Friday, September 7, 2007

Trying Something New

Usually, I wait until after 8 pm to sit down and work on this hear bit of blather, but today, I'm going to step out on a limb and try to choke something out while the baby is taking a nap. (Doesn't make the house any quieter - Noggin is still on and the bird is chirping his fool head off).

The only thing different is that Sissy is not hanging over my laptop trying to press keys while I type!

Breaking News! Two, count 'em - TWO FedEx guys just dropped off this hammock I ordered online a few days ago....

Okay, back to the blather. On Wednesday evening, I attended the first PTO meeting of the year at Buddy's school. As usual, it was filled with "hot topics", such as "No one likes the pizza on Family Pizza Day, should we do something else?" Now, this one's kinda tricky. Even though it's a private school, we follow the federal guidelines on the hot lunch program. In order to retain the funding, all food served has to have a nutritional guide label, which Domino's and Pizza Hut do not. So, we have to order the food service pizzas that are served to the children for lunch, lest we set a "bad example" for the children by eating carry out pizza. The food service pizza tastes like cardboard.

Nevermind that the point of Family Pizza Day is supposed to be about coming to have lunch with your child or children - even though in the past, Buddy always sits with a friend and ignores his parents. (!!) His loving parents who have come to have a slice of cardboard with him. This was last year, when the Evil Twin was off on Fridays...

Anyway, the whole thing is a total pain in the ass and just nuts. There's more to it, but I won't bore you with the minutia. The other hot topic was fundraisers. It always boils down to fundraisers and incentives. I just tell Buddy, "We'll participate in SOME fundraisers, and not in others, so don't be disappointed when you don't get some piece of crap prize - probably made in China and full of lead paint or whatever - because I am not going to hit up all my family members to buy junk." Honestly, I'd rather just make a cash donation, but then again, your kid doesn't get the crappy prizes for that. So, the PTO and the parents' go round and round on those issues. It's all very exciting.

I love seeing grown ups act like children. :-)


  1. The rule in our house is NO FUNDRAISERS.

    I am on the PTO hit list. I am POSITIVE of that.

    When Nooze is sent home with the inevitable Fundraiser paperwork, I simply write a note regarding our preference not to participate. If it is a great cause, I offer a cash donation instead.

  2. I went to Catholic school. Twice a year I had to go door to door selling The Tidings and asking for donations to save Pagan Babies. I hated it, never got one subscription in 8 years and so I had to give up my daily milk money to save those babies...they were probably perfectly happy being pagans. I went through what you are with 3 kids....just think you have going thru it with Sissy to look forward to.