Friday, September 14, 2007

An Irk

Yesterday in the mail, I received yet another "application" to enhance my education and further my career by what used to be called the National Institute of Technology, but has changed to something different now. I can't even recall the new name. Suffice it to say, I'm sure they get their mailing list from somewhere indicating a certain "joblessness" of their targets.

Well, I have an education, thank you. A Bachelor's Degree that will serve me well IF I ever decide to return to the workforce. Otherwise, I don't want training to be a medical transcriptionist or home security associate or whatever they're calling it these days.

This time, I looked over all the material included in the envelope because I wondered if they had a number or an opt out option. They've been sending me those things for years and I can assure you, I am no more interested today than I was 9 years ago.

I get a little weary of people, in general, who seem to think I'm crazy for not being ready to return to work or to find a "real" job. We had (note, I use the past tense) some friends - a couple - who had plenty of money for the dad to stay home. Mom was the main breadwinner. But, they instead hired foreign au pairs to tend to their children, at what price, I can't imagine. Anyway, every time we spoke to this couple, particularly the husband, he always asked me, "So, when are you going back to work?" and I had the same answer every time, "We're not in any hurry for me to find a job - we'll do this as long as it's feasible." and that was before Sissy was born.

Well, that's all I have to blabber about this evening. I have a movie to watch. Buddy and the Evil Twin have their Friday Night Freakshow getting started, so it's just me, glorious me, and my BATV tonight.


  1. I have never understood why people always assume that SAHMs are 'just waiting for an opportunity to get out and work'.

    Do they think that you're pulling a Peg Bundy?

    I encountered the opposite when Nooze was born. I was treated like trash by SAHMs because I HAD to return to work.

    Sometimes I am convinced that this area is stuck in the 1950s.

  2. I am thankful that I was in a position where I didn't have to work after my children were born. I was lucky, but I didn't look down on or make fun of those who had to work, and I don't understand people who always have to have a drama and make one up if they can't find it naturally.

  3. We made a conscious decision to have one of us at home to raise our children and now that our youngest is old enough to spend a short period of time by herself, we now both work.

    We went without some of the "luxuries" some of our friends did, but not the luxury of knowing every minute of our young children's lives.

    Recently I read where a school administrator forgot she left her child in her car with temps over 100 degrees for eight hours. She said she was so busy with other things going on with the start of school she didn't realize what she had done until it was too late.

    Thank God we had different priorities.

  4. Guess what I have now, thanks to you??? Our handy-man installed a new hand-held Water Pik shower thingy and it is terrific! Thanks so much for the recommendation!