Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Grind

And back to it, tomorrow AM. Early too, as I have quite a bit lined up. Not that I want to do it, but if I don't, I don't see anyone else chomping at the bit to help me with it.

We did get a lot of things wrapped up this weekend, though and that feels good. I feel like I'm going to explode without my screen door though. I don't know why that is totally pissing me off. Nothing I can do about it, right? I just have to be patient and wait for it to come in. I think most of my feelings come from just wanting all this contractor junk to be finished, once and for all and then I don't have to think about it again for many more years.

For the Evil Twin's birthday in July, I ordered him a new desktop computer. So, his old Dell, which is not too terribly old, we planned on giving to Buddy, so he could use it in his room. Don't look at me like I'm crazy - he's almost 10 AND he's a very responsible and honest kid. Of course, we went over the internet rules again and also added that we would be checking it to see where he'd been. We don't have a keystroke program on it, but thru the history and cache, we could cobble together anything unusual.

This arrangement will work out much better for us, anyway, as the computer was downstairs in the office before and now it's in his bedroom, so all I have to do is walk down the hallway and I can see what he's doing. When it was the Evil Twin's computer, I never did walk downstairs to check in on him because I couldn't leave Sissy (Demon Spawn) alone for 2 seconds. LOL.

Plus, we found a little cheap desk and he can set up shop and do his homework there too. It'll be MUCH quieter than trying to do it at the kitchen table during ECT (evening chaos time). The greatest part is that Buddy and the Evil Twin worked very hard getting Buddy's room cleaned up - and OUT. Many, many old Happy Meal toys went either bye bye in the trash or in the Goodwill box, so things are much more organized and it just feels much lighter in his room now. :-)

My door isn't in, but at least we accomplished a different task - and got Sissy's room tidied up to boot. So, that makes me feel somewhat better! Whew.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gettin' Good CS

I'm not even sure where to start on my current saga, as it's been ongoing since late July. With all our home remodeling projects, I decided I may as well replace the front door and the screen door while I'm at it, so I can have a more beautiful, modern door - which the Evil Twin will paint with my very favorite red from Sherwin Williams - and a fancy new screen door with the retractable roll screen feature.

My door sizes are odd, so I had to do a special order. Special order is Lowe's code for "We're going to ream you on the price." Undeterred by their shocking prices, I ordered them anyway. And waited, and waited and, you know, waited. They finally came in and the contractor to do the installation called and gave me a date about 3 weeks later than the arrival of my doors.

That was supposed to have been last Tuesday. Due to a death in the family (which I totally understand and sympathize with), all their appointments that day were cancelled and rescheduled. Fast forward to this morning - my contractors with my doors arrive around 9:30 am and begin working. I'm sitting in the den with Sissy and I can hear them discussing *something*.

I went to lay the baby down for her nap and do a little housework and when I came back into the den, the senior contractor said he had some good news and some bad news. NOT what I wanted to hear. Good news is my exterior door was in and finished. Bad news? The storm door was too tall to fit the opening. He tells me, "Hopefully, Lowe's just gave me the wrong door. Either way, you'll get a call from me or Lowe's in about an hour." That was 11:15 am.

By 3:30 pm, I decide to call Lowe's myself to find out what is the deal on my door. I get a nice guy from installation on the phone who needs to talk to the installation manager and promises to call me back. About a half hour later, I get a phone call from the installation manager who gives me a big huck and jive about "no one's pointing fingers" and "it's unfortunate" and perhaps I can have my screen door in a week "or two".

I say, I spent more on that screen door than the exterior door and if I had known I wouldn't have a screen door, I would have kept the old one until the new one was ready. We love having the exterior door open and getting sunlight in thru the screen door. He says he realizes how much of an inconvenience this has been for us and voila! My new screen door, which is again on order, is coming home to live with me for 15% off! I wasn't trying to get a discount, but bubba! I am all about the customer service, so once again, Lowe's will be on my "OK to shop at" list again. Otherwise, I would have given them the cold hard boot after this and trust me - you know that saying? About a woman scorned? Let's just say you do not want to be on my shitlist.

You cool with me, I'm cool with you. Otherwise, I don't need any new drinking buddies. There WILL be pics of said new doors when the whole thing is over and done! Stop by to see the results. :-)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Slightly Jealous

Buddy has started to read the Harry Potter books. I'm a little envious, because he'll get to read them all one right after the other, whereas I had to wait (and wait and wait, it seemed like) for the next book to come out after I finished the most current book.

Actually, I"m happy that he has expressed an interest in this series and has the attention span to really grasp the details. He has been begging me to read them forever, but I held him off until now.

We've all seen the movies to date. Today, he told me he likes the books better because he was able to learn much more of what was going on. That made my little reading heart smile. He's already on book 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban. I really liked that one, too, but it would be hard to pick my very favorite.

The hardest part for me is trusting him with my beloved hard back books! I take the dust covers off even before I read them, and he wondered why I handed him a dust cover-less book the other day. I also laid out my book rules: do not turn the pages down, do not get food or anything greasy on the pages or outside of book, do not spill anything on the book, do not let your grimy handed classmates check out any part of the book. There!

I inspected book 2 when he returned it to me, including flipping thru the pages looking for smears or any sign of book abuse and, upon finding nothing but the pristine book I loaned him, I went and got book 3 - took the dust cover off - and handed it over. He just started this evening and is on the 2nd chapter!

I'll probably end up reading the books TO Sissy. She can't be trusted. LOL.

Friday, September 21, 2007

All Things Right

Today was one of those days where I woke up to get Buddy ready for school and felt well-rested and chipper, which for me to say that about myself at 6:30 am is really something. I am not a morning person. Anyway, I woke up and felt excellent, so I showered quickly and got myself ready before 8:30 even. Sissy woke up right around the time the Evil Twin was leaving for work and I got her breakfast and dressed for the day.

After our mid-morning snack (a blueberry waffle - one for her, one for me), we went to Kohl's for some retail therapy. It took a whole lot of willpower for me to NOT purchase the nearly $400 KitchenAid stand mixer. I really want one! Maybe for Christmas? However, I did get two really cute tops, a pair of leggings, new sheets for the ET and me and Sissy got a cute purple zip up "sweatshirt-like" jacket. I also got.... a pair of Vera Wang shoes. Okay, it's the Simply Vera line that Kohl's has now, but OMGosh!!! They are soooo cute!

Then we come to the bummer - it's Friday Night and that means Friday Night Freakshow, which means I am banned from doing laundry since my utility room is on the same level as the den where FNFS takes place (which is to say, the basement - fully finished though, so more house like than dank and scary basement like).

And, I really want to wash those sheets! I only have a few more weeks before the Evil Twin dictates that the flannel sheets come out of hiding and land on our bed. I think he might be the only man who enjoys flannel sheets... can't blame him, really, they ARE comfy. I'll be curious to find out if the new windows make a difference in the temperature in our bedroom - which is typically the coldest room upstairs.

Well, since I can't do laundry, perhaps I'll just vacuum a bit. The replacement hose I got for my Electrolux is so much lighter than the old hose. Get this -- when I went into the shop with my broken hose, the guy says, "Wow, you have an older model." Since I inherited it from my mom, I couldn't remember when she bought it, but turns out it's from the mid 80s. We also own the one my mom bought prior to the main one that she bought in the later 60s, early 70s and it's still going strong, too!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Hooked....

On Survivor again, already. Tonight was the premiere for the new season and I eagerly waited all day for 8 pm. I made sure that Sissy was bathed and in bed prior to 8 and that the floors were vacuumed and swiffered. I was able to hold off on laundry until after 9 pm- even if I was twitching thinking about it! I did finish it up and everything is folded and hung in its' rightful place now.

Of course, tomorrow will bring another load and I also have a load of clean dishes that need to be taken out of the dishwasher and a load of dirties that need to be loaded.

I'm kinda hoping that the Evil Twin will return to the main floor soon (he's down on his computer) and help me out with some things.... Hee hee.


We've been having a ton of fun out in our backyard on these cooler, more relaxing days. The Evil Twin has come to love the "hammock", which is, frankly, mine only. I only spent a few moments in it this afternoon before Buddy came out and wanted to join me and talk incessently about lord knows what. I tried to tune it out, but I'm sure it was video game related. I just wanted to lounge in the hammock ALL BY MYSELF for a bit. Go ahead, and call me selfish, I've earned it.

Besides, when Buddy does come out back, he and I play a game that involves two suction cup paddles and a ball. We have a great time keeping score of who gets the most "stickers", and I usually win. I have a special victory dance, which the Evil Twin captured on camera earlier. It should be documented on a video cam too, it's the greatest victory dance, ever:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Buyer's Remorse

But, it's teaching a lesson....

Buddy had been talking, non-stop, about a game he wanted for his Nintendo DS. He went on and on and on about it. He had saved some money and wanted to go to Game Stop to buy it. We had some friends over on Saturday from about 2 pm til 8 ish, so we weren't able to go on Saturday.

On Sunday, out of the kindness of his heart, the Evil Twin took Buddy to the Game Stop and let him purchase the game. Of course, the game and a carrier he wanted went over a few dollars, plus we always end up chipping in on the taxes (can't get away from 'em!). The Evil Twin told Buddy to really look around the store and see what they had used (those are cheaper) or if there might be anything else he wanted more.

Buddy said, "No." He wanted only THAT game. So, they brought it home and Buddy started playing immediately. Well, he doesn't really understand how to play and then later on, he mentioned that he wanted to take it back, but I told him once it was opened, they'd only exchange it for the same thing. Well, he hemmed and hawed and carried on.

I told him to be lucky it was only $30 of allowance and not more than that. I explained that everyone makes rash purchases and may later regret it. It's one of those great - if not sad - lessons in life.

He's still trying to figure out ways he can earn money around the house (not like he does the chores he's supposed to for the inflated allowance he gets anyway), so he can re-coup his losses and buy a better, different game. This whole gaming thing is starting to drive me nuts and I may just cut him off entirely. He wants the Wii for Christmas, and I had originally planned on making that happen, but I just don't know now.

I don't think I'm gonna survive his teen years.....

Friday, September 14, 2007

An Irk

Yesterday in the mail, I received yet another "application" to enhance my education and further my career by what used to be called the National Institute of Technology, but has changed to something different now. I can't even recall the new name. Suffice it to say, I'm sure they get their mailing list from somewhere indicating a certain "joblessness" of their targets.

Well, I have an education, thank you. A Bachelor's Degree that will serve me well IF I ever decide to return to the workforce. Otherwise, I don't want training to be a medical transcriptionist or home security associate or whatever they're calling it these days.

This time, I looked over all the material included in the envelope because I wondered if they had a number or an opt out option. They've been sending me those things for years and I can assure you, I am no more interested today than I was 9 years ago.

I get a little weary of people, in general, who seem to think I'm crazy for not being ready to return to work or to find a "real" job. We had (note, I use the past tense) some friends - a couple - who had plenty of money for the dad to stay home. Mom was the main breadwinner. But, they instead hired foreign au pairs to tend to their children, at what price, I can't imagine. Anyway, every time we spoke to this couple, particularly the husband, he always asked me, "So, when are you going back to work?" and I had the same answer every time, "We're not in any hurry for me to find a job - we'll do this as long as it's feasible." and that was before Sissy was born.

Well, that's all I have to blabber about this evening. I have a movie to watch. Buddy and the Evil Twin have their Friday Night Freakshow getting started, so it's just me, glorious me, and my BATV tonight.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well, I called the Electrolux place yesterday instead of making a trip to them. He can order what I need, but it won't be in until Saturday.

Until then, I have to use the Hoover upright, which I had forgotten that it weighs approximately 150lbs and I can barely push it. It takes all my weight to move it. For what we paid for the daggone thing, I should have splurged a few extra bucks and gotten the self propelled version. Oh well... live and learn, huh?

So, anyway, yes.... I do vacuum every evening, but only the two area rugs (in the den and dining room). With two kids, age 9 and 19 months and a husband, who all like to eat snacks in the den in front of the big TV, there is an assortment of crumbs on the carpets by the end of the day. Also, my long black hair manages to find its' way all over the place, so vacuuming is necessary.

However, this Saturday (and kind of early-ish), we're having company and I wanted to vacuum all the rooms with carpet and swiffer all the hardwood and porcelain tile. The Evil Twin is responsible for the downstairs area, except the bathroom and utility room, so I'll be cleaning those areas as well.

And, I figured out why I had been so crappy and feeling yuck the past two days. Can you say Auntie Flo? Well, TMI or not, she's here and once again, I am reminded to look forward to menopause or hysterectomy, whichever comes first. Let's face it, after the babies are born, female innards are just "cancer catchers" or so my mom's doctor felt when she had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 30 - remember myself and my brother were adopted - so she had no use for those parts anyway.

Wish me luck as I sit here and twitch - waiting for my vacuum part to arrive on Saturday. LOL.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Life is Kicking My Butt

This school year has been harder than last for some reason. I think it's got something to do with Sissy being more active and more vocal about her wants and needs - although she usually verbalizes these wants and needs in a high pitched squeal. It sets my teeth on edge.

I love her like no tomorrow, though, so I listen to the noises that could break a glass and try to decipher what it is she wants that will make the squealing go away. She is surprisingly not as verbal as Buddy was at the same age, and I always thought that girls developed quicker and that girls developed much quicker than a preemie boy. The pediatrician says she's a more active baby, so she's too busy on her gross motor skills that her fine motor skills, such as speech, will be slower to happen. The pediatrician doesn't seem worried and she's the professional, so I guess I'll agree with her.

We read her books and talk to her all the time. She can say "eye" and point to her eye. She said "mouth" today. One of the funniest things she does is you say, "Sissy, where's your nose?" and she sticks her finger up a nostril and says "Ewwwww."

Then, we have homework from Buddy. Today, thankfully, was a light day, but some days he will spend quite a bit of time at the kitchen table. Of course, he likes to have me around to help clarify things or check his work, which is not easy when Sissy also wants all of my attention. I didn't put her down for the first, oh, I'd say at least 5 days of her life, so I guess she's a bit spoiled on the constant attention. LOL.

I felt very down all day today. I feel like I don't meet anyone's expectations, least of all myself. I try, lord knows, I do. I'm just so freaking tired all the time. I will never get to the bottom of my "to do" list. And, I'd like to live a little before I die forever.

I broke the wand part of my Electrolux cannister vacuum this evening (I vacuum every single night), so now, in addition to going to the grocery store, I have to go to the Electrolux parts and service place a few miles down the street. I hope they have my part in stock. I need that vac. I have a Hoover upright, too, but I don't like that one as well.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the baby is in a good mood tomorrow and that it doesn't rain all day like it did today. I'm going to have a boatload of groceries and I hate being all soaked by the rain midday.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Venting My Spleen

As most of you know, I also post on MySpace. Nothing personal, but I keep my blogs set to be viewable by people on my friends' list only. If anyone would like to be my friend (particularly regular readers/commenters), I'd add ya. Anyway, that's not really the point of this blog.

A few days ago, I posted something on my blog on MYSPACE that apparently ticked off one of my regular readers. The way I see it, is it's my space to write about MY thoughts and my opinions and etc. I certainly didn't say (or imply, that I'm aware) that my way of thinking on a certain subject was the only and right way. I mentioned something that the Evil Twin and I feel strongly about and then suddenly, this person unsubbed from my readers' list.

Not that I'm really hurt or anything. What bothered me most is that I suddenly felt like I couldn't state my opinion freely and have others understand that it's only my opinion. I certainly don't agree with all the bloggers I read on a regular basis. If I can't think of anything to comment on or anything nice to say, then I won't comment. More often than not, it's just that I can't think of a comment because the subject matter might be outside my field of general knowledge OR I simply don't have an opinion on the topic of the day. Sometimes, it's lack of time on my part or forgetting to check one day and then missing a post altogether.

The truth of the matter is that I'm rarely offended by anything. If I don't agree, I just don't agree... it doesn't make or break my feelings for any one person, kwim? The Evil Twin and I are friends with lots of people we don't agree with on a political level, but we all have fun with it and no one gets bent out of shape (except one friend who'd had too much to drink one evening, but it's all been smoothed over by now! LOL).

Anyway, I just had to get that out. I'm not on MySpace to have to defend my opinions with people who are supposed to be my friend (in real life, that is).

My family, except ET are in bed, and I have laundry to get out and fold. I was a slacker this weekend and didn't do much. The Evil Twin set up my hammock yesterday and I've spent a good chunk of time getting my money's worth out of it. It is awesome!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Trying Something New

Usually, I wait until after 8 pm to sit down and work on this hear bit of blather, but today, I'm going to step out on a limb and try to choke something out while the baby is taking a nap. (Doesn't make the house any quieter - Noggin is still on and the bird is chirping his fool head off).

The only thing different is that Sissy is not hanging over my laptop trying to press keys while I type!

Breaking News! Two, count 'em - TWO FedEx guys just dropped off this hammock I ordered online a few days ago....

Okay, back to the blather. On Wednesday evening, I attended the first PTO meeting of the year at Buddy's school. As usual, it was filled with "hot topics", such as "No one likes the pizza on Family Pizza Day, should we do something else?" Now, this one's kinda tricky. Even though it's a private school, we follow the federal guidelines on the hot lunch program. In order to retain the funding, all food served has to have a nutritional guide label, which Domino's and Pizza Hut do not. So, we have to order the food service pizzas that are served to the children for lunch, lest we set a "bad example" for the children by eating carry out pizza. The food service pizza tastes like cardboard.

Nevermind that the point of Family Pizza Day is supposed to be about coming to have lunch with your child or children - even though in the past, Buddy always sits with a friend and ignores his parents. (!!) His loving parents who have come to have a slice of cardboard with him. This was last year, when the Evil Twin was off on Fridays...

Anyway, the whole thing is a total pain in the ass and just nuts. There's more to it, but I won't bore you with the minutia. The other hot topic was fundraisers. It always boils down to fundraisers and incentives. I just tell Buddy, "We'll participate in SOME fundraisers, and not in others, so don't be disappointed when you don't get some piece of crap prize - probably made in China and full of lead paint or whatever - because I am not going to hit up all my family members to buy junk." Honestly, I'd rather just make a cash donation, but then again, your kid doesn't get the crappy prizes for that. So, the PTO and the parents' go round and round on those issues. It's all very exciting.

I love seeing grown ups act like children. :-)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On Bridges

When I make my weekly trek to the Evil Empire, the Super Satan - you know, Walmart, I have to cross a bridge over the Kanawha River. Today, they were doing something construction-y on the bridge and had one lane closed off.

I started thinking about the bridge tragedy that happened a week or so ago in Minnesota and I also got to thinking about how rickety the Nitro-St. Albans (or Dick Henderson Memorial Bridge) is. Then, I thought of the murky, filthy water below it.

This river should be called the Kanawha Sewer, if people wanted to be more properly informed. I remember once I went on my boss' boat and hopping from the dock to the deck of his large boat was very intimidating. I made everyone around hold on to me and help me as I hopped across. The thoughts of being submerged in that filthy swamp almost had me hyperventilating.

Here's an even scarier scenario: at our local Regatta (a local event with different activities all weekend and bands and such), they have a swimming race. IN the Kanawha. Gag. There is no prize large enough for me to want to compete in that little event. You'd be lucky to walk away without e Coli, but there were dozens of contestants this year as in years' past, as well.

So, I drove across the rickety bridge and prayed that it would hold out one more time, so I wouldn't be trying to get myself and my "trapped in her car seat" baby out and then proceed to swim to shore in what is quite possibly nothing more than a conduit for fecal matter.

Come to think of it, the Dunbar bridge don't look so hot these days either. And I routinely cross that one as well. Maybe I should start playing the lottery too, just so my luck won't run out. Hee hee.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


What you've all been waiting for.... There is a type of body modification that is known as tightlacing or waist training. Basically, you wear a very tight and good quality corset and you can permanently reduce the size of your waist.

Remember ladies back in the 50s with 14 and 16 inch waists? Well, I'm not going for that small, but you'll get the idea.

I've had the thought floating around in my mind for years. There's something sexy and fun about it. But, I waited. I've had my two kids, don't want anymore so I figured now would be a good time to get started. However, the corset must be worn at least 23 hours a day and I think I'm going to officially wait until the Fall weather to start wearing it seriously. I don't want to appear "lumpy", although the corset I bought is very smooth:

Anyway, there you have it. I'll let you know how it's going from time to time, if you're interested. I try to wear it at night so I can sleep and waist train at the same time. It's a little awkward to just wear around the house, but I suppose I'll get used to it. You just can't bend at your waist very easily with the corset on. Sometimes, it takes me and the Evil Twin to get me in the daggone thing, but I'm pretty good about getting myself out of it.

Take a look around the Absolute Corsets site. They have some really beautiful (and expensive) garments. I'm not ready to buy another and invest more money until I see how this initial project is going.

Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday!!! I know we will.