Thursday, December 31, 2009


Actually, 2009 has been a good year for the most part.

I'm looking forward to 2010. I'm still working on paying off debt and increasing savings... That's been fun. Lord knows I like to pinch a penny til it screams.

We've had a very relaxing holiday break.

I'm almost sad to see it dwindling down. But, we'll get back into the routine. Buddy has a birthday coming up, then 2 weeks later, Sissy has a birthday!

We'll order Chinese in a bit and start the traditional New Year's feast! The wine and champagne is chillin' in the fridge. And we will all be chillin' later on!

In April of 2010, the Evil Twin and I will celebrate being together for 18 years, then in October, our 17th wedding anniversary! It doesn't seem like it's been almost 2 decades that we've been together.

And time rolls on....

Happy New Year, friends!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Letting Go

I love make-up. All kinds. However, I am reluctant to toss anything, even when it's almost completely used up or ancient.

Why is that? Do all women hold onto a lipstick for 10 years thinking, "I might want to wear that shade again. I like it."?

For the past month or so, I've been trying to chuck at least one way past it's usefulness date make up. Lipstick, foundation, old ratty brushes, lip gloss that is practically dried in the tube.

I feel bad, thinking, "That might be useful to someone." Like who? Who would want ancient half used make up??? No one, I can guess. I certainly wouldn't want any one else's cast off make up.

It would be one thing if they bought a perfume, didn't care for it and offered it to me right away. I might take that. Of course, it's hard to resist such things for a make up pack rat like me.

It seems that I am forever in the quest to find the perfect mascara. I think I've found it in Mabelline Lash Stilleto. (waterproof - black, of course).

Now, I have a veritable treasure trove of mascaras. Most used, some unused. Who knows? I may find myself in a pinch and need an emergency back up mascara someday. I'll hang onto them.

I think I need an intervention! I'm addicted to make up. And liquor bottles, although I don't drink liquor, I love to look at all the shiny bottles when I go in to buy my wine. I think that stems from my childhood - we would accompany mom and dad to the liquor store and the shopowners handed out lollipops to the kids, just like the bank. Going to the liquor store for a lollipop and to look at all those shiny, shiny bottles became a coveted trip!

That reminds me, I need to run out and get some champagne for NYE! Maybe I can talk the Evil Twin into doing it for me.

Our drugstores sell beer, wine, liquor AND make up. Perhaps I shouldn't temp fate. ;-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I don't have much to say today. I am still trying to catch up on all the blogs from Monday! guys are a wordy bunch! ;-)

In between laundry and tidying up the house and enjoying my family during the Christmas season, I don't have much free time.

The Evil Twin and I watched "Inglorious Basterds" last night and it was really good, but it took up most of my "free computer time", so I don't have anything much planned today or tonight....

Hopefully, I can get to the end of my Google Reader! See how dedicated I am to you all? Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Routines Are Funny Things

We've all been on "vacation" for a week now. It's been wonderful! Christmas was fun - both children loved their gifts.

This has been the best holiday I've had in a long while. I'm not sure what makes it any better than ones in the past, but there ya go.

I've been on a different combination of anti-anxiety meds since this summer, so maybe that's it. Not as much sweating the small stuff (and it's all small stuff!).

Anyway, everything has been really laid back and no pressure. Sweet! But, this morning - not even fully realizing it is Monday - I woke up precisely at 6:28, which is around the time the Evil Twin would wake me up on a school/work day.

I think it's funny that my mind and body instinctively "knew" I needed to wake up at that time. That's been my Monday thru Friday routine for so long, it must be seared into my brain by now.

Of course, I quickly realized that it was still "vacation" time and promptly fell back on the pillow and conked back out! LOL. I am NOT a morning person, so if I can squeeze in a bit of extra sleep, you better believe I'll be checking out the inside of my eyelids for as long as possible.

Yesterday the sky was so blue, but there were dark clouds moving in:

And, this morning, we have some snow flurries. I don't think anything - if much - will stick, so we're still planning on going to the grocery store today. I'm always happy when the Evil Twin goes with me, so he can help lift heavy things. Although, I do notice I tend to spend more money when the whole family goes.... LOL.

Happy Monday as we wind down closer to 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This will be my last post for this week. Maybe. I might update over the weekend - a rare weekend post!

I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

I hope your holidays are magical and blessed.

Even though our children are only allowed to have 3 things from us, the tree is exploding with gifts sent from other relatives.

Santa always comes on Christmas Eve and leaves his 3 gifts per child unwrapped by the tree and puts a few treats in the stockings. On Christmas morning, they can enjoy their Santa gifts and finally sooth their curiosity about the wrapped gifts. Even I don't know what is in the packages sent by relatives, so I'm excited about that. It's a surprise for me too.

The Evil Twin and I never exchange gifts, but just seeing the looks on the kids' faces is gift enough for me.

Again, Merry Christmas to all - I will be using my free time to catch up on my beloved blogs! :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Only Four More Days!

I think I'm as excited as the kids are. Buddy is dying in anticipation about a gift he has no clue what it is. Sissy is at an age where she understands the whole concept of Christmas and Santa, etc.

The Evil Twin's last day at work until after the New Year was Friday. Buddy's last day of school is tomorrow, but in a weird twist, school was canceled today due to bad weather.

On Friday evening, the snow started - and it kept coming. By Saturday morning, we had 6 or 7 inches. Luckily, we didn't have to get out and do anything so we just hung around the house. The Evil Twin built a fire. I had pinto beans in the crock pot for dinner and it was just a very relaxing day.

(The view out of our front window - I wasn't about to go outside! But the Evil Twin and the kids played in it later).

However, we did not get any mail on Saturday, which really ticked me off because I'm expecting pictures to put in Christmas cards. Actually, I thought I would probably get them Thursday or Friday, but no such luck. I've addressed the envelopes and I'll sign the cards today, so they'll be ready to go when I do get the pictures.

It kept snowing on Saturday. On Sunday, the Evil Twin and 2 of our other neighbors got out and cleared driveways and the small piece of road the snow plow couldn't get.

About midday on Sunday, I was alerted by the County that school was canceled for Monday. Now, I'm hoping that it will be canceled for tomorrow too, because that just seems stupid to make them go on that one lone day. Honestly, I thought it was stupid to have them scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

According to Buddy, they are either ahead of schedule or all caught up in all subjects, so they spent most of Friday watching movies.

The roads are clear now and so we will go to the Mart of Wal and stock up for the week, but I'm sorta hoping for more snow later so we don't have to get Buddy to school Tuesday morning. Isn't that bad?

I mean, if it starts snowing midday on Tuesday, they'll call for an early dismissal anyway....Seems silly to risk it. I don't know. I guess we wait and see, that's all we can do.

I'm off for now. I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season! :-)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Secrets

1. People think I'm thoughtless because I don't talk about my dead sister. The truth is I think about her all the time and if I talk about her I start to cry. I'm thinking about her as I type this and I'm crying. I miss her so much. It hurts.

2. I once had a woman who enjoyed giving oral so much that she had me come in and sit down on her couch. While dressed in lingere she gave me oral and had me watch sports on her TV. She brought me a beer and told me just to sit back and enjoy myself... When I was finished with that beer she brought me another all the while going down on me while I smoked cigarettes and had beers. She enjoyed it as much as I did because she bragged to her friends afterwards. I enjoyed it too.

3. Not sure if this is a confession, but I once wanted to really impress a guy so I gave him a blow job while bringing him beers.

4. I have a neighbor who loves my dogs.  She comes over and will make a big fuss about making sure the dogs give her a big wet kiss.  I mean, sometimes it is almost to the point of touching tongues.  Yesterday, the lady came by and before I could say anything, she was at it again with the dog kisses; I mean a full on smoochfest.

I feel a little guilty for not stopping it all.  I had just gotten after the one dog for basically rimming the other dog right after a massive backyard dump.  As disgusted as I was, I couldn't seem to speak up.  They'll be no mistletoe at our house this year.

5. I really can't take it anymore. The pressure at work, at home and from friends. After the holidays, I'm leaving.

6. Some days, I regret the abortion I had. Most days, I don't. My life wouldn't be the same if I had not made that decision.

The next three came from the same email:

- I really love exchanging nekkid pics with women online.  Not only do I enjoy seeing a woman and all that god gave her (the good stuff and the flaws, the combination that makes each of us unique) but I also love the form of intimacy involved, that I am trusted enough and allowed to be close enough that someone would share with me the most priviate side of their life.
- I am at a crossroads at this time.  There are two women right now who have let it be known they would be happy to meet me in person and have some play time.  I am resisting, my marriage itself is in a good place, but I love sex and am not getting enough of it at home.  My wife try's at times to 'pick up the pace' but it always falls back into the once a week rate of the bump and grind.  And bj's are rare even if asked for.  We have exchanged pictures, is it that much more a leap to satisfy each others physical desires?
- I have always wanted to sleep with a teacher ever since lusting after Miss Legg in high school 33 years ago.  I wonder if she has pictures to exchange?  lol

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Theme

My cabinets have a new theme going on:

It's the new generic packaging from the Mart of Wal! Now, everything is color coordinated in blue and white.

I'm glad most of the products have a picture of what's inside or I would get really confuzzled! LOL!

Seriously, if something is available in the Great Value packaging, I'm buying it. I've never encountered any product that was less desirable than a name brand equivalent. In fact, most of the time, the Evil Twin will remark, "What kind of corn is this? It's delicious!" And, he also prefers the Great Value brand of beef jerky. Beef jerky is expensive, but the Great Value brand offers a much lower price for the quantity than any other brands I've compared.

Yes, I do compare. How many ounces is it? How much does it cost per ounce? Is it really a good deal or am I getting less quantity for the price?

I read the labels on medicines, shampoos, food, etc. If the ingredients are identical or nearly so, I'm buying the generic.

If I shop at the Roger of K, I buy their store brand or the Private Selection brand.

I also scour the sales circulars for all area stores, because the Mart of Wal will price match - saving me multiple trips all over town.

Of course, there are certain things I buy the name brand because I prefer it: Tide, Cascade Complete (more expensive than generic, but for the money, it's the best dishwashing detergent on the market), Coke (I don't drink sodas, but the fambly does and they like Coke), Land o' Lakes spreadable butter, Glad trashbags, Gillette Sensor razors for the Evil Twin, Old El Paso taco kits, Yoplait Thick and Creamy yogurts, OB tampons and Always panty liners (I'll have a diatribe about these two items later - warning!!). And I think that's about it for must have name brands.

Everything else is generic or as cheap as I can find it. (Hellooo? Hooch in a box?).

I think it's more important now than ever before to be frugal. Food costs are rising rapidly, but there is no need to live on Ramen if I can find other ways to trim the food budget. :-)

And, that's your course on being a cheapskate for today! :-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Knitting Project

Before I get to the show and tell portion today, I want to thank everyone for the good wishes yesterday. I really appreciate the support! My appointment went great and she wasn't unhappy at all about the MRI, she said she understood and that we'll just reschedule it for the Spring. :::phew:::

The Evil Twin's brother and his wife have two girls. Their kids are each about a year older than ours and are 8 yrs apart also! Weird how that happened. Anyway, my oldest niece is 13, so she's all into the tween stuff and is growing up way too fast (as do they all...). She's a beautiful girl and very sweet. However, I never really know what she will like best for her birthday (which is today - I sent that gift a while back) or Christmas.

She has an iPod, so I usually send her a iTunes card. That way she can load whatever she likes on it. Well, I felt bad about just sending a boring gift card in an envelope...That's not very exciting, is it?

So, I brewed up a plan to knit a little cozy for the gift card (clearly, I need help, but bear with me here).

I had no pattern, but a general idea in my head and just started knitting. I consulted with Kate (who is a knitting genius)about doing a buttonhole. She sent me a link and I was good to go!

When I finished, I had this:

The needle next to it is a knitting needle, so it's much larger than a regular needle (it accommodates yarn). I basically folded it up about halfway and stitched the sides together to form a pouch, then had the top portion fold over the front and close with a button. The entire thing is about 5 or 6 inches across and maybe 4 - 5 inches high. Why did I make it so big?

Because I found other items I wanted to include:

The iTunes card, some lipgloss, a sample of Clinique "Happy" perfume, 2 Clinique eyeshadows and a Clinique lipstick. I used to buy a lot of Clinique, and would do that on the bonus days when they give away little samples. I can't use eyeshadow - at all - so I figured it would be a waste to just toss them. My eyelids have a reaction to eyeshadow - all brands, from Maybelline to Chanel, so I just don't wear it.

The Evil Twin made an adorable gift tag, which I attached to the upper left corner with matching yarn and there ya go!

I did make a few mistakes, but I'm not that talented at knitting...I just consider that I did this without a pattern to be a miracle.

I filled up the little pouch and it's going to the post office today, along with my youngest niece (her sister)'s gifts. I'm sending it priority, so I hope it gets to them in South Carolina in plenty of time...I think it should. :-)

I better get moving. I have housework to do this morning, then in a bit, I need to get to the post office, the bank and Kroger. I wish it was warmer today. Brrrr.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm not feeling well today. I don't know if I'm coming down with something or if I'm just nervous. I have to go downtown and see my neurologist today. I hate driving in downtown and I don't particularly like doctor appointments anyway.

Don't get me wrong...I like the doctor and her physician assistant just fine. They are both very nice. I just... Ugh. Sitting in that office. I'm usually the youngest person there. (besides Sissy, who is my constant sidekick).

People have actually asked me what was wrong with me! I'm not in the habit of relaying my medical condition to complete strangers.

I guess I'm not exactly the face of MS - or at least what most people would think.

I know they'll get on me about canceling my MRI in August. It's going to cost about $400 out of pocket and we took some heavy financial hits in August, so I didn't think I wanted to add to our burden at that time. Wait 'til after tax time...I'll have the money then.

The MRI is another grouse in itself. A nightmare to get to it, at least an hour in that clangy tube. Not my idea of a good time.

Anyhoodle, I'll be out and about today, so won't get to read many blogs until later this afternoon/evening, but I'll do my best. :-)

Have a great day!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Demand You Feel Christmas-y!

If that's even a word...Smile! Believe! It's the most magical time of the year.

I actually kind of enjoy the days leading up to the big day and the rush of finishing up last minute things.

We went shopping yesterday. I ordered the Step 2 Kitchen for Sissy and had it sent Site to Store at the Mart of Wal. It had come in, but I knew I wouldn't be able to lift it or conceal it from her if I went in on Monday, so I got one cart and went about my weekly shopping with the kids and the Evil Twin went to do the pick up, then put the box in the van, covered it with a blanket and voila! Secret still intact!

And with that, I think we are officially done with shopping for the kids. Buddy and Sissy are allowed to ask for 3 things from us and 3 things from Santa. That cuts down on the holiday chaos. And, they get other gifts from relatives, so they make out like bandits every year.

Not to mention, they each have a birthday shortly after Christmas (Buddy in Jan. and Sissy in Feb.), so it can easily become completely over the top unless we put a limit on things.

I know I didn't do the Friday Secrets, but I only had one by Friday. Over the weekend, I did receive another secret - hopefully, I will get more throughout the week and I PROMISE I will post them all this coming Friday. Email me at or DM me on Twitter...whatever you feel comfortable with. I might add in a secret of my own this week. I'll let you know if I do.

And, with that, I have a full day to work on Christmas cards and a knitting project I REALLY need to finish up. Plus laundry and other household chores that need my attention. Never a dull day around here. Something always needs to be scrubbed or tidied or followed up on.

Happy Monday, tweeps!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday, we had some massive high winds going on. When I went out to pick up Buddy from school, I looked up the street and saw a tree that had blown over completely across the road.

When I returned from picking him up, the city crew were out working on clearing it up.

Then, I received a phone call from my neighbor behind us. This is one of our elderly neighbors who, until recently, lived with either her sister or sister in law...we never have figured out what, but suffice to say they were related. I say were because the older lady (she was around 97) passed away a few months ago.

Now, the younger one lives there (and she's probably 95) by herself. We always keep an eye out on her and she will call here if she needs help. So, when she called, I thought she was talking about the tree I had seen in the middle of the road.


She was talking about a tree from her property that had blown over into our backyard and taken a bit of our chain link fence out.

Being the keen-eyed photojournalist I am (LOL), I got out and started taking pictures. And called our insurance company.

Here's some of the damage:

That's our neighbor's car on the other side of the fence (Yes, she STILL drives! Scary!).

More damage:

I feel really bad, because we just recently switched our home/auto insurance to a different company about a month ago. Prior to that, we had had the same policy for 16 years and NEVER had to file a claim on our home(s).

It's no big deal. We'll get it cleaned up and get the fence repaired. At least it didn't fall on our house! That would be a mess.

So, Merry Christmas! My holidays just got busier! :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I've been all over the place, mood wise, lately. I'm excited about Christmas and the upcoming break from school - also the Evil Twin will be off for an extended time. His last day at work is December 18 and he goes back on January 4.

Buddy's last day of school is December 22 and I think he goes back also on the 4th...Not sure, I'll have to check the calendar again.

What all that means for me is that I'll still be getting up early (Sissy is an early bird), but not AS early and I won't have to be packing any lunches!

I'm also a bit nervous that I've forgotten something or won't have everything done by Christmas, but judging from how S-L-O-W the days have been going recently, I should have plenty of time to get it all finished.

I'm already finished with all the shopping and the tree is up and decorated. That just leaves Christmas cards, getting a pic of the kids for the cards and getting my nieces' gifts packed up to ship.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! :-)

When I went to Target yesterday, one goal was to find a new tree topper. The one we had been using was an old world style Santa that was actually meant for a mini tree.

I was looking for something similar to this:

But, ended up with this:

Now, I hear the collective gasp out there as you say in your heads, "Good Lord, ETW, what were you thinking?"

I know! But it was the only silver star they had and for $4.99 we can use it for at least this year until I find what I really want. Besides, it doesn't look so hideous when the lights are on. It makes the tree lots more bright and twinkly! It also has a sort of 1960s kitschy feel and that's always a plus in my book.

Besides, I don't judge your tacky decor, but if you'd like to tell me about your ugliest holiday decoration, I will, indeed, laugh along with you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Shopping

I went to the Mart of Wal on Sunday, just so I could get through my weekly shopping by myself. It was crowded, as I suspected, but it really wasn't too bad getting through it.

I think I spent the longest time waiting at the deli counter (while I was standing behind the only couple in front of me, some woman just wrangled her cart right in front of me - UGH!) Whatever! I got fresh food that had just been cooked! She got the dregs of the last batch.... Karma?

And, I spent a while in line to check out, but overall, it wasn't a bad trip.

However, I'm in need of a few things I didn't think about on Sunday, so today, I'm going to mix it up a bit and head on up to Target. I like Target.

If I could just wake myself up and get in the shower, that would make things so much better! It's too cold to be out of bed!

Day two of wondering why the presents can't be opened NOW. Halp!! LOL.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks, Snow

Because it snowed this weekend, we had to postpone our yearly trip to Tamarack. Since our weekend was suddenly freed up, we decided it would be a good time to bust out the ol' Christmas tree and do some decorating!

The Evil Twin started hauling up the boxes.

We have three large storage boxes.

These two hold part of my Hallmark ornament collection:

Once the ornaments are unboxed, the boxes go into another container:

This container was nearly full of boxes before we were finished.

The finished product:

And a close up:

There are a few presents under the tree already and Sissy can't quite grasp WHY she can't open them NOW.

It's gonna be a looooong wait for Christmas morning here! (Although I hope it goes by quickly!).

As I type, I notice that it is snowing outside again, so I need to do some research and see if the county is planning an early out on school or not. I hope the snow stops soon and it warms up enough to melt it! I am so moving to Key West Florida one of these days! :-)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Secrets II

I only received four secrets over the last two weeks - I actually forgot last Friday, due to the holiday! So, here they are:

1. i get off on beating my girlfriend with a riding crop

2. "I love listening to Tejano music, even though I can't speak Spanish."

3. The woman I'm madly in love with is married to another man, but I think she loves me too.

4. My girlfriend and I had sex in the back of her father's pickup truck while he was driving it and her mother was on the passenger side. The thought of getting caught made it the best sex I have ever had.

In other news, we're headed to Tamarack tomorrow morning. We do this yearly in December. We meet up with my aunt and uncle from Lewisburg and my aunt and uncle from Winston-Salem, NC and sometimes my cousin (from Lewisburg) makes it, too.

We eat lunch and window shop. Santa is always walking around from Thanksgiving to right before Christmas, and he approaches all the kids. So, we get a Santa visit and pictures. It's always lots of fun!

On Sunday, we plan to put up the tree. A few years ago, we bought a lovely artificial tree because I was tired of paying up to $50 or so for a live tree that we could admire for a couple of weeks before we threw it out on the sidewalk.

I think we paid around $200 for that tree and I think this is the 5th year we've used it, so we've gotten our money's worth.

Enjoy the secrets and have a great weekend! :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Little Orange Crackers

Why is it that my family prefers Cheez-its over Cheese-nips? Frankly, I find the Cheez-its to have a greasy quality and leave a weird aftertaste.

The other day at the grocery store, Sissy would not relent on wanting the "square crackers with one hole". I thought about throwing Cheese nips in the cart, figuring she wouldn't know the difference, but I was in a hurry and didn't see any Nips nearby, so I grabbed the Cheez-its box.

I haven't had Cheese-nips in forever. They were one of the few snacky type things in the vending machine on the 3rd floor of Smith Hall that I enjoyed.

I worked paste-up for the Parthenon (Marshall University's school newspaper) and we worked from 4 pm to whenever the paper was finished. Back then, we did everything by hand, laying the articles column by column and if it was a larger issue, we'd be there late.

If I needed a boost, I'd go to the vending machine and get Cheese nips and a Mountain Dew.

Now, I try to not have many snacks in the house that I like. Too tempting... but I might just have to pick up a small pack of Cheese-nips next time I go shopping.

Or, I could try to convert my family to my way of thinking and force them to eat and love the nips, too.

What do you think?

I have had a HELL of a week, so today is all about doing as little as possible. No stress, nowhere to be (except to pick up Buddy from school). It's chilly and dreary outside, so a perfect day for lounging! :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Lousy Situation

On Monday evening, I was washing Sissy's hair in the tub. She has very light hair, what I would call strawberry blonde-ish. And I saw something dark on her head. I picked it off, looked at it, put it on the sink and then saw another dark thing. Same deal, only this thing was squirming.


I went to the Evil Twin and said, "I think I pulled a bug off Sissy's hair." He went into the bathroom to observe my 2 specimens and said, "That's lice." "How do you know?" I asked. He said he just knew.

I have never had lice in my life, he has never had lice in his life....Sissy and I only go out to the grocery store once a week, it's not like she's in a preschool environment or trying on random hats, using other people's combs, etc.

I checked Buddy. He has VERY short dark hair. I didn't see anything on him at all. The Evil Twin is bald. I don't try on hats or use other's combs, etc. either.

At any rate, I washed both kids' bedding, sprayed their mattresses with lice spray. Used the shampoo and nit comb on Sissy last night, and I'm doing my own hair this morning, just in case. And keep washing linens, spraying the house down, etc.

What is most mysterious is where it came from. Could Buddy or The Evil Twin have brought one home on their clothing? Sometimes she lays her head on the shopping cart bar - could one be riding on that bar, still alive, and hopped into her beautiful long hair? I just don't know....

I'm off to strip.... my bedding and use the special shampoo. I'll keep an eye on Buddy and we have to re-treat Sissy in 7 to 10 days. I'll probably re-wash everything then, too.

I've never had to deal with such an icky situation - wish me luck! GROSS!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Fun

We had the best Thanksgiving. I didn't get around to reading many blogs over the holiday, so if I've missed you the last few days, forgive me. I'm getting back into my routine.

On Sunday, I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Tiff and Biff as they traveled through town on their way back home. Buzzardbilly, The Blonde Goddess and her husband, Mr. Man, and Rebecca were all there as well.

We met at a local bookstore/coffee shop downtown and I think our antics scared off most of the other patrons!

No subject was off limits and we laughed - loudly and often. The plan was to spend about an hour together, but that turned into 2 hours. That's how much fun we were having.

I took lots of pictures. I won't post any here for 2 reasons: #1. I'm so lazy, I haven't even uploaded them to my computer and #2. Some are uncomfortable with their likeness being online, which is cool. I can understand that and I respect their privacy.

Maybe I'll get around to those pictures later on, but for now, I have to get ready to do my grocery shopping. There was a complete clusterfudge yesterday that prevented me from getting to the store. It's gonna be a long day at Casa Evil Twin.

Have a great day! :-)

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