Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working Wednesday

I'm trying to get motivated today. It's not been easy. I feel overwhelmed by life in general right now.

Bella's favorite resting spot is on my lap - all the time. She's so small, though, that she has to claw her way up onto the couch. I get shredded on a regular basis. I wonder if she's trying to make a lamp shade out of me?

Sissy is afraid of those sharp little claws. It's funny because she alternately loves on the cat, then jumps back in horror, thinking of those sharp claws! LOL.

This one is gonna be a short one - mainly because I don't have anything and also I have to get my day underway - I'm already running late as it is.

Happy Wednesday, hooligans!


  1. My new orange kitten has us all jumping scared too...even the dog! They are gonna grow out of this, right?

  2. Oh, kitten claws. Gotta love it!

  3. That's why I have a rabbit!

    Happy Hump Day!

  4. our kittens have destroyed the slipcovers on our chairs.

    Good thing they were 1) cheap, and 2) easily replaceable.

  5. LOL... I read that her favorite resting place is in you lap followed by clawing her way onto the "couch", but I read it as "cooch".... :-)

  6. Bwaahaha! I read it as "cootch" too!

  7. You just pour yourself a nice glass of Merlot and sit back a while. That'll sort you right out : )

    Sissy's going to pre-school all ready, wow.

    Pretty exciting, I remember those days!