Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gettin' Good CS

I'm not even sure where to start on my current saga, as it's been ongoing since late July. With all our home remodeling projects, I decided I may as well replace the front door and the screen door while I'm at it, so I can have a more beautiful, modern door - which the Evil Twin will paint with my very favorite red from Sherwin Williams - and a fancy new screen door with the retractable roll screen feature.

My door sizes are odd, so I had to do a special order. Special order is Lowe's code for "We're going to ream you on the price." Undeterred by their shocking prices, I ordered them anyway. And waited, and waited and, you know, waited. They finally came in and the contractor to do the installation called and gave me a date about 3 weeks later than the arrival of my doors.

That was supposed to have been last Tuesday. Due to a death in the family (which I totally understand and sympathize with), all their appointments that day were cancelled and rescheduled. Fast forward to this morning - my contractors with my doors arrive around 9:30 am and begin working. I'm sitting in the den with Sissy and I can hear them discussing *something*.

I went to lay the baby down for her nap and do a little housework and when I came back into the den, the senior contractor said he had some good news and some bad news. NOT what I wanted to hear. Good news is my exterior door was in and finished. Bad news? The storm door was too tall to fit the opening. He tells me, "Hopefully, Lowe's just gave me the wrong door. Either way, you'll get a call from me or Lowe's in about an hour." That was 11:15 am.

By 3:30 pm, I decide to call Lowe's myself to find out what is the deal on my door. I get a nice guy from installation on the phone who needs to talk to the installation manager and promises to call me back. About a half hour later, I get a phone call from the installation manager who gives me a big huck and jive about "no one's pointing fingers" and "it's unfortunate" and perhaps I can have my screen door in a week "or two".

I say, I spent more on that screen door than the exterior door and if I had known I wouldn't have a screen door, I would have kept the old one until the new one was ready. We love having the exterior door open and getting sunlight in thru the screen door. He says he realizes how much of an inconvenience this has been for us and voila! My new screen door, which is again on order, is coming home to live with me for 15% off! I wasn't trying to get a discount, but bubba! I am all about the customer service, so once again, Lowe's will be on my "OK to shop at" list again. Otherwise, I would have given them the cold hard boot after this and trust me - you know that saying? About a woman scorned? Let's just say you do not want to be on my shitlist.

You cool with me, I'm cool with you. Otherwise, I don't need any new drinking buddies. There WILL be pics of said new doors when the whole thing is over and done! Stop by to see the results. :-)


  1. I'm glad that they treated you well, and that you received a discount to boot!

    It sounds like at least ONE person has it right!

  2. As long as they offer something for my inconvenience, I'll stick with the store/seller/contractor. That is why I use Lowes and boycotted Hmome Depot

  3. Are you charmed or what? First a new light fixture, then something with a piece of in refund or something now this with the door. I just don't live right I guess. i am trying to talk Steve into a new "man" door on our wierd entry just so the exterior looks more like a house and not an airplane hanger.