Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday, we had some massive high winds going on. When I went out to pick up Buddy from school, I looked up the street and saw a tree that had blown over completely across the road.

When I returned from picking him up, the city crew were out working on clearing it up.

Then, I received a phone call from my neighbor behind us. This is one of our elderly neighbors who, until recently, lived with either her sister or sister in law...we never have figured out what, but suffice to say they were related. I say were because the older lady (she was around 97) passed away a few months ago.

Now, the younger one lives there (and she's probably 95) by herself. We always keep an eye out on her and she will call here if she needs help. So, when she called, I thought she was talking about the tree I had seen in the middle of the road.


She was talking about a tree from her property that had blown over into our backyard and taken a bit of our chain link fence out.

Being the keen-eyed photojournalist I am (LOL), I got out and started taking pictures. And called our insurance company.

Here's some of the damage:

That's our neighbor's car on the other side of the fence (Yes, she STILL drives! Scary!).

More damage:

I feel really bad, because we just recently switched our home/auto insurance to a different company about a month ago. Prior to that, we had had the same policy for 16 years and NEVER had to file a claim on our home(s).

It's no big deal. We'll get it cleaned up and get the fence repaired. At least it didn't fall on our house! That would be a mess.

So, Merry Christmas! My holidays just got busier! :-)


  1. BAM! falling trees will mess some stuff up for sure. Good pics though. I think the scariest part is that your 95 year old something neighbor still drives...

  2. Definitely could have been worse, but still annoying!

  3. The second photo is pretty, in a weird kind of way.

    Hooray for the tree NOT falling on the house. Little gifts, ya know?

  4. Just one of life's little hassles. It didn't do too much damage. It's always annoying when things like this happen though. Now you gotta deal with insurance company bureaucrats. ;-)

  5. Glad all that was damaged was some fence. Home repairs are way more annoying.

  6. I am so glad that it didn't hit the house. What a mess that would have been.

    It was a mess here yesterday. 50+ mile an hour winds. 3 degrees. I am ready to pack up and move to Florida!

  7. Yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt, though. Cleaning up the mess and fixing the fence will be a pain but I guess it could have been worse.

    When I was talking to my Mom on the phone yesterday she was watching someone's blow up Santa and a wreath blow down the street. Bummer.

  8. we have some 60foot plus pines in our yard. i know it's just a matter of time.. and those WILL hit the house.

  9. Yikes! At least it didn't hit your house and neither buddy or sissy were out in the yard when it happened.

    My grandmother is in her late 80's now and she still drives around her small town and up to the next town to vist her friend. Last time I rode with her I had to scream at her because she was about to run a stop sign. Once she got stopped she admitted that she almost ran the same stop sign the week before. Scary.

  10. Not a big deal, but just annoying, right? How sweet that you after your neighbor. She is lucky to have someone like you!

  11. Aww crap. Maybe it was a good thing the tree landed on the car. Scary thing about a 95 year old woman driving, right.

    Glad you didn't have any house damage.

  12. Doc - I know! I worry every time she pulls out the drive way!

    Dana - Yep, we plan on replacing that fence with a wooden privacy fence in the future, so no biggie.

    Tiff - Yes! We were lucky none of our large trees fell!

    Jay - the insurance company has been really accommodating. Thank goodness.

    Ron - Yeah, we can deal with the fence damage easily enough.

    The Dish - We should see if a few of us are willing to save up for a Florida retirement package!

    A. - I'll have to go out and move our trash cans before I can get down the driveway today. Who knows where the lids are...

    JACW - We have a huge oak that is just hovering over our house as well! Scary!

    Lisa - We have a few extra elderly folks in our neighborhood who still drive. It's nerve wracking.

    Karen - we live in an area where the elderly are the largest group, so all of us who are younger kind of "adopt" an older family and look out for them. It's fun.

    The Girl - Oh, I'm sure she'll have that car in the repair shop before too long and be back on the road! LOL.

  13. Those were some strong winds! At least it fell on her car and not your house! At 95 I think it's best that she not be driving so maybe this was a gift in disguise!

    Glad everyone was okay!

  14. Yes, thank goodness for small favors - that if fell THAT way and didn't hurt anyone.

    Insurance claims are a pain in the ass but there are worse things.

  15. Sooo....I guess you and I don't need to discuss boring days anymore, huh?

    So glad no one was hurt!

  16. well think of it as an act of God. at least Li'l ole lady can't drive for a while.

  17. Perhaps y'all could just leave the tree on top of the car - that would solve the 95 year old driver problem. Unless she also operates a chainsaw at her age.

  18. The top half of our neighbor's tree snapped and fell on our house once. Not too much damage, but still...

    And you have angels all around.

  19. i had a neighbor in my old house who was closer to 100 than to 90....

    she died while driving.

    well, that's not actually true.

    she died while waiting for a red light to change. there's gotta be a lesson in that, but i'll be damned if i can figure it out.

  20. Well, if you've got a fireplace, get out that chainsaw and you scored some wood for next year ;)

    Glad it wasn't worse!