Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Secrets II

I only received four secrets over the last two weeks - I actually forgot last Friday, due to the holiday! So, here they are:

1. i get off on beating my girlfriend with a riding crop

2. "I love listening to Tejano music, even though I can't speak Spanish."

3. The woman I'm madly in love with is married to another man, but I think she loves me too.

4. My girlfriend and I had sex in the back of her father's pickup truck while he was driving it and her mother was on the passenger side. The thought of getting caught made it the best sex I have ever had.

In other news, we're headed to Tamarack tomorrow morning. We do this yearly in December. We meet up with my aunt and uncle from Lewisburg and my aunt and uncle from Winston-Salem, NC and sometimes my cousin (from Lewisburg) makes it, too.

We eat lunch and window shop. Santa is always walking around from Thanksgiving to right before Christmas, and he approaches all the kids. So, we get a Santa visit and pictures. It's always lots of fun!

On Sunday, we plan to put up the tree. A few years ago, we bought a lovely artificial tree because I was tired of paying up to $50 or so for a live tree that we could admire for a couple of weeks before we threw it out on the sidewalk.

I think we paid around $200 for that tree and I think this is the 5th year we've used it, so we've gotten our money's worth.

Enjoy the secrets and have a great weekend! :-)


  1. I cringe at the thought of an artificial tree, even though I'm kind of a scrooge. I can understand how it makes sense though, financially, but there's just nothing like the real thing. Fortunately out here there are as many Christmas tree farms as there are coffee shops so the trees are a dime a dozen, not to mention that they are FRESH. I bought an EIGHT FOOT Noble for $12 and cut it down myself. :) It smells so strong in the house that it practically makes my eyes water...

  2. Have fun with the family visit!

    Call me scrooge. No tree in my house.

  3. you're like dr. hausfrau..
    omg.. craziness, just craziness i tell ya!!

  4. Even the thought of a riding crop still gives me goosebumps..and not the good kind! OUCH!

    I'm with you....pre-lit and free after the first year!

  5. I go for the fake trees; too much maintenance for the real, if I could just stop the kids from breaking the ornaments!

  6. I wish I could get away with a fake tree but the wife would never allow it... Oh well.
    Have a great weekend ETW!

  7. I haver never had a real tree. Fake all the way...I put one layer of branches on and the lights, next layer, more lights, much prettier tree and much, much easier!

    I always look forward to reading the secrets...what fun!

  8. No fake tree in my world. I need that smell of a fresh tree. I don't mind the expense. It is only once a year.

  9. We bought our Fake-a-roo tree this's 9ft. tall & pre-lit....loving it! Have a great visit with your family & have a great wknd.!

  10. I've had the same artificial tree for about 8 y rs now and it looks better today then it did back when we first got it..and I lOVE it! It sure beats the mess of picking up pine needles in your blasted vaccum!

    Have a great time with your family!It's the best part of the holiday season!

  11. I lucked out w/ our tree. The girl I bought my first house from left it in the attic, and I still have it. Thats at least five years old and I paid $0 for it!

    Enjoy your trip.

  12. Have a great trip! Don't you normally get some Fiestaware?

  13. Once you go fake you'll never go, uh, help me out here...

  14. 2. "I love listening to Tejano music, even though I can't speak Spanish."

    I had no idea John Travolta read your blog. He gave almost verbatim the same confession on Conan O'Brian Thursday night.


  15. I might be a redneck, but I love to go cut my own tree in the forest, and I love how they smell in the house.

    But yeah, then you kick it to the curb 2 weeks later, bit of a waste.

    Have a fun trip : D

  16. I can't do a fake tree either. Just not the same. I remember the smell of pine mixed with the smell of my mother's silva thin cigarettes growing up and that means Christmas to me. My folks used to buy a live tree with the roots and all to replant after the holiday. It was kewl going up north to see the house I grew up in and see ten trees that are all huge and thriving. I hope the new owners never cut them down. Oh, and totally "get" the riding crop. LOL

  17. I have a confession...I secretly come here to read the confessions each week...they sort of make my weekend

    We got our first ever live tree this far, I love it! We'll see....