Monday, December 14, 2009

I Demand You Feel Christmas-y!

If that's even a word...Smile! Believe! It's the most magical time of the year.

I actually kind of enjoy the days leading up to the big day and the rush of finishing up last minute things.

We went shopping yesterday. I ordered the Step 2 Kitchen for Sissy and had it sent Site to Store at the Mart of Wal. It had come in, but I knew I wouldn't be able to lift it or conceal it from her if I went in on Monday, so I got one cart and went about my weekly shopping with the kids and the Evil Twin went to do the pick up, then put the box in the van, covered it with a blanket and voila! Secret still intact!

And with that, I think we are officially done with shopping for the kids. Buddy and Sissy are allowed to ask for 3 things from us and 3 things from Santa. That cuts down on the holiday chaos. And, they get other gifts from relatives, so they make out like bandits every year.

Not to mention, they each have a birthday shortly after Christmas (Buddy in Jan. and Sissy in Feb.), so it can easily become completely over the top unless we put a limit on things.

I know I didn't do the Friday Secrets, but I only had one by Friday. Over the weekend, I did receive another secret - hopefully, I will get more throughout the week and I PROMISE I will post them all this coming Friday. Email me at or DM me on Twitter...whatever you feel comfortable with. I might add in a secret of my own this week. I'll let you know if I do.

And, with that, I have a full day to work on Christmas cards and a knitting project I REALLY need to finish up. Plus laundry and other household chores that need my attention. Never a dull day around here. Something always needs to be scrubbed or tidied or followed up on.

Happy Monday, tweeps!


  1. Limiting to 3 things from Santa and 3 from you is brilliant. Why hadn't I thought of that?

  2. man.. if i had thought of that 16 years ago, i'd have a savings account now..

  3. I will *NOT* bow down to peer pressure and feel Christmas-y! For some of us, it's difficult to get your mind wrapped around happy and merry.

  4. Hmmm... have they started demanding solid bars of gold or bags of diamonds? I mean if I only got a few presents I would make sure they were a valuable and easily traded commodity. Maybe that's why I stopped getting presents at all...

  5. Dying to know, what's the knitting project?

  6. Dying to know, what's the knitting project?

  7. 1st off Christmasy is certainly a word and I will argue with anyone who says differently!
    And yes after finishing my shopping and getting the tree up and spending 7 hours in the kitchen cooking and baking yesterday I am officially in a Christamsy mood!

  8. I keep meaning to send you a secret. I will just as soon as I can come up with a really juicy one. LOL ;-)

  9. Merry Christmas!!!!! I so wanted to go and finish my shopping, but we know what happened there. I am basically done except for my dad's gift and a few extra here and there.
    I have truly enjoyed this season, and I can honestly feel the magic. Maybe I am a Pollyanna, but oh well, it works for me :)

  10. OK! OK! I'll feel Christmassy!

    But, for some reason I spell it with 2 s's.

  11. I, too, kind of like the hustle and bustle that surrounds the last days or week until Christmas. I tend to get a little sentimental, too...

  12. I love all the last minutes running around the week before christmas, the wrapping, the anticipation,making sure everything is just right.

    I wish I had imposed such a limit on my kid when she was younger. We go hog fucking wild with presents. But hey - it makes ME happy!

  13. I am just glad to be done. And glad to be heading to Texas in 8 days.

  14. I will be attempting to link the original version of "He's a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" on my site so it plays for everyone that stops by from now till Christmas.

    As I am somewhat html challenged, it won't be happening till tonight, at best.

    Of course, a hearty "BAH, Humbug!" would suffice nicely too.

  15. Paige - Having the first and only grandchild (at the time) spurred us into action!

    JACW - I try, but the older they get, the more expensive those 6 items become! LOL.

    Dana - I know this will be a tough holiday for you and your son, but just knowing you are building your BEST life is a blessed gift itself.

    Ron - The Evil Twin and I don't get gifts either. We figure the rest of the year is gift-y enough. :-)

    Lisa - It's for my oldest niece. I'll post pictures later!

    Doc - It's a great time of the year! :-)

    Jay - My email is waiting.... :-)

    Robynbeth - We are all truly blessed, so no, you're not a pollyanna!

    NCP - LOL!!!

    Mandy - I think that's what makes it so special!

    Vinomom - If it makes you happy, go for it!

    Dish - Good for you! And, I hope you enjoy your time off, but still keep in touch with us. :-)

    Brian - I think if you find it on YouTube and grab the embed code, copy and paste it onto your site, that should work. That's what I do. :-)

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  17. I love those mom got my daughter one!! I need to get her a little apron...thinking the craft store may have a plain one I can 'dress up' I totally domestic, or what? Yay for Christmas...I am just as excited as my kids are.

  18. I'm glad you've got your festive groove on, girl! Wish I could say the same, I loved christms when my kids still believed in Santa, now it really does just seem like a retailers wet dream.

    Hey, I could make up a secret about that...
    Do you take fiction? LOL.