Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well, I called the Electrolux place yesterday instead of making a trip to them. He can order what I need, but it won't be in until Saturday.

Until then, I have to use the Hoover upright, which I had forgotten that it weighs approximately 150lbs and I can barely push it. It takes all my weight to move it. For what we paid for the daggone thing, I should have splurged a few extra bucks and gotten the self propelled version. Oh well... live and learn, huh?

So, anyway, yes.... I do vacuum every evening, but only the two area rugs (in the den and dining room). With two kids, age 9 and 19 months and a husband, who all like to eat snacks in the den in front of the big TV, there is an assortment of crumbs on the carpets by the end of the day. Also, my long black hair manages to find its' way all over the place, so vacuuming is necessary.

However, this Saturday (and kind of early-ish), we're having company and I wanted to vacuum all the rooms with carpet and swiffer all the hardwood and porcelain tile. The Evil Twin is responsible for the downstairs area, except the bathroom and utility room, so I'll be cleaning those areas as well.

And, I figured out why I had been so crappy and feeling yuck the past two days. Can you say Auntie Flo? Well, TMI or not, she's here and once again, I am reminded to look forward to menopause or hysterectomy, whichever comes first. Let's face it, after the babies are born, female innards are just "cancer catchers" or so my mom's doctor felt when she had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 30 - remember myself and my brother were adopted - so she had no use for those parts anyway.

Wish me luck as I sit here and twitch - waiting for my vacuum part to arrive on Saturday. LOL.


  1. It's presently shark week at the Harris household too. The problem with that is that it's not just one any more. Our daughter has recently joined the ranks of those women who don't need a reason to be mad at me.

    How they get on the same schedule is one weird phenomenon.

  2. "shark week"? OMG. That's hilarious.

    Yeah - after about 30 years of periods you do tend to get tired of them. Just wait until you hit perimenopause, when you don't KNOW when it's coming! Yay! It's all a big guessing game now!!

    That's not a happy "yay" either. grrrrr.

  3. Yes, I can say being 62 does have its advantages....I did have a hysterectomy...more than you wanted to know....and it was liberating!!!! And I saved a lot of money not buying personal items.

  4. Oh yes! I'm hot, I'm cold...and WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?!