Fridays. Remember poor ETW if you have a secret to get off your chest: I never respond to secrets, so if you're curious if I received the email, send me a separate message to inquire. It can all be done anonymously if you wish. If it's not anonymous, it never goes further than my brain to this blog. Enjoy!

1. I'm on a message board with my wife.  They have a secrets thread there too.  I submitted a bunch of them (including the infamous #9) anonymously.

She spotted 3 of them and said she thought they could be mine (including #9).  She'd asked earlier if I had submitted any and I had said no.  Of course after that I did submit them.  So when she said that I just just said something like "Hmmm... " and didn't actually deny it.

I didn't think they'd be that easy to figure out.  I just submitted another one.  I wonder if she'll be able to figure this one out too...

2. I leave off my wedding band when I go out by myself.

3. I feel extremely underappreciated at my job. The only time I'm acknowledged is when someone has a criticism or tells me what I "should" be doing.

4. I had contractors at my house this past week, and I wanted to fuck one of them so bad and if I didn't have a bf I would have. I'm wet just thinking about him. I haven't felt like this about a strange man in a while if ever. I cant get him off my mind. Oh and he has a gf too.

5. I send random naked pictures to my best friend who's a guy just to make him smile, I don't tell my boyfriend I do this.

On top of all the secrets this week, I also received several mystery photo submissions! Yay!

This one was for the Memorial Day weekend, but came in a little late, but I still think it's fine to share now. After all, it is "Grillin' Season". This was entitled "Have a brat on me."

We then have this photo. This one is called "My gut. It's EPIC!"

And, finally, lest the men folk feel left out, I received this beauty:

Happy Friday, hooligans! I love you all!


  1. I thought the last picture was a chick with a screwed up body, until I realized it was an upside down view. Those are some perky breastesses. And the brat boy...Man, that is sexy. Cheers ETW!!

  2. Im now NOT grilling brats this weekend as I had planned.

  3. #2, after seeing my husband do the same thing for years, I stopped wearing mine altogether!

    And I think I know that encased meat ...

  4. #2 - I always take mine off for practice then "accidentally" forget to put it back on...

    And that last pic... Daaaaayum...

  5. #4 I can just picture that... tool belt, worn jeans, strong arms, *actually* doing the stuff at your house that you want done... very hot indeed.

  6. First Picture has got to be Sylde. It just has to be!!

  7. I think Mrs. D said it all! Found you through Sammy at to unravel. Loving this secret thing!

  8. Well I definitely recognize the brat photo. Your being turned on to a strange man in your house makes me kind of turned on. I wish I were the strange man.