Monday, June 14, 2010

It Almost Wasn't

I woke up this morning, thanks to a certain playful kitten, Miss Bella Della Doodle Bug Boodly-Fur. She thinks a bit after 6 AM-ish is a good time to want to "play". YAWN.

So I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and made the Evil Twin's lunch, checked my email and prepared to get a few more ZZZZs.

Only, there was the biggest, hairiest spider hanging around on our bedroom wall. I HAD to summon the Evil Twin (who hates spiders, like most normal people, so I could have a witness).

I'm the family bug/reptile lover, so I was on a mission to get him in a cup and shake him outside. Except, I missed and he skittered under the bed. I finally found him in one of my dress shoes (from when I worked in an office) and I shook him out the front door. Crisis averted.

Then, Sissy was up and I had laundry and dishes to work on.

I haven't had a Monday this rotten in years!

I hope your Monday is better, hooligans!


  1. Yuck a spider situation on a Monday morning is not a good way to start the week! I'll take a playful kitten any day, though :-)

  2. Monday Monday, so good to me,
    Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
    Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
    That Monday evening my big hairy spider, would still be here with me.

  3. One of my biggest fears ever...putting on a pair of shoes and having a spider bite me...::shivers::that totally just freaked me out! Good thing you caught the little bugger!

    I call every Monday..Manic Monday.

  4. I had a good morning. Both girls slept until 10 this morning! We've been going on the lake every Sunday and they wear themselves out! I love it!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  5. I would have so killed that spider. There isn't enough room in this world for me an spiders.

  6. Spiders don't particularly bother me but if one gets close enough it's a goner.

  7. Well at least there wasn't any issues involving a forgotten cell phone....

  8. I think I am getting a sinus infection, which will probably mean a delay on the surgery. But, I had the office to myself, looked cute, and was busy enough that the day flew by! I say it's a toss up.

  9. Mine was hot and sweaty, and no, not in a good way. Cheers ETW!!

  10. I'm with Jay, the world is not big enough for me and spiders! Ewww!

  11. spiders and snakes are from the devils anus.

    i HATE them

  12. What a wake up call!

    Spiders eat other pesky bugs. For that reason alone, they are tolerable. Then you catch the occasional spider web all decked out in morning dew in just the right light . . .