Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Knitting Project

Before I get to the show and tell portion today, I want to thank everyone for the good wishes yesterday. I really appreciate the support! My appointment went great and she wasn't unhappy at all about the MRI, she said she understood and that we'll just reschedule it for the Spring. :::phew:::

The Evil Twin's brother and his wife have two girls. Their kids are each about a year older than ours and are 8 yrs apart also! Weird how that happened. Anyway, my oldest niece is 13, so she's all into the tween stuff and is growing up way too fast (as do they all...). She's a beautiful girl and very sweet. However, I never really know what she will like best for her birthday (which is today - I sent that gift a while back) or Christmas.

She has an iPod, so I usually send her a iTunes card. That way she can load whatever she likes on it. Well, I felt bad about just sending a boring gift card in an envelope...That's not very exciting, is it?

So, I brewed up a plan to knit a little cozy for the gift card (clearly, I need help, but bear with me here).

I had no pattern, but a general idea in my head and just started knitting. I consulted with Kate (who is a knitting genius)about doing a buttonhole. She sent me a link and I was good to go!

When I finished, I had this:

The needle next to it is a knitting needle, so it's much larger than a regular needle (it accommodates yarn). I basically folded it up about halfway and stitched the sides together to form a pouch, then had the top portion fold over the front and close with a button. The entire thing is about 5 or 6 inches across and maybe 4 - 5 inches high. Why did I make it so big?

Because I found other items I wanted to include:

The iTunes card, some lipgloss, a sample of Clinique "Happy" perfume, 2 Clinique eyeshadows and a Clinique lipstick. I used to buy a lot of Clinique, and would do that on the bonus days when they give away little samples. I can't use eyeshadow - at all - so I figured it would be a waste to just toss them. My eyelids have a reaction to eyeshadow - all brands, from Maybelline to Chanel, so I just don't wear it.

The Evil Twin made an adorable gift tag, which I attached to the upper left corner with matching yarn and there ya go!

I did make a few mistakes, but I'm not that talented at knitting...I just consider that I did this without a pattern to be a miracle.

I filled up the little pouch and it's going to the post office today, along with my youngest niece (her sister)'s gifts. I'm sending it priority, so I hope it gets to them in South Carolina in plenty of time...I think it should. :-)

I better get moving. I have housework to do this morning, then in a bit, I need to get to the post office, the bank and Kroger. I wish it was warmer today. Brrrr.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. What an adorably thoughtful way to send a gift card!

  2. LOVE IT! You are super talented! I think that she will go nuts over your gift.

  3. That's such a great idea! I'm going to steal, it please and thank you. Of course, I have to crochet mine cause I can't knit to save my ass.

    You're so adorable.

  4. that is absolutely one of the cutest and COOLEST things i have ever seen!! talented and creative people just make me swoon!
    swoon, swoon!!

  5. I love it! Now I must go crochet one myself...

  6. What a great idea, ETW! And it came out wonderfully!

  7. That was a very crafty idea! What a wonderful gift.

  8. Not only is that a great idea, but it's adorable too!

  9. Cool idea. Creative and she still get money :)

  10. I can't knit or crochet, but how cute!

    I have a customer who says every eye shadow except one particular Avon one irritates her skin. I should send you a sample. :-)

  11. Very clever idea. It is nice because she has something to save after the itunes is spent and makeup is used up.

  12. Looks pretty sweet to me... Should have multiple uses!

  13. That is brilliant! I learned to knit two years ago but never mastered anything that doesn't stick with a straight line. I can knit a scarf like a fiend, but I'm pretty much useless past that.

  14. Sooo cute. :)

    Thanks for the comment, I needed that. You're like a second mom! hahah.

  15. NCP - I had to think of something other than the boring envelope I've sent for years.

    JFab - I figure either she can use it or give it to her 5 yr old sister to play with.

    CuteElla - Steal away...I cast on 28 stitches and knitted enough rows that it looked ok to me. Maybe 12 inches or so?

    JACW - Not talented, just deranged! LOL.

    JB - Get that yarn out and get going!

    Dish - Thanks!

    Rebecca - I think she might feel it's a bit dorky for a 13 yr old, but who knows? :-)

    Shiny Rod - It really helped to get me into the spirit of the holidays. I haven't knitted anything in forever.

    Dana - I thought it was cute, too!

    Ron - Yep, I felt bad just sending a boring card alone.

    3C - You should! I have tried everything and after a day or two, my eyelids break out in what looks like psoriasis (gross, but true), then I don't use it a few days and they're fine?!?!

    Christine - I noticed in their Christmas card picture, she had on make up, so I hope she does use it and have fun!

    Doc - Us girls like many cutesy things! ;-)

    Paige - This is a half scarf folded into 3rds. So easy. Even the button hole was easy. You should try it. Cast on 28 stitches and just keep going! I used the cotton yarn for this one. (Sugar and Cream?).

  16. Lily - Hee! I love that. You're so sweet. I wish I had someone to let me know it would all be ok in a few years when I was your age. :-)

  17. Very cute! I think she will be very happy, heck, the Clinique make up would make me happy, that's what I wear.

    Very crafty of you, especially without a pattern, I am very impressed! :-)

  18. I LOVE gifts like that - I do that often for birthdays and stuff. Like mini gift baskets. Very cute - and nice job on the knitting!

  19. That's cute! I'm sure she'll love it.

  20. I have an iPod...and like clinician...and cute little bags handmade by nice people.

  21. The girl is crafty!!! She's just my type! --Gotta love those Beastie Boys. They know the crafty girls got it goin' on!

  22. i think that gift is awesome...

    i wish i had that kind of creativity and drive...

  23. can you knit me a coffee cup?

    i LOVE getting homemade gifts. love it more than storebought.

  24. very nice! wish I was on the crafty side like you! :)

  25. Totally cute! She will love it.

  26. Love ur blog...glad I happened upon it!

  27. Love it! Congrats for breaking out of the pattern box!

  28. Very nice! Don't start a trend with teenage girls, 'cause I can't knit!!

  29. That is super cute!

    I wish I could do something like that (or had time to try)!

    When I used to have time I would always end up with a cresent shape instead of something straight!

  30. Mandy - Thanks! I had to give up on Clinique a few yrs ago to save $$.

    Vinomom - I love gift baskets too!

    RLL - Thanks!

    Ginger - I hope so!

    rosemary - I'll find something cute to knit for you!

    Lisa - Who doesn't love Beastie Boys?

    Slyde - Once I get an idea in my head, I have to follow thru. It's my OCD. LOL.

    fattie20xl - I probably could do a coffee cup, but it wouldn't hold liquid. :-)

    TGG - Crafty or insane? I'm not sure.... LOL.

    Karen - I think she'll dig the iTunes card most of all! :-)

    Coachdad - Thanks! I'm following you too!

    Blair - I know! I can't believe I did it!

    Kenju - it is so easy!

    Cara - It just takes a few practice runs, seriously. You can do it!

  31. Congratulations on a project well-done, it came out beautifully. And there is just something about having designed something, created it yourself, AND seeing the end result resemble that which you had in mind, in the first place. Hooray!