Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Have I Done?

Back when the Nintendo DSi came out, I grabbed Buddy and went out the first morning it was up for sale. My motivation was to gain ownership of his DS, so I could play crossword games on it.

That was fun for a while and then the DS went on top of the dresser and just kind of sat there collecting dust.

Fast forward a few months, Sissy said she wanted a DS, and I thought "I am not buying you a DS. #1. You're only 4. #2. It is nowhere near your birthday or Christmas. and #3. We don't have a money tree growing in the back yard.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, the whining and such was driving me to the brink (keep in mind that I am almost certain that I am peri-menopausal), I took that DS off the dresser, found a game in Buddy's room and let her go at it.

Since then, he has given her 3 games he never plays anymore and then I bought her the "Zhu Zhu Pets" game.

She loves that game. It's easy enough for her to understand and she loves the Zhu Zhu babies (they have different colored diapers on). I figure it promotes hand/eye coordination and encourages problem solving skills.

She is actually good at the games for a 4 year old. Plus, it gives her something tangible to do rather than watching mindless tot TV.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't engage my children during the day. I do try to find activities we can both enjoy - going outside when it's nice enough, doing crafts, letting her help me with meals, etc. We also read lots of books, but if she enjoys playing a silly game for a small part of her day, I'm okay with that.

In effect, we have had two "only" children, since they are so far apart in age and encouraging them to be involved with independent play has been a challenge.

I am a stay at home mom, but that doesn't mean I'm here to be a playmate. I still have housework to do.

Thank goodness, she will enter preschool in the fall for FOUR days a week (only 3 hours a day, but.... I'll take whatever). I think she's ready to make friends and I know it will be great for her. :-)

Happy Tuesday, hooligans!


  1. My nephew plays a bunch of educational computer games and he is 3. He has been a master of the mouse for a year.

    I think it is a great thing that she can entertain herself.

  2. I think it's awesome. Consider it Sissy's alone time ! We all need some alone time to do something we enjoy - your a great Mom

  3. I think it's just fine to give our kids video games for entertainment. Anything used in moderation is ok in my opinion. I've considered getting a DS for myself as well, but I think it would be like you said - I'd use it for a couple weeks or a month or two and then it would be collecting dust (I love crosswords too!)

  4. Any game is better than that Mario Bros game she was "playing" before. ;-) glad you got her one she can actually work with.

  5. When I was her age we didn't have these fancy electronic games. We had to be creative and find ways to entertain ourselves. LOL ;-)

  6. I havne't even bought my 8 yr old one yet although he wants one BAD cause all his friends have one.

    They do have some wonderful games for kids to play now...educational even so that makes it all wothwhile...I think they even have some cooking games for adults...not that is worth teh $150 dollars right there!

  7. We bought my daughter (7) a pink DS for Christmas. My son (4) keeps stealing it so he can play the Build a Bear Game. Luckily they would both rather play outside than inside with the game.

  8. i think its great.. my baby girl has a vsmile protable game system.. she inherited all the games from her bro.. he still has his own.. and plays that.. but loves her bros ds so much more.. he wants a psp (which i am making him buy with his own money since he's horrible at taking care of things.) so i might tell him that he can hand down his ds to his sister. to the ex-mil might not like that since she bought it.. oh well.

  9. Using a mouse is something that would be good to master as well. They start right off in school with computer/mouse stuff and that seems to be a tough thing to get right...so I think your eye-hand coordination skill building on the ds will be good

  10. IMHO.... here is the best game for kids in your childs age range. Behold


    let me know what you think.


  11. I couldn't agree more.

    As the parent of an only child, I constantly remind her that I am her mom, not her playmate. I don't mind games/books here and there, but it's not my job to be her creative juice.

    This is probably why my Mother's Day card included the following phrases under "My Momma loves me even though..."

    ---I sometimes talk just to hear myself talk...

    --I sometimes just need to find a place to be and BE THERE.

    See? You're normal! :)

    That said, when Sissy graduates to the PC, you can count on www.girlsgogames.com.

    Nooze LOVES it. Daddy previewed it and approved.

  12. Oh my kids LOVE the DS. We bought Abby one Christmas 2008. Molly became attached, so we bought Abby a new one Christmas 2009 and gave Molly, then not quite 3, Abby's old one. And she loves it. They play Mario together quite often. Now Zach will be 2 in a few days and is wanting one...may have to repeat above process this Christmas.

    I know, terrible, so young, but they really love it and it keeps them occupied for HOURS!

    I'm going to have to look into the Zhu Zhu pets game, now!

    Thanks for that...lol

  13. If you find that money tree, let me know.

    Glad she got her game, and glad it gives you some peace! :)

  14. Well I can honestly say that a 4 year old could probably stomp me when it comes to video games! haha

  15. When I had things to do around the house, when my kid was little I just gave him a shot of Ny-Quil. Cheers ETW!!