Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I've been all over the place, mood wise, lately. I'm excited about Christmas and the upcoming break from school - also the Evil Twin will be off for an extended time. His last day at work is December 18 and he goes back on January 4.

Buddy's last day of school is December 22 and I think he goes back also on the 4th...Not sure, I'll have to check the calendar again.

What all that means for me is that I'll still be getting up early (Sissy is an early bird), but not AS early and I won't have to be packing any lunches!

I'm also a bit nervous that I've forgotten something or won't have everything done by Christmas, but judging from how S-L-O-W the days have been going recently, I should have plenty of time to get it all finished.

I'm already finished with all the shopping and the tree is up and decorated. That just leaves Christmas cards, getting a pic of the kids for the cards and getting my nieces' gifts packed up to ship.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! :-)

When I went to Target yesterday, one goal was to find a new tree topper. The one we had been using was an old world style Santa that was actually meant for a mini tree.

I was looking for something similar to this:

But, ended up with this:

Now, I hear the collective gasp out there as you say in your heads, "Good Lord, ETW, what were you thinking?"

I know! But it was the only silver star they had and for $4.99 we can use it for at least this year until I find what I really want. Besides, it doesn't look so hideous when the lights are on. It makes the tree lots more bright and twinkly! It also has a sort of 1960s kitschy feel and that's always a plus in my book.

Besides, I don't judge your tacky decor, but if you'd like to tell me about your ugliest holiday decoration, I will, indeed, laugh along with you.


  1. I love that tree topper. NO JUDGING!

    Post a pic of the whole thing lit up! I bet it looks awesome.

  2. ewww.. just sayin'.. ;)
    i put a santa hat on mine for like 2 years cuz i couldn't find what i wanted..

  3. I grew up with a Martha Stewart-like mom so our trees were always the epitome of perfection down to the matching wrapping paper. Sadly, once I was on my own, I realized that I didn't have mom's flair. But the worst was probably the year that "Santa" had to put the tree up and, since he was a busy, busy guy he only put lights and a few balls on the tree. *sigh*

  4. OMG...that is just like mine..and your right it is beautiful when it's lit up! So absolutely no judging here!

    I remember my aunt having a white or silver tree that turned...omg it was hideous. As for my trees growing up..sadly I don't really remember them, so they must not have been anything special.

  5. I forget what sort of star I have... maybe I'll open up the box in the basement just to find out.... nah, to much trouble.

  6. I love it. A tree topper should light up. I honestly love it.

  7. I don't own ANY christmas decorations. Not a single one. Therefore, there is no judging from this corner!

  8. Hey, your Christmas tree, your topper, whatever makes YOU happy! Besides I bet when it's all lit up it just makes all those Hallmark ornaments "pop"!

  9. Wait til I get my lights up. Then we can talk tacky. One neighbor's lights look like its giving the finger to everybody who drives by.

  10. ME with ugly decorations? Surely you jest!

  11. Bright and twinkly indeed...
    and very retro!
    You won't hear me judging your holiday decor... I've got ornaments older than you ARE!!!

  12. L.M.A.O.

    Guess who has the exact same tree topper??

    (that sounded kind of misleading. It's me.)

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  14. Love the kitsch factor! It almost looks like the tree topped in A Christmas Story.

  15. Here's a good one for least I laughed when you asked the question "you'r ugliest Christmas decoration?" Well, mine is an ornament that has a picture of me and my ex-husband we divorced 14 years ago and guess I only keep it around for the daughter we share. I do try to hide it every year hoping she won't remember it, ugh!!!!! Now, do I win anything, LOL?

  16. We got one of those a couple of years ago. Split Pea soup would have looked better up there. Not that I'm judging or anything... :)

  17. BTW: A merry, merry Christmas and Christmas Season to you and your family.

  18. I kind of like the retro feel of that topper. I bet it *is* beautiful when lit up!

  19. I don't hate it, and I'm sure it's pretty at night lit up.

    Ugly decorations aren't allowed in my house, unless my boy made them. Even though I'd like to lose a few of those, I can't do it. I'm not that crappy of a mom ;)